1 the lonely knight

A long time ago, there lived in the kingdom of the dead road a young man in the middle of a dense forest named Don Chris who lived lonely and unhappy with his body, for him the only thing he wished was that he could have something to cheer himself up with to live his life of motivation that he didn't have because he lived alone, he cried all day long because he didn't have anything to cheer up about, the road to this kingdom didn't seem to go anywhere, that's why Dom Chris was a little overweight, he was exactly about 110 kg and he was wishing to lose to get to the perfect body that he couldn't even imagine who would inspire him to be able to lose all this weight of his, but the fear of death was causing a not so pleasant climate in the boy that cried and his small green eyes were watery waiting for someone to come and encourage him to eliminate all that weight, wanting to get to have bumps in the belly, but knew that he would have to fight to feel what no one had felt before, the motivation he sought in his life, change his life and know that someone else would not humiliate him, because he would no longer be fat and yes someone who had discovered the best of a fitness life.

But at that moment when it was night, he arrived behind a dense bush that was near his house and a strong and sweaty black man glistened his sweat at the moment he was exercising and seemed to be preparing for some battle that might be about to happen at the dead road realm, but Don Chris knew that there shouldn't be any fight at those instants and it was really exercises that he was doing at the edge of the dead beach, he was on fire to conquer the perfect body and it would be the body of that black man that he wanted his to be similar, but he thinks about looking for that man to say he wished he was his master to conquer that perfect tanquinho belly that he wanted so much and he didn't know how because the man ended up running away, he thought he was some barbarian that could be after him to do him harm and kill him, so for Don Chris, how would he get to do to conquer that body that he wanted so much? Even he couldn't tell, but the black boy from the dead town had to show up because he really wanted his new body to look like the body of the black man on the dead beach.

In Don Chris' head, the determination of the young black man he didn't know the name of, but it was Don Telo, a young black man with a lean and muscular body who grew muscles every night on the beach of the dead road kingdom and that was what Don Chris needed to live, a little courage, focus, He knew there was a war coming, but it was his war with his own body that he wanted to shape and become a man without a flabby belly and the only thing he wanted was to shave his belly to become a new man. At that moment then Don Chris had his head turned to the north of the dead road kingdom and his only certainty was that he would never find don telo to be his body change master so he could be inspired and he could become a better person than he already was, he picked at his belly and always hated himself because he couldn't be like the black man he spotted on the beach during the night when he was walking through the dense forest where he lived and it was at this moment that he realized that he would go after finding the man that ran away from him, but more than finding him to be his body change master and get to have the bumps on his belly that he always dreamed of, he would find out why the man ran away from him too, was he so ugly that someone would want to run away from Dom Chris? Why was he feeling discouraged about meeting the man he wanted to be his bodybuilding and crossfit master?

At that moment he even thought that he might be obsessed with the body of the dead road beach warrior and he had to find out why he wanted so badly to have a body like Don Telo's, but would that satisfy him? Was it really a desire to change his life or were the people just right in saying that he was a little strange, but Don Chris remembered that his own mother when she visited him told him that fat would come out of his ear or his mouth because Don Chris was so fat. He remembered this and started to cry and felt that he had to find don telo to get to have even a belly like his, but had he taken what his mother had spoken to him and made a hymn out of it to get to have a body like the dead beach warrior?

Every time Don Chris remembered his mother's words, he knew something was not right, he felt that something was wrong in his life.

- Well, if she said I look like this, who am I to say otherwise? I feel that I really need to find this man so that he can make me have a body like his, which by the way is my goal, my determination, my focus and my direction in life. Don chris thought out loud.

Don Chris felt it was time to leave, his goal was arriving in his mind so he should go after Don Telo to conquer the crossfit title and the so dreamed body equal to Don Telo.

He saw that it was time to leave his house, which looked like a mushroom, behind him, and also micuim, the sagui that he cared so much for. His objective was to find the master to change the flaccid body he has and transform it into a fitness body so that someone could like him, not like his mother did, but really love him for the new body he was cultivating. He followed the icy mountain road in the direction of finding Don Telo, but, in fact, it was not through there that the black man had passed, but through the Barsinoff road.

- I so need to find that man, only he can have the answers for me to cultivate my body better, I have to get a body like his. Don Chris was realizing that he had to find where Don Telo lived.

He couldn't seem to stand the fact that everyone was accusing him of being fat and it was nobody's fault that they were saying this to him, but they knew they were guilty, but they didn't want to admit it.

At that moment in barsinoff Don Telo was chopping wood to warm up the cold he was feeling, but at that moment he had a feeling that someone was looking for him and he knew it could be the young man on the beach who had seen him doing exercises, but the question on his mind was: WHY AM I BEING REQUIRED TO CHANGE SOMEONE'S LIFE? AM I AN INDOCTRINATED PERSON TO BE ABLE TO CHANGE SOMEONE'S LIFE? Don Telo wanted to understand why someone would come to him to do bodybuilding with him.

He would be waiting for the signal to materialize to understand the answer that the world was giving him and Don Telo didn't want to see it, but he felt in himself that someone was needing his help to understand how to get to the perfect body that he didn't know was his body the choice to be the inspiration of a determination and focus of life.

- Sir, why would anyone trust their life to me? How can I model someone's body to gain self-esteem? Not even I am satisfied with my body, why would you come after me to be your master? Don Telo began to cry, for he felt that he was not worthy to change anyone's body.

Don Telo's crying seemed to be drawing the attention of someone that no one knew who it was, but he knew that it would take time for him to understand that his path was set to change someone's life and to understand that this was not quite the way he dreamed and discarded his calling to change someone's life.

Don Chris was decided and ended up leaving in his direction, he wouldn't find such a nice place and no friends along the way and at this moment he thought of turning back and sat at the side of the road and thought if he was doing the thing and started to cry, he looked at the sky and tried to understand that it could be better this trip of his through the kingdom in search of don Telo to be his life changing master. He knew it wouldn't be easy, but he would try to get to where don Telo was to conquer the so dreamed of body that he had the objective of conquering, but it would be an obsession to get to have the same body as don Telo, that's why he didn't understand what he could do to improve?

- Where will I find the motivation to conquer what I desire so much? I have neither the focus nor the courage to meet him and ask him to be my master and change my body from a simple loser to a winner in life, man, who will help me achieve what I want so much? I wanted to try to understand what I really need. Don Chris needed to find himself before he went on his journey.

Don Chris didn't know that he had to face a great challenge to reach don Telo's house and conquer his perfect body, he couldn't even imagine being on the wrong road, but trying to understand what was happening with his head, he hugged his backpack and continued to find an answer before he found don Telo with the final answer to say if he accepted to be his master.

At that moment then he ended up reaching Veluet which was a bit uninhabited and its land seemed a bit dry, he seemed to understand that his life was like Veluet and at this moment he ended up meeting Patricia montevane who still stubbornly stayed in that place.

- What are you doing there, my lord? What brings you to Veluet? Cristina was trying to warn him about something.

- I am going to barsinoff, how do I get there? Don Chris was really lost.

- my lord, you should take the icy mountain, but be careful with the beggar from veluet, he is ruthless, he can change your life for the worse. Patricia Montevane was filled with fear.

- All right, there's no Velvet Beggar who can make me give up my goal. Don Chris was really determined to get to Barsinoff by the icy mountain road.

Don chris continued to walk along the veluet road and head into the place towards barsinoff to meet Don Telo, he had to reach his primary goal, but he had to be careful not to meet the veluet beggar that would change his life for the worse, but he would do something to get to barsinoff and even he didn't understand his role in that kingdom and the only thing he really wanted was to get to meet the master to change his life for real, but where would he find focus for his destiny in barsinoff and he didn't even know why the villagers of veluet called him lord.

Don Telo still didn't understand why he would be chosen by someone to be able to change his life, his thoughts still hovered on the uncertainty that someone might seek help and even he didn't understand the power he had in his hands, the power to make people change their minds and feel better, but how would he change someone's life? A man who wears rags by day and hides in the shadows so he can show his potential and doesn't even know what he has to do before someone finds him to be his master.

He didn't open his mouth to say anything, he just remembered that he was a man who could be normal and like the others ate too much and had an aroma that even he didn't like that he didn't know what to say, but still his physique had caught the attention of someone who wanted a body like his.

Don chris was walking along the veluet road and didn't realize that behind his back the villagers were bowing to him, but in his mind what did it mean? Not even he knew what it was, but he was sure that it could be something good, but don chris didn't even understand the signs that life was giving him and wanted to have a better life than he had and at this moment he is arriving at the house of a lady who was at the base of the mountain, her name was serafina portobello, a lady who lived alone since her husband died.

- My Lord, why do you insist on going that way? Don't you see that it can be dangerous? Beware of the beggar in veluet. serafina knew what she was saying.

- Alright madam, I'll watch out for the beggar from veluet. Don Chris didn't seem to give much sign to what Serafina Portobello was saying.

- if you're going to continue, my lord, go ahead, but keep warm because the mountain is cold and you have to be careful not to lose your life. Serafina portobello was trying to warn Don Chris.

When he then moved away from serafina portobello's house, she also bowed behind his back and knew that he was one of those who did not listen to anyone and was already determined to conquer what he wanted and he had to continue approaching the entrance to the frozen mountains that was above the city of veluet and not even the beggar from veluet had the courage to face don chris and in front of him the man bowed to him and don chris did not understand why everyone did that in front of him or behind his back.

The beggar from veluet was a pale-faced, green-eyed, thin-bodied man, and don chris seemed to feel confronted because he was fat and didn't understand why this tall, ragged man was bowing to him, what was going to change in don chris' destiny besides his body? He couldn't understand what was happening to him and not even a beggar could face him, what was this call to adventure that he didn't understand? What should change from that moment on?

He couldn't understand, but at that point he went up to the frozen lands of the mountain that was in front of him and he went up because he understood that he couldn't stop, he was facing a great dilemma and didn't understand how he would go on before those lands that were whiter than the very shirt he was wearing and didn't even think about going on because he was facing a place that even he didn't dare to go on, at that moment he went to the cave that could be the place where he would spend the night before going on his way to barsinoff. He couldn't even stand, his knees hurt, and he didn't feel any colder because he was still fat.

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