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A world where Gen is used to playing a game as a status. Are you rich? then come to use top and super gen. you are not rich then you are poor? sorry, you can only use this normal and medium gen. beauty? come here as I will give you super gen for Free!! want to be my female slave? I'm more accepting you. Just one thing, Sorry if you are a boy since I won't accept you. -------------------------- Rank 150-100 1 Bonus Chapter Rank 100-50 2 Bonus Chapters other ranking need to look as there might be that this novel still didn't reach that spot. (Bonus/Extra Chapter will be released in the next week.) -------------------------- A bit notes for THOSE don't really like this novel from when reading this synopsis then don't read it, I'm a bit disappointed as I write this for fun and might take some comment about where I use a wrong grammar. Not expecting you guys to donate your spicy talk, a bad comment from where I put wrong grammar. For those reading my novels, I appreciated it and it would be fine to give this novel some reviews. Thanks. sunday not update.

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Just help, and I think it is good, basically for newbie author, can't give 5 star, overall just make sure this project to improve your writing quality,


I like this novel it have its own ‘flavors’, it have interesting concepts it’s not a novel that everyone will like just because it have diferents concepts and approaches different of the ‘traditional way’, writing skills take time to Horne and it is just you first novel and to me it’s good. I am not an expert or something like that I am just a guy that like to read novels I’m my free time,


The main character talks to the author what's so funny? It's sad and impossible to read. Causes disgust from the very beginning and does not allow reading further. Here's an estimate for your diligence 0/110


Can't give myself full on some criteria as i think that i'm lacking. For those think my story not good then feel free to not read it.


-different world connected to earth -god and goddess, demon emperor -turn back to time -the main character is having a journey to enjoy different woman in pleasure




Never read anything with such a low level of grammar and spelling. Here is a quote from chapter one: "All of us scared, I? of course im scared since im a 40 Years Old man." => Wow ... all of me is scared, I.


Interesting story and do your best to improve grammar, if this is first time writing basically always poor at grammar but it can be improved and make sure the plot getting interesting for next


I like this novel it have its own ‘flavors’, it have interesting concepts it’s not a novel that everyone will like just because it have diferents concepts and approaches different of the ‘traditional way’, writing skills take time to Horne and it is just you first novel and to me it’s good




Please, if someone is selling guns, sell them to this author so he can put himself out of his misery, i mean why ****q do you even write with this standard of english? How old are you, dont you have anything better to do than torture people with you lack of imagination, your overflowing **** hormons are screaming lust in every single chapter, go jerk of or something seriously. I seriously wanted to give this book a chance because i try my best to be partial and rational and can even ignore poor english if story is good, but this doesnt even deserve 1/5, its just a plain 0000, go learn english and perhaps finish grade school before you start writting again?


This is to be Taken with MAJOR SALT INTAKE which will mostlikely lead to a STROKE because of the stupid wish fulfilment of the Author-san.


The Title Art is stolen from TERA Online....... 0_0 I would hope to expect better from a company that is so zealous over copyright. This review has nothing to do with the actual quality of work thats being written just the Title Cover Art.


This story is awesome. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Full support for you author ^^b There is no smooth road in this life, everyone starts from the bottom so just keep your spirit up and keep learning to build up your foundation. Hahahaha and for a reminder, there is a lot of silent readers who support and loves your novel ^^b


Please make sure at least 140 Character : ______________________________________________________________________________________________________


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