6 Inconsistencies


"Get off my Kazuya you witch! Vixen! Pervert!" Kyouko tried to pry the girl off her son.

"Didn't you just hear him you despicable son-con? He called me 'big sis'! Twice too!" She refused to set him free and continued to crush him with her own body.

"I didn't hear anything! Get off my son before you hurt him further you stupid girl!"

"Shameless! Didn't you say he had amnesia? He can't even remember you but he clearly remembers his Big Sis! Don't you try to renege on our agreement!"

Kazuya felt dizzy. Two grown and professionally dressed woman fighting like children over a child. They pulled him towards themselves over and over while arguing.

"You kidnapper! When did you take my Kazuya to your place? What did you do to him? He even remembers that dump you call an apartment!"

"What are you talking about? Even if I wanted to do that I wouldn't have the chance to! You pass all the work you're supposed to finish to me when it's time to pick him up! I don't even complain since it's for my Kazu's sake! He must love his big sis so much that he went to my place on his own!"

"Kazuya tell me the truth. Did this vixen secretly take you to her place? What did she do to you?"

"Don't listen to this strange lady Kazu. You missed your big sis and wanted to see me right? You even remember my name unlike this strange workaholic. Don't you worry! Big sis here will take care of you and marry you!" She hugged him in front of Kyouko who definitely was affected by the woman who unlike her, was remembered.

The startling change on the two adults was entertaining but he still found this strange. Although he knew and definitely remember the Kazuno Mei in front him, his memory's version was a cold woman who rarely even gave a smile. She was his guardian from the start of his memories up until a certain incident which made him live on his own before he went to high school.

She was the beautiful and professional woman who rarely showed emotion. She would get mad if she was called anything other than 'Big Sis' so he assumed that he had always called her that. This woman had a strange quirk, she tends to let herself go when she reaches home. This troubled the future version of himself greatly.

"Give me back my Kazuya!"

"Honor our agreement! Kazu called me big sis so he can marry me as soon as he comes of age!"

"Dream on! Pervert!" The two went back and forth until a sound disrupted their argument.

*Gurgle Glrrgg grrrg*

The sound of a grumbling stomach immediately silenced the two. They both looked at each other and then rushed to grab the food. The duo quickly presented what they grabbed in front of Kazuya hoping to get his attention.

"Here you go Kazu! Your big sis took special attention to your requests and got food from places I know well" She fed him some sushi that definitely tasted nostalgic.

"Hmm? Sushi from grandpa Masashi's place? Pizza from Razza's?" He forgot everything else and focused on the flavor. After finally sensing taste again, he closed his eyes to savor it. He neglected the reaction of his mother as she glared fiercely at her own colleague.

"Mei! How come my Kazuya knows the places you frequent!"

"You should learn to let go of your son Kyo… I mean mother-in-law. He'll end up hating you and elope with me if you keep this up" Mei gave her a mischievous grin.

"Don't call me mother-in-law!"

She felt defeated. This colleague of hers that was serious most of the time truly doted on her son. She had mixed feelings over her being remembered more than her, but this proved that he was still her son on the inside. Her initial worries when she considered their background slowly faded as she saw the familiar smile on Kazuya's face as he happily ate.

Both of them took turns to feed the hungry child who forgot about them and just focused on satisfying his taste buds. They lost their will to fight as he continued to eat whatever both of them presented. The three harmoniously ate together until nothing was left.

"Thank you for the food"

"It was big sis' pleasure Kazu. I'm surprised to see you finishing everything since you ate very little portions whenever I saw you eat"

"I don't know. Maybe I just missed the taste of them so much"

'Don't you worry! Just call big sis up whenever you want to eat them again and I'll gladly eat with you"

"Why were you the one who brought the food big sis?" He asked. Kyouko didn't let this statement slide and immediately interrupted. This was her chance to gain back some footing.

"Aha! My Kazuya may know who you are but doesn't even remember when you met!"

"Big deal! Even if he didn't lose his memory, he wouldn't even remember when you met! He didn't even have his vision then!" Mei's statement caused Kyouko's face to blush and was left speechless.

"From what I heard earlier, you should work for my mother?"

"That's right. You can ask anything you want about your big sis! Even my three sizes!"

"Hmm…" He ignored the last part of her sentence and continued. "Didn't you just get out of high school?"

"Oh my! You even remember that much about me? Big Sis is happy! This lady here found me working at a convenience store near your place after I returned the wallet she foolishly left behind. She treated me afterwards to show her gratitude and she decided to scout me for the company after I graduated from high school"

"If I'd have known that you would act like this towards my son, I would have never extended an invitation. Don't be too full of yourself. This is the first time he has ever addressed you as 'Big Sis'' and we both know it. He was usually afraid of you and would hide behind me whenever you were around"

"He's just a nice and shy boy. He might have forgotten a few 'unimportant' people but he didn't forget the Big Sis that he loves. I wasn't even aware that he knew my age!" she proudly declared.

"Shut up. The reason he knows your age because I keep telling him to stay away from older women. Especially those who are older than him by double digits"

"Hehe! Then that shouldn't include me because I'm only 9 years and six months older than him! You better not forget out agreement or I'll tell Kazu all your secrets!"

"In your dreams!" Kyouko scoffed and retorted.

The two of them kept arguing until it was time for them to leave. They did agree on one thing and seemed excited. Since Kazuya's room was a private suite, both of them would work in his room until he got discharged. He was still full of questions but that wasn't his main concern right now.

"Finally alone…"

This was good for Kazuya since he needed time to get used moving around in the body of a young child. He felt excited and immediately started testing the limitations of his new body. This was so that he wouldn't injure himself. He even developed a plan to condition himself using the knowledge of experiences of his first life. Kazuya was confident in even making himself an Olympic gold medalist if everything went well.

His soft untrained muscles and joints hurt the very next day. He had underestimated the frailness of his six-year-old body which the two women were happy to take advantage of.

He found it strange. There was really nothing noteworthy to his previous life except for some minor events but those were still normal. Being a doted upon young child of a beautiful CEO felt foreign to him especially because the cold guardian who he remembered, treated him exactly the opposite way.

"(If this really is my past then everything including Mei changed after the accident?)" he wondered.

Thinking back to his previous memories, the car he and his mother was in crashed. He suffered grave injuries and miraculously survived but was in a coma. Kazuya then went through physical therapy for a year after he woke up. To top it all off, he had no memory before waking up and even missed his own mother's funeral.

He glanced towards the two women who weren't arguing this time and were seriously working. Mei in particular looked a lot younger but the serious expression when she worked was very familiar to him.

To be perfectly honest, she was his first love. Who could blame him? Living under the same roof as her and her careless attitude. Whenever she would reach home she was poison to any young boy in the middle of puberty. If he; the one who she had lived with at that time never saw this smiling side of her, then Kazuya believed that she was never the same again after Kyouko's death.

"Yeah… I like this version of Big Sis Mei better" he closed his eyes nodding to himself.

The nostalgic sounds of the keyboard typing he was enjoying suddenly stopped. When he opened his eyes to look at why it did but was immediately startled. The two ladies were right in front of him. One looked like she was in bliss and one looked as if she was just dumped by her lover.

"Kazuya don't tell me that… to this woman… you…" Kyouko's lips trembled as she refrained from completing her own sentences.

"Tell you what mom?" He tilted his head. He didn't know what she was talking about.

"Don't worry Kazu, big sis here understands and will take care of you for the rest of your life. You can just depend on me for everything and stay at home waiting for big sis after our wedding"

"Stop skipping steps! Hey Kazuya wasn't there a cute girl in your class? Mother won't be mad even if you have a girlfriend early but don't fall for perverts like Mei okay?"

"What are you… huh? Did I speak out loud?"

"You can speak out loud as much as you want Kazu. Tell your big sis how much you love her. Come on" She put the stack of papers in her arms down the table and hugged him while sticking her tongue out at her jealous boss.

"Uuuu…" Kyouko pouted. It had only been one day but the way her son treated her and Mei had already been turned around.

"What I meant was…. That err…" He tried to think of something to say. "The smiling big Mei is better. She would always look scary so I prefer this side of big sis" he opted to embrace the misunderstanding that he had retained a few memories of the beautiful assistant.

Mei was startled. Kyouko laughed out loud and instantly recovered. He had nonchalantly stated the habit Kyouko always called her out for in the office without realizing it.

"Hear that Mei? Don't tell me that you wouldn't listen to my Kazuya too?"

"Nonsense! If Kazu likes this side of me then nothing needs to change! I'm exclusively like this to him anyway!"

It wasn't that Kyouko didn't understand why she acts like she does in the office. In their world, a young and beautiful woman like her always had to prove herself before anything else. She felt a bit responsible for some of the reasons she was looked down upon since she did recruit Mei who didn't even go to a University as her personal assistant.

"Come Kazuya, tell this stubborn girl that it would be better for her to soften up a bit so that she doesn't offend as many people"

"Okay then I'll listen to Kazu. Tell me, do you prefer your big sis being close to those stinky men or do you like big sis being like this only to you"

"Err…" He looked at both of them waiting expectantly for his response. "to be honest I… prefer big sis Mei not to change" he felt apologetic to Kyouko but he really did agree with Mei even if she hadn't promised to treat him specially.

Seeing his mother's disappointed face, he felt a bit guilty. He remembered meeting Kyouko for the first time. She had always been nothing but a picture on the wall for him in the past. That was why he still had trouble when interacting with her. Kazuya didn't have any memory of ever being treated by a relative warmly so she was definitely a challenge to be around with. This was even more difficult because he did not know how to act like his current age.

He was getting hugged by the blissful Mei when the door slid open slowly. Kazuya heard it and assumed it was another nurse checking up on him. He had assumed wrongly as a familiar cold look that instantly appeared on Mei's face was apparent. She wordlessly let him go and went back to work as the stranger entered the room.

"I got here as soon as I heard"

Kazuya turned his head towards the door to see the owner the familiar voice. His head immediately throbbed as he saw another younger version of a person that existed in his original memory.


The young man wore a uniform that he once did. He walked towards the bed and reached out to pat him on the head.

"Are you okay Ka—"


"Get the hell away from me!!" Kazuya shouted angrily. Those in the room looked at him in shock as the atmosphere around him changed. He looked at this visitor with unrestrained hostility.

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