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novel - Fantasy Romance



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"NO!" Ralph screams as he watches as Jake, the one he called a friend stabs Astrid in her stomach. "It's over." He says with a sadistic smile on his face as he lets go of the knife handle ready to take a step back but can't. "No. It's not." Astrid says through gritted teeth as she grabs him by the neck with the last of her strength. He suddenly starts to feel cold then she lets him go falling to her knees. Jake starts to laugh at her pathetic attempt but stops short when sees ice covering his hands. "What did you do?" He asks as he looks at her in shock as she pulls out the knife, applying pressure to her wound as blood starts to appear on her lips. "You don't need to know because it's over for you." She says as he lets out a scream as he's completely covered in ice. "Karma is a bitch." Astrid says before darkness takes over just as the immobilization spell around Ralph is broken by his magic responding to his emotion.