Eclipse: The Rise of a Demon King
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Eclipse: The Rise of a Demon King


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What is Eclipse: The Rise of a Demon King

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The continent of El has just been rid of the last known dungeon ruled by the Lords. With the help of The Wolf, many lives were saved and the ten generation long oppression finally came to an end. The only threat left to humanity is... The Wolf. Refusing to be controlled by the King, The Wolf must survive being the new target of humanity. No matter how strong he is, he cannot go up against a whole race. At least, not yet.

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Early Review (Chapter 5) No Spoilers Writing is (for WN standarts) very good. Only a few weird word choices here and there but all in all very fluent and the reading flow is good. Fighting scenes are very well written and everything seems alive. 3rd Person. [4.5/5] Story is (for the few chapters that are there atm.) good aswell. It starts with a lot of action and then settles a bit, just to go right in again. It seems to be a Fantasy World with some LitRPG elements like Abilities/Skills, Adventurers and Dungeons, but no System. I don't know what more to write here, it's good! [4.5/5] Now to the (in my opinion) best part: The characters. First up: The characters are all very unique and alive and character interactions feels real aswell. Super well done. MC (or at least the guy who I assume will be the MC) seems to be a bit of an OP guy. But in a very unique way. He reminded me a bit of our only lord and savior Ainz Ooal Gown. Maybe not as OP (even though he is very strong, just not Ainz level OP), but as bad ass. Like I said every other Character seems like a unique Person as well, just see for yourself. Very well done Author! [5/5] Now the World. The World, like I said, is a Fantasy World. There are Mages, Archers, big Swords, emons, Dungeons, Kingdoms and other cool stuff. Also very Good! [5/5] Total [4.8/5] And now the only thing that matters, lul. My Opinion. When this Novel continues like it started, it will be on one of the top Ranks for me. It's super enjoyable, readable and all in all just a good Novel. Ps: What I hope for: No Harem, no System, no Reincarnation, as long as it's not a good one no heavy Romance and of course that Author won't drop this project. ^^


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