Ebothorn : Academy Of Magic Arts And Dragon Riders. Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Ebothorn : Academy Of Magic Arts And Dragon Riders.


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Whenever darkness threatens to overthrow and destroy the world of Kaelidia, the dragon riders and the mages are the first ones to show up. Light and dark, sword and shaft, they face the enemy head on. Its not a pretty business, but it has to be done for the safety of every living creature in Kaelidia. As a child approaches the age of 15, he or she, if special, is given a choice by the White Sages, which they may accept or refuse. You either accept your fate to fly up in the skies, or maybe, stick to the ground and reveal your bond with nature, or you may even end up with a boring desk job where you would have to work for the next fifty years. If, you are given a choice, that is. Twins, Faila Stone and Zander Stone, are given a choice, a day before they turned fifteen. They can either accept their fate of having a bond with a dragon and soar up the skies, or turn away from their destined life only to end up having a dull life at a cash register. Even a young child would know what choice to make, but the twins face a hurdle as their family is made up of all mages and not a single dragon rider.