Ebay-an ( The Remnant) Book

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Ebay-an ( The Remnant)


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Right after Dmitry, a long-lost cousin, suddenly appeared, Emerald and Jade, the twins, find themselves delving deep in the world of the unseen, where ancient beasts, dead souls and night creatures exist. Too deep perhaps, as they uncover dark secrets of betrayal, murder, and longstanding lies. (The setting and the characters, the words and the chants---are all inspired by the ancient beliefs and the persisting culture of my tribe.) Sneak Peek: She took a step forward towards the dark but before she could take another, the beast, that was supposed to have vanished, came rushing towards her. She saw its claws and its teeth as it smiled. She thought that the beast ought to lunge at her neck. To her surprise the beast stood an inch away from her. It towered over her and Jade could feel it breathe. The beast tilted its head, observing the girl standing in front of it. “You came.” “Have you been expecting me?” Jade inquired. The beast laughed, “You are not scared. As expected from the true pure blood.” It was true. Jade did not cower. She did not fear this beast, and even she was surprised by how she felt. “True pure blood?” Jade asked. “Yes. Are you not?” Jade was confused. It was her first time to encounter a beast such as this and what it was telling made her more confused. “But its asleep. The blood in you.” Again, the beast grinned and walked backward returning to the covers of the dark, “Be careful little girl. The ashes are being blown away and the truth will no longer linger under the rubble. Long have we waited for our masters to rise from the soil soaked with blood. The man you seek comes to collect spilled blood and you dear child, are sought to be collected.”


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