East Meets West
 ( Cultivation World ) Book

novel - Fantasy

East Meets West ( Cultivation World )


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(The MC's name is Raj Who changes his name to Orochi later in the story.) Raj/Orochi is reincarnated into the world of cultivation. He is excited to be reborn in an anime world which he has always dreamt about. After being reincarnated he is excited to become strong and have a harem with beautiful women. MC is born in a strong clan too so he thinks it will be easy. And yes, everything was going easy and peaceful until the day his talent was tested. then....... Everything changed, His family, brother, sister, fiancee all abandoned him, his friends betrayed him and his cultivation was abolished by his enemies and was thrown into forest to die. All the anger, resentment, despair overloads his brain and something clicks in his mind and an RPG style window appears in front of his eyes. He remembered the most important thing in cultivation world that is 'strength and talent is what matters in this world.' Now what will he do? Will he become strong and gain his clan's appreciation? Will he have his revenge or will he be indifferent to all his past and start a new life? Will he become a hero or anti hero? Follow Raj's/Orochi's Adventure in the cultivation world. _________________________________ Note:- The MC won't be a good guy nor a bad guy he will do whatever he wants to. So please if you expect him to be Hero guy, then sorry this is not the novel you wanna read. I have started newly writing so hope you guys can bear some mistakes and enjoy the story. Please support my work.

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