785 Mythical

"Reinforke it now!! Hurry!!! Reinforke! Aktivate the extra layer!!" Bob the Frog said frantically as the data showed rows of numbers. The instrument detected powerful waves emerging from the figure inside the chamber.

"Uncle Bob, what's going on?" Silva asked, a bit panicked.

Bob turned his head towards Silva for a second, saying there was nothing to worry about. He then immediately turned his gaze back to the control panel in the next second. Sweat could be seen forming on his forehead, telling the onlookers that there was definitely something amiss.

"This number?! Amidst the chaos, Bob's voice was heard again. This time, colored by surprise. Rank 8!! Two levels!! A two-level upgrade!"

At this moment, the half-blood frog's expression was both frightened and excited as his eyes were firmly glued on the panel which kept displaying new rows of data every second. This sight, naturally, made the already anxious Silva even more anxious.

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