572 Fighting a Magus 2

Emery clearly could see and hear the commotion, as the four Fey sisters were busy fighting against the abomination. They might not be able to kill it, but to just hinder the abomination while keeping Morgana safe - that should be doable for them.

As much as he was worried about them, Emery couldn't afford to divert his attention to another fight, as this time he had to fight a bonafide magus. He knew he needed to put his entire focus on his own opponent, otherwise his already small chance of winning would become even smaller.

"Hahaha, brave indeed?" the Nephilim said arrogantly. "Alright… If you insist, I will let you die a slow, gruesome death." 

The man then raised his hand, and this time, a ball of flames materialized before it was thrown towards Emery. Although the attack hadn't arrived yet, the latter could taste the smell of air being burnt.

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