1 Madara Impact: Chapter 1

The sun rose over the horizon, casting a warm glow over the city of Freedom, Mondstadt. Pigeons and other birds flew overhead, off to do whatnot for the day, and the residents of the city were starting to stir.

The city was truly beautiful, with quaint wooden houses and rustic stone walls. The houses had a German feel to them, with mostly cobblestone bases and wooden frames, orange roof tiles, and walls painted beige.

Just outside the city gates, one man sat on a small boulder quietly, enjoying the wind blowing in his hair.

Sitting there, he seemed to be lost in thought, holding a leaf between his fingers. The man was tall and somewhat handsome, with long spiky black hair trailing down to his heels, and bangs covering the sides of his face. Possesing a rough masculine face and piercing purple eyes, he didn't seem very approachable. Wearing a plain long sleeved black shirt, loose white hakama pants, and wooden sandals, he was very out of place in this city.

To the people of his previous life, he had been a monster, a merciless slaughterer who would do anything to achieve his goal. A god of sorts who almost managed to bring the entirety of the Shinobi World to its knees, feared or revered, they all knew him by one terrible name.

His name? Madara Uchiha.

In this life, at least to others, he was a simple adventurer who had come all the way from Inazuma to Mondstadt in search of peace and comfort. As of now, the Vision Hunt Decree was in full swing, and the varying parties were at war with each other, most notably the Shogunate and the Sagonomiya. It was quite sad actually, reminding Madara of the old days, in the Warring Periods of the Elemental Nations. What was even more ironic was the Shoguns title, the God Of Eternity.

How he got here? No idea. As Madara spoke his final words to his dear friend Hashirama and faded into the Pure Land, he was suddenly greeted with a flash of white light, and there he woke, alive and young, within this beautiful world of Teyvat.

Sitting here, Madara could see a huge tree in the distance, along witha giant field of vivid green grass. The plants swayed, and dandelion seeds blew through the air. It somewhat reminded him of Konoha in a few ways....

"Thok!" Lazily getting up, Madara moved his head to side as a crossbow bolt embedded itself just a few meters away from him. He discarded the leaf, letting it flutter away, taken somewhere far, far away no doubt. Narrowing his eyes, Madara watched as out of a few shrubs, a group of gangly creatures appeared. These creatures were short and stout, hunched over with furry manes and cerimonial masks covering their faces. They held a variety of weapons, from clubs and crossbows to axes and slimes. Hilichurls, one of Teyvats many peculiar enemies.

At the back of them was a more unique-looking creature. It floated in the air, with piercing blue eyes and a stylized and patterned bluish-white robe. A small mask covered most of its face as it manifested what seemed to be a shield of ice around it. An Abyss Mage.

All worlds were full of pain and suffering, but through all his years staying in this "City Of Freedom", he felt something that he hadn't felt in a long time. The urge to protect something. And protect he did, as an adventurer doing commissions, ranging from destroying hilichurl camps to delivering food. These fools weren't exactly part of his agenda for the day, but what did it matter? These pestilences were all trash anyway…..

The hilichurls loaded their crossbows once more, aiming at the lucky human before them. Grunting, they pulled their crossbow triggers, letting loose a torrent of projectiles heading his way. Madara stretched his hands as he swerved around, shifting his feet as the bolts came by piercing the ground harmlessly.

"Aargh!" The hilichurls screeched, with the ranged enemies retreating a bit and the club-wielding and melee ones rushing at him. There was no format to it, the group charged towards him, with the Abyss Mage staying behind, ice particles forming around it.

"It seems... You don't want to talk. Well, fine by me….." Madara grinned slightly, jogging forwards at a brisk pace, not bothering to take out a weapon.

A hilichurl met him head-on, shaking its mane ferociously as the creature swung its wooden club down in a vicious arc. Disappearing, Madara appeared to the confused hilichurls right, the club completely missing. He went on, grabbing it by the neck and smashing the creature into the ground with a loud crack. As Madara did so, the rest came at him, even more enraged. Getting up, he wiped some dust off his pants, sighing. It was pretty hard to find any ideal clothing in this area, it would be better if he tried not to stain it….

His hair rippled wildly as he directly jumped into the air, flipping away and back onto that same boulder. Madara really didn't have much time to deal with this. No one would really blame him for eradicating these losers and he wasn't in the confinements of the city, so…..

"Katon: Great Fireball Jutsu!" Madara flashed a few handsigns, breathing out a huge glob of searing red fire, which spread out in front of him, incinerating all of the hilichurls within seconds. As some held pyro slimes, the effect was even more dramatized by the explosions that shook the earth. All that was left of them, in the end, was a pile of ashes.

The Abyss Mage recoiled in shock as it looked down at those ashes, flames still devouring the grass. Smoke trailed up as it spoke, manifesting large spikes of ice into the air.

"W-who are you! I haven't heard of anyone like you!" The Mage said in its high-pitched nasal voice.

"You wish to know why? Because all of them are dead." That was the last thing the idiotic little rabbit said before Madara shattered its shield, grabbing the creature by the neck, and smashing it hard into a rock.