1 Chapter 1

POV: Evelyn

Today is a day, I'm going to be honest shit, My first day of school, I'm in 6th Grade, in case it's not clear I'm 13, since I was little, I've been smarter than everyone in fact that's why I'm six and I'm in 2nd , I was ahead 2 levels, I was never popular, but I do not care so much

I woke up next door in my room, to the screams of

My mother:

Wake up, wake up, you have to take a shower to go to school, you don't want to be late the first day !!!

Hearing that I wrapped myself in my sheets and said: Ash, a little while longer, and I made a cute face, although I was very sleepy.

To which he tells me:

Well, if you are late you will have to study a lot this weekend.

It was enough to make me stop, half asleep and falling, but I stood up, undressed and went to the bathroom.

When I go out I fix myself, and I say to myself:

Well, not bad ... I just hope those friends of mine are not shit.

I leave completely fixed, I grab my bag and my snack, ready to go and as always, my grandmother says goodbye to me:

Goodbye Bella, God take care of her and accompany me, to which I always responded:


I was leaving and she was treating our father, for my health and that everything would work out for me, in the elevator, with my dad, it was very boring, but we went downstairs and then went to school, which is not far away, talking about what What was he going to do, and what time did he come for me?

We arrived in minutes I say goodbye, he does the same and arrived.

Surprisingly, there was no one from my grade, just big kids, and Well a boy, from the same grade, but no section.

I'm too shy so I just put down my bag and turn around to avoid starting a conversation, even though I know it's very boring to wait for the doorbell to ring,

But then I detail his face well, God is an angel, he is beautiful, without noticing it I turn red and my cheeks are very hot,

God what's wrong with me !!?

I keep seeing him, it's Rubió, brown eyes, and dark skin,

Beautiful!! Shhhhh, it is not within your reach and you are not enough.

Also you are not for a relationship!

Without noticing it, he approaches me and extends his hand to me and says, I can't believe his cheeks are rosy.

-Hmm, Hi, my name is Salvador and you?

I just stared at his eyes, God How Beautiful !!!

After I made a gawky face, I answer:

-Hi, I'm Evelyn

To which he replies:

-Like it, Evelyn, what are you doing?

I stop looking at him because he touched my cheeks, I'm very hot, and they are red, again

What the hell is wrong with me !!! ??

I turn around, but he rolls over to where I am and smiles at me, I get redder, and he laughs, and I admire his smile, it really is so cute !!!

Then I say:

-Hmm, what are you doing?

I regret seeing you say that, for your response:

-Want to be friends?

I was a bit like:

What the hell did I ask you that, but instead of saying that or looking at him with a confused face, I said

-Of course, with a smile that I didn't know he had.

"Smile, and before I can say anything to him, the doorbell rang."

Come in, really nice room.

I just want to know if I can see him again ...


Well, this has been the whole prologue of course that the chapters are going to be longer, sorry if I confused them, the truth is that this story came from a chapter, from my diary, but then I thought it would not be a bad idea to Make It a Book

I hope you there Gustado, this is a part of what is coming;

Eve enters the living room and many feelings await her to discover, Salvador, for his part, he is still Beautiful, although he will screw up a bit, Little by Little, Eve will be traumatized by something from the past.

We read later, Besxs ☺️❤️👄❤️

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