DXD: The Awakening Of Phenex

"A guy reincarnated in the body of Riser Phenex with a system. This work is a piece of fiction, a fanfic created based on the original universe developed by its creators. I want to make it clear that I have immense respect for the work and vision of the original creators. The intention of this fanfic is to explore imaginative possibilities within this universe, without any intention of devaluing or replacing the original work." pat reon.com/22Mirko22

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Riser and Sona

Riser and Sona's Mansion in Kuoh

After Freed's demise, Riser returned to the mansion, reflecting on recent twists of fate. Checking the system, he noticed gaining 200 luck points for altering the narrative. Pleased, he decided to see what the "luck lottery" had in store for him.

Gold Ticket: No win.

Gold Ticket: "Congratulations! You've won a duel card. With the duel card, you can summon someone to an alternate dimension where you and the person duel to the death – two enter, one leaves."

Gold Ticket: No win.

Gold Ticket: "Congratulations! You've won a Gold-level Summoning Card."

[Villain System]

- Name: Riser Phenex

- Strength: 25

- Speed: 23

- Magic: 40

- Luck Points: 800

Abilities: Chess Master Level // Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix // Mera Mera No Mi // Haoshoku Haki (Conqueror's Haki) // Vermillion House Magic // Rokushiki.

Luck Lottery:

Copper (100 luck points)

Silver (200 luck points)

Gold (300 luck points)

Items Acquired:

- 1. Blades of Chaos.

- 2. Duel Card.

- 3. Gold-level Summoning Card.

Protagonist's Luck:

- Issei Hyoudou (2500)


Examining his gains, Riser felt a particular satisfaction upon encountering the duel card. His thoughts unfolded, "With this duel card, I can eliminate someone without drawing attention, but it would be a waste to use it on someone as insignificant as Issei. Well, I'll leave that for later. At my current level of strength, I can't think of anyone challenging enough to use this card on."

Time Skip

As the afternoon approached, Riser Phenex felt the need to prepare for Sona's return after classes. He instructed the members of his Peerage to return to the mansion before her arrival, organizing the residence to welcome her appropriately.

Kuoh Streets

Meanwhile, Sona, accompanied by Tsubaki and some members of her Peerage, headed home after a day of school activities. The atmosphere was light-hearted and cheerful, with laughter and conversations filling the journey back.

Momo, with her lively demeanor, couldn't contain her curiosity. She looked at Sona and asked, "Kaichou, are you happy in your marriage?"

Tsubaki, by her side, widened her eyes and tried to discreetly reprimand her. "Momo-chan, maybe this isn't the best question to ask, especially in public."

Sona, however, smiled serenely and replied, "It's okay, Tsubaki. Momo is part of my Peerage; she can ask whatever she wants." Turning to Momo, she continued, "Yes, I am happy. Riser and I found a way to make it work."

Momo nodded approvingly but couldn't help making a teasing remark. "I see... And as the Queen, Tsubaki-san can keep Riser company, right?"

Tsubaki blushed slightly, surprised by the boldness of the question. "Momo-chan, please, respect the Kaichou's privacy!"

Sona, however, laughed gently. "Don't worry, Tsubaki. It's okay. In fact, being part of my Peerage, there's a good chance that Riser might include you in his leisure nights, if that's what you want to know, Momo."

Momo giggled mischievously. "So, it's a way of saying Riser can choose me as a lover, huh?"

Sona nodded, maintaining her composure. "Exactly, Momo." The other girls accompanying the group remained silent, listening to the conversation with varied expressions.

Upon reaching the mansion, Riser welcomed Sona with a warm smile. Together, they entered the couple's room, where they could enjoy a moment of intimacy and tranquility. Meanwhile, other members of the Peerage dispersed, some retiring to their own rooms, and others gathering in the living room.

Couple's Room

In the quiet couple's room, Riser flipped through some documents related to the upcoming Rating Game when Sona, watching attentively, decided to broach the subject.

Sona: Riser, love, I've noticed your dedication to plans and strategies, but what about physical training? Are you really preparing for the next Rating Game?

Riser, with a confident smile, assured: "Of course, my dear. I've been dedicated to training. After all, I want to be at my peak for the competition."

While Sona gently caressed Riser's face, the atmosphere became more intimate. The touches expressed the complicity between the couple.

Sona, with a loving look, asked: "Are you really taking care of yourself, Riser? Sometimes, I think you push yourself too hard."

Riser, capturing Sona's hands in his, lied calmly: "I'm taking care of myself, my love. I want to ensure our success in the Rating Game."

Their proximity increased, culminating in a passionate kiss that sealed the moment of affection and love. Lips met, and for a moment, everything around them disappeared.

After the kiss, Sona, still close to Riser, shared a concern: "Tomorrow, Rias wants to talk to me. She's trying to preserve our friendship after all the events. What do you think?"

Riser, sincerely, replied: "Do what makes you happy, my love. Our relationship is important, but I don't want you to sacrifice your happiness for it. I'll be here to support your choices."

Sona, looking into Riser's eyes with gratitude, said: "Riser, thank you for understanding the situation with Rias. I know things have been complicated, but I'll always be by your side, even if it means going against her."

Riser, smiling, responded: "Sona, you are my priority. If I have to choose between you and anyone else, I won't hesitate."

Sona felt reassured, and suddenly, the atmosphere became lighter. She commented, "You realize we still don't know each other's Peerage members well? I think it would be good to plan a time for everyone to get to know each other better."

Riser agreed: "You're right. We need to strengthen the bond between our Peerages. I, in particular, want to get to know Tsubaki."

Sona, pouting playfully, commented: "Well, Riser, I hope that when we're together, you won't be thinking about other girls from my Peerage."

Riser, responding with a mischievous smile, said: "My attention will be entirely on you, Sona. The others are just distractions in front of the queen I have by my side."

Sona, deciding to surprise him with a gentle kiss on the lips. As she pulled away, blushing, she whispered: "Thought all the girls in my Peerage wanted you."

Riser, with a mischievous smile, replied: "Coincidentally, I want all of them too." Before Sona could react, he kissed her passionately, plunging both into a moment of desire and complicity.

pat reon.com/22Mirko22

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