DXD: The Awakening Of Phenex

"A guy reincarnated in the body of Riser Phenex with a system. This work is a piece of fiction, a fanfic created based on the original universe developed by its creators. I want to make it clear that I have immense respect for the work and vision of the original creators. The intention of this fanfic is to explore imaginative possibilities within this universe, without any intention of devaluing or replacing the original work." pat reon.com/22Mirko22

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Rias and Akeno

Occult Research Club Room

Rias remained tense in the Occult Research Club room, absorbing the weight of the recent twists in her life. Ending the marriage contract had been a long-standing desire, but the consequences ran deeper than she had imagined. Losing her position as heir left her vulnerable, and witnessing her best friend, Sona, marry her ex-fiancé, Riser, added an additional layer of complexity to her emotions. The atmosphere in the room was charged with the tension of recent events as Rias faced the consequences of her choices.

Akeno observed her king, noticing the sadness in her eyes, and questioned Rias: "What happened, Rias?"

Rias sighed, replying: "I was thinking about the recent events in my life."

Akeno, trying to offer some comfort, stated: "At least you managed to break the marriage contract with Riser."

Rias agreed, but concern still weighed in her words: "I know, but it won't be long before my father arranges another marriage contract for me, and I have no way of preventing that contract this time."

Akeno, seeking to encourage Rias, said: "All you can do is train and become stronger so you can control your fate."

Akeno enveloped Rias in a comforting hug, offering her support as worries burdened the leader of the Occult Research Club. However, in the recesses of her thoughts, Akeno couldn't help but recall Riser's kiss. An internal tension plagued her, torn between the need to tell Rias the truth and the fear of worsening the already delicate situation between her and Sona.

While stroking Rias's back, Akeno pondered: "Should I tell Rias about what happened between me and Riser? But, with Rias's current state, I would only make her angry, creating a conflict between her and Sona. Moreover, it's hard to admit, but... I enjoyed the kiss."

Rias pulled away from Akeno's embrace, looking her in the eyes with a genuine smile. "Thank you, Akeno, for being my friend. You're right; all I need is to be stronger."

Akeno responded affectionately: "No need to thank me, Rias. I'm also very happy that you're my friend."

Rias, seeking advice on how to deal with the situation involving Riser, questioned: "How do you think I should act towards Riser from now on?"

Akeno advised: "He is Sona's husband, so it's better to treat him with respect. Besides Sona, you have no connection to him."

Rias agreed: "Yes, you're right. Riser is no longer a concern for me. And I miss my conversations with Sona. Do you think I should talk to her and show that I hold no grudge against Riser?"

Akeno suggested: "You should do that. But the problem is Issei. See how he treats Riser. You need to be direct with him and tell him never to disrespect Riser again."

Rias determined: "When the class is over, I'll have a serious talk with him about his behavior."

Akeno warned: "I don't think words are enough. You need actions, not words."

Rias pondered: "Do you think I should hit him?"

Akeno denied: "No, but you should be stricter and make him work harder, especially in getting more contracts."

Rias concluded determined: "You're right, Akeno. I'll do that."

Class 3-B

In Class 3-B, Issei sat at his desk, lost in thought. His friends Matsuda and Motohama, concerned about his distracted expression, tried to strike up a conversation to understand what was happening. However, Issei seemed distant, his gaze fixed on some undefined point in the room.

His friends may not have known, but Issei was having an internal conversation with a dragon in his thoughts. Issei asked in his mind:

"Tell me, how can I get stronger quickly?"

Ddraig, the dragon, replied: "There's a ritual by which you can transform parts of your body into a dragon. Additionally, making more contracts and participating in more fights will increase your demonic power, allowing you to use the Crimson Armor."

Issei questioned: "Crimson Armor?"

Ddraig responded: "Yes, with it, you will reach at least the power of a high-class devil."

Issei, determined, inquired: "With that, will I be able to defeat Riser?"

Ddraig pondered: "I'm not sure, as I don't know Riser's strength, but it's a start."

Issei affirmed with determination: "Alright, I'll make it happen. I'll make more contracts than any devil to defeat Riser and fulfill my dream of being the Harem King."

Ddraig encouraged: "That's the spirit, partner."

In the room, Matsuda and Motohama noticed the sudden change in Issei's expression and grew worried. Motohama questioned: "Are you okay, Issei?" Issei, who was distracted just a minute ago, turned to his friends and replied: "Everything's fine."

Matsuda suggested excitedly: "Then let's spy on the kendo girls!" Issei, who until a minute ago was determined to get stronger, suddenly displayed a perverted smile and completely forgot his initial plan, accepting Matsuda's invitation. In the Dragon Gauntlet, Ddraig lamented that his host was so perverted and sought a way to make Issei focus on getting stronger.

Phenex Territory

Asia smiled, grateful for her friends and the beautiful house she now called home. However, something peculiar troubled her moments of gratitude. Whenever she expressed her thanks to God, a strong headache plagued her. Ravel had already explained to Asia that, by becoming a Devil, she had lost the ability to pray. Despite this, Asia kept forgetting this limitation.

Asia observed Ravel passing through the living room, and upon noticing the anxious expression on her face, decided to ask:

"Ravel-san, what happened?"

Ravel sighed and replied: "It's my brother. He decided to move to the human world, and I miss him."

With a cute expression, Asia suggested: "Why don't we just go visit Riser-sama?"

Ravel, thanking Asia in her thoughts for her kindness, replied: "I asked my mother, but she wouldn't allow it."

Asia inquired: "Lady Romina?"

Ravel confirmed: "Yes, she says that Riser has just gotten married and needs privacy with his wife."

Ravel, resigned, said: "Anyway, it's okay. In Onee-sama's Rating Game, I'll see him."

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