4 Chapter 4

Cale POV

Just wtf did happend to me, First is i got stabbed and died then i woke up in a huge room with i, think some doctors?

I opened my eyes and saw a red haired man with a handsome face and i saw a girl with a white hair also beautiful ' they must be the perfect couple '

I thought but when i witnessed how they interacted my dreams and imagination were destroyed.

' First is my mother wants to name me Kobe which sounds god-damn weird to me, Then my weird father tried naming me Chunchunmaru since when tf did konosuba exist here'

I cant help but be at awe since both of them looked beautiful and mature but they are very childish ' Somehow i need to stop them from giving me a bad name'

I got an idea which is to cry "UWAHHHHHHHH" i fakely cried and my mother and father turned they're attention to me

I sighed at relief since both of them stopped fighting each other but they fighted again ' God fucking damn it can someone please help me and save me from this horrible fate'

Until a Mature looking girl with a brown hair with a violet eyes approached and carried me, She decided to name me [ Cale ]

Which is suprisingly my old name but i cant help but smile ' why did i smile ' it sure feels weird is this because i feel happy that i will still inherit my old name

In the end i decided to just forgot it and sleep at the violet eyes lady


After Cale fell asleep in Venelana's arm she decided to punish both sirzech and grayfia for fighting in front of the baby

Zeoctus tried stopping her but he knew he shound't so he just prayed for both of them to be safe

Both grayfia and sirzech were currently being punished were scared, "Mother is so Scary!' 'Venelana-sama is Scary'

Cale POV again

Ahhh that was a goid sleep i dont need to work anymore and worry about money being a noble and rich kid sure feels great

I saw my brother Millicas sleeping in my side and he woke up, We both stared at each other and he speaked!

"Lkxiiihwbvuuwvhh" Millicas said, And i replied "Hsjjshuudhjiien" this sure is strange i was just born yesterday yet im able to speak now

Me and my little brother decided to talk to each other and we enjoyed being with each other

Meanwhile Sirzech and Grayfia were worried about the twins so they decided to check both of them but they were suprised

They saw Millicas and Cale interacting to each other ' How can both of them already speak when they were just born yesterday'

They were shocked since both of twins were just born yesterday yet they can speak already, So they decided to watch of them interact but they cant understand what they are saying

Both parents just watched the two childs interact with each other, and they were just left clueless and curious


So... i will only give Cale 3-4 girls harem

So Koneko, Rias, Akeno, Xenovia, Irina, Will not be in the harem but the potential members will be

Potential Members



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