5 Chapter 05 - Suspect and History




Half an hour later, I was calmer.

Then, Governor Azazel said they wanted to ask a few questions.

"Do you remember what happened before you passed out?"

Hearing that question, I frowned. Honestly, I feel reluctant to answer because I have to remember that nightmare again. Even so, I finally spoke.

"I... remember it. Because... that day, January 16, was my birthday.... That day we went out to celebrate it. But, when we came home, someone was already 'waiting' us there. I don't know who he is, but it looks like my Mother recognized him." (➡️Read Ch. 01)

"Can you describe him?"

"I only know he's a man, looks still in his twenties, and has long silver hair."

"Are you sure of that person's description?"

"I don't know.... Maybe he's wearing a disguise. I can only describe what I saw."

After that, Governor Azazel seemed to have finished asking. And after being silent and thinking for a while, he turned to look at Mephisto-sama.

".... Mephisto, do you know who he might be?"

Hearing Governor Azazel's question, Mephisto-sama nodded slightly.

"I've had guesses from before. All this time, I suspect the Old-Satan Faction who did it. But, after hearing the testimony just now... it seems like my guess was a little wrong. Now I have another guess. But the problem is.... As far as I know, the person according to the description was disappeared and deemed dead shortly after the Anti-Satan War ended. But if it was him, then it is perfectly reasonable why he attacked Lilianlua."


Then, Mephisto-sama coldly said who was the suspected culprit who killed Mother.

"Lilianlua's ex-fiancée.... Euclid Lucifuge."

And hearing the alleged suspect of that incident from Mephisto-sama, Governor Azazel looked very shocked!

"Lucifuge you said!? You mean he's The Crimson's brother-in-law!?"

Mephisto-sama nodded slightly.

"Yes... I don't know where he's gone since the war. But, I'm sure no one other than Euclid fits the description quite well and has a reason to kill Lilianlua."

Hearing that conclusion, Governor Azazel then grabbed his chin and looked thoughtful.

"Rofocale.... Lucifuge.... Lucifer.... Could it be!?"

Governor Azazel suddenly looked wide-eyed, while Mephisto-sama also nodded slightly.

"Yes. You realize that too? We know for ourselves that Euclid has always been loyal to Lucifer. It may have been 'he' who ordered the 'execution'."

It looks like they both reached the same conclusion. And then, Governor Azazel looked angry and pounded the table!

"Bastard! Does that useless scum have nothing else to do!? He has previously made his own grandson suffer and now has more victims!?"






Useless scum? Grandson?

Who do they mean?

And, who is Euclid actually? Mother's ex-fiancé? Why only ex? What is their true relationship?

And who is The Crimson who is mentioned here?

Honestly, I don't really understand who are they talking about. Then, I interrupted to ask them.

"Wait.... Can you guys explain to me who are they you're talking about? I'm confused and can't keep up with your conversation."

"Hm? That's right.... Mephisto, explain to him!"

Mephisto-sama nodded slightly then started to speak.

"Your mother, Lilianlua, is the 2nd child and only daughter of the Rofocale Family. The Rofocale Family is one of the families that served the old Satan Lucifer. But not many knows about Rofocale Family. Because Rofocale is Lucifer's servant who mostly does work behind the scenes. Their duties are mostly infiltration, espionage, reconnaissance, and other hidden things..... But, since childhood Lilianlua did not follow the dark paths of her family or be loyal to Lucifer. She just lived as an ordinary young lady. When she was a teenager and her family decided to engaged her to the son of the Lucifuge Family, Euclid, Lilianlua objected and finally chose to leave her family.... It was then when she was traveling that she met me. Since I saw that she was quite talented, I offered her to come with me and became my pupil. And she accepted it..... But, years later, her family was looking for her and she got the news that her older brother was died when he was on a mission. And because his brother did not have a wife or children, Lilianlua was asked to return to her family and become the heir. At first Lilianlua was reluctant, but in the end she accepted to come back after being persuaded that she didn't have to follow the dark path of her family and was only asked to maintain the family lineage..... But, even though she came back, she still insisted that she didn't want to marry her fiancé, Euclid. In the end, both families gave up and the engagement was canceled. Euclid felt humiliated by the cancellation of the engagement. And because of that, Euclid hates Lilianlua and their relationship is quite bad. Even so, she became good friends with Euclid's older sister, Grayfia..... Years passed, and the Anti-Satan War broke out. When Grayfia Lucifuge decides to switch sides to the Anti-Satan Faction, Lilianlua joins her best friend. However, after the war ended and Grayfia married Sirzechs Gremory, who is now the Devil King Crimson Satan Sirzechs Lucifer, Lilianlua decided to leave and disappear without any news or contact. The last contact and the latest news from her since the end of the war was the day when she asked for emergency help to save you..... To be honest, that day I was really surprised that suddenly there was contact from her. Because for hundreds of years she disappeared without news, I also thought she was dead."

Mephisto-sama who had finished talking then sighed.

Meanwhile, I, who already understood, reached my conclusion.




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