2 Chapter 02 - Mephisto and Azazel




In a room that appeared to be a laboratory, a man who looked still in his late twenties and short black-blonde hair was focused on tinkering with something. But, suddenly the man stopped and turned around.


He saw a magic circle appear on the floor of his laboratory. And looking at the magic circle pattern, he looked quite wide-eyed!


The black-blonde haired man seemed to recognize and realize who was coming!

And before long, from that magic circle appeared a man carrying an unconscious child! The man was the red-blue-haired middle-aged man who had previously taken the unconscious Rey away!

After the magic circle faded away, the black-blonde-haired man grinned slightly then greeted the red-blue-haired middle-aged man who had come.

"Mephisto, it's not like you to came here!"

Hearing that familiar greeting, the red-blue-haired middle-aged man, Mephisto, did not greet him back and instead rushed to the operating table and lay Rey there!

"Azazel, save this child!"

Mephisto said slightly tense to the black-blonde haired man, Azazel.

That's right. The two people are Mephisto Pheles and Azazel! Mephisto Pheles is one of the oldest devils! While Azazel is one of the leaders of the fallen angels and the strongest! Although from the appearance of their physical age they seemed quite different, they were both from the old generation!

"Hm!? Who is this kid?"

Azazel rushed to the operating table and asked curiously!

"Uwaahh! The wound is so bad! It's surprising that he's still alive!"

Azazel was so shocked after catching a glimpse of Rey's condition!

"He's Lilianlua's child."

Mephisto briefly answered Azazel's previous question.


Hearing Mephisto's answer, Azazel looked confused and questioned.

While checking Rey's condition further, Azazel tried to remember if he recognized the name 'Lilianlua'.

And a moment later, Azazel remembered something and looked quite dumbfounded!

"You mean Princess Rofocale who disappeared a long time ago since the Anti-Satan War!? Your old pupil!?"

Mephisto nodded slightly confirming it.

"Yes. And it looks like she has been found by 'them'."

Hearing Mephisto mention 'them', Azazel seemed to frown slightly.

"Then, where is Lilianlua now?"

Azazel asked again.


However, Mephisto was silent and just slightly shook his head.

Seeing Mephisto's attitude, Azazel also realized something.

"I see.... I'm sorry."

Azazel realized that Lilianlua was most likely in the worst situation.

Azazel then looked at Rey who was unconscious.

"Then this kid is the last Rofocale .... Fine. I'll try!"

Hearing Azazel's answer to help save Rey's life, Mephisto felt relieved.

"I'll leave it to you ...."

Mephisto said to Azazel.

Azazel nodded slightly.






A few moments later ....

Azazel has done a thorough examination of Rey's condition. He then told Mephisto the results of his examination.

"His condition is quite severe.... He had a lot of damage to the inside of his body. Nearly half of his muscles were torn, many of his bones were broken and cracked, and some of his internal organs were bleeding! But somehow he still managed to survive in this bad condition! It's miraculous if I may say!"

Azazel smiled slightly and shook his head in amazement at Rey's condition and also how he has such a high determination to survive!

Meanwhile Mephisto seemed to frown after hearing Azazel's diagnosis.

"Can he still be saved?"

Mephisto asked Azazel.

"It depends.... It depends on this boy himself. If he can last long and maintain his determination to survive, he should be can be saved. And we also have to act fast but also careful. We don't want his condition to get worse during or after surgery. "

Hearing Azazel's statement, Mephisto nodded slightly.

"Hmm.... Alright. I'll leave everything to you. I have to go. I still have a lot of work to do at Grauzauberer.... I'll come back later."

The Grauzauberer that Mephisto said was one of the largest magician organizations in existence! And he is the leader!


Azazel who already knew Mephisto's status only nodded slightly in understanding.

Then Mephisto left and disappeared using the teleportation circle.

After Mephisto left, Azazel sighed as he looked at the unconscious Rey.

"Hah~.... If only there was a Twilight Healing owner here.... Ah, never mind. I'll do my best."

The Twilight Healing that Azazel said was a Sacred Gear that allows the user to heal wounds or injuries quite quickly and effectively! That's why Azazel quite regrets. Because if only there were Twilight Healing owners here, then Rey would be saved quite easily and safely!

Azazel then headed to one of the tables and prepared an anesthetic injection.

But when Azazel returned to the operating table and was about to inject Rey, suddenly something appeared that lashed his hand!


Luckily Azazel was able to react quickly and withdrew his hand. Azazel then moved a little away from the operating table and then he saw what was just about to lash his hand.

"What the...?"

Azazel saw that there was something like purple flames wriggling from within Rey's body! Seeing those purple flames, Azazel looked very shocked!

"Purple flames!? Incinerate Anthem!?"

Azazel was so shocked because he thought the purple flames were from the Incinerate Anthem which was indeed a Sacred Gear that could produce holy purple flames and was also one of the thirteen Longinus who were said to be able to kill gods!

But then Azazel frowned and realized something.

"... No. That's not it. The flames of the Incinerate Anthem didn't have black strokes like this. Then what is....?"

Azazel then saw the purple-black flames slowly sticking out and forming like a snake.

"Snake...? Fire snake? Purple fire snake?"

Azazel is getting confused by the phenomenon that is happening. He never saw anything strange like this and experienced this kind of phenomenon all his life!

And then Azazel was even more shocked because he felt the extremely hot aura and extremely strong energy of those purple-black flames!

"Hm!? What kind of flame is this!? The aura and energy are so abnormal!"

Then Azazel saw that the purple-black fire snake seemed to be constricted around Rey and set fire to him! Azazel panicked! He thought Rey would burn to ashes if he left it! But then, he saw that Rey looked strangely fine despite being enveloped by the purple-black flames! Azazel sighed with relief!

But before long, Azazel realized something that made him shiver with chills!

He saw another oddity of that purple-black fire snake! He saw that the purple-black fire snake was not constricted around normally, but rather constricted around Rey and continued to move in a cycle like a ∞ with the head of the fire snake biting its tail! And seeing that, Azazel let out a dumbfounded cry!

"Ouroboros!? Fire ouroboros!? What's the meaning of thiiiisssss!!!!????"




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