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Artemis looked at Atalanta who was tied up with ropes all over her body. The way it squeezed her body, it highlighted her assets and curves.

She could see how embarrassing it was for the Chaste Huntress...


"My Lady… I am sorry… we have failed you. It was a trap all along. He tracked us from the very beginning. All that heightened magic was his barrier system which works like surveillance!!!" 

The Silver-haired Goddess raised her hand to stop the girl.

"I know. It doesn't matter anymore. We have lost. I have lost. There is no way for us to leave. And there is no meaning in trying to escape. Our… new… Master will deal with us if we are to escape. It seems… my... goading methods have only made him more obsessed in getting me…" Artemis said with a sigh. Making the rest of the hunt… Well, everyone except the silly grinning Hippolyta...realise in dread what this meant…

"Goddess… does...this mean we are… to be his toys!?" Atalanta didn't want to believe this, not one bit! This was worse than her life before death! She was married off because of a cheat and then turned into a lion because Artemis didn't want one of her Huntresses to go through humiliation.

Now this was worse… now she was going to a pet and a sex toy!

With a sigh, Artemis started to explain "...Not in a direct sense… he has his Devil Pillars, and the other maids. I doubt he will just be doing that. The man is obsessed with his technological progress. You saw it yourself didn't you? Do you think he only spends all of his time...doing that to his women?"

The lion girl instantly calmed down. This made sense to her… the man created absurd things… someone like him most likely spends days if not weeks tinkering… it's most likely that those devil women made him interested in turning other women into pets and sex maids…

"Yes. It makes sense…"

"It's hard to say this… but, look at the bright side… According to the other maids. You can get a lot of free time. The technological things here are… on a level nowhere else in the world. And you can even get Sacred Gears yourself as long as you do your work." 

Atalanta's frown switched into a thoughtful look. Now she was less reluctant...but still on guard.

Before long, the doors opened and three women entered the large area in which the hunt was currently residing. After all, there were close to 40 females. So a large area was needed to temporarily house them.

Artemis and the rest looked at these new arrivals...

A large screen appeared above the trio of new arrivals. This was quite simply showing off the technology, at least that's what the hunt was thinking. 

A silver-haired woman's face appeared on the screen. She started explaining their fate.

[My name is Quinella. And I am our Master's Assistant and the one who runs day to day things in this place. Our Master has come with a decision about what is going to happen to you.

The leaders Goddess Artemis, Huntress Atalanta and The Queen of Amazons will be working as full-time maids and will be under the Head Maid, Grayfia. Thankfully for you, she doesn't have much time here. So, I will be stepping in most of the time. Nonetheless, she will teach the three of you the basics…] The silver-haired Assistant pointed at the Devil Maid.

Artemis frowned for a moment. She will be serving under a devil… Well, it's good motivation to raise and take that rank for herself.

[The rest of the huntresses will be serving under Latia Astaroth and will be working as field operators in the human world.

As Master is about to open his mundane company the Huntresses will be working as agents. I am sure you all have watched at least one or two James Bond movies or some anime or cartoons related to spies and agents?

If you have then you will know what to do. If not, there will be training done. Your jobs will be quite easy. Keep the mundane trash away from our companies. Since we will be selling slightly more advanced technologies there will be people who will want to steal it. And so, you will be the one who will be monitoring and making sure that nothing is stolen.]

"Umm don't… our Master have the means to prevent that? the things he has here are far too advanced to be stolen easily?" One of the huntresses asked.

[Of course. Why are you even asking? But we are talking about the mundane side of things. The barrier system was built with the pretext of monitoring the supernatural. There is a certain threshold that needs to be reached to be picked up by the system.

Until then, the mundane can do whatever they want. Master has little to no interest in the mundane world. It's only thanks to some quick thinking by the devil ladies here that he didn't start showing off more of his advanced technology which would have started world war 3.] 

Her words made the whole group turn quiet. World war 3 would be a very big thing, even to the supernatural. Humans build their weapons far too recklessly, especially in a war…

[This means that your job is to make sure that the technology is distributed by us, and not some backwater country who got lucky enough to steal some of our technology. Because, our Master won't be holding back and will simply either reveal even more advanced technology or decides to do something even more drastic.]

Now they seriously gulped down. The trio new maids had a thoughtful look. They would prefer to stick with these girls. But, as this assistant had just said, their position is much more different…

[Now. You three follow me. And the rest will be handed over to Latia.] 

As she ended her explanation, the screen disappeared and Latia walked forward towards the huntresses while Atalanta and Artemis looked back for a bit. They sighed in disappointment and relief at the same time.

Disappointment that it ended up like this, and relief that they weren't going to be toys or maids to the man…

They will even get some action unlike them…

Now that they had time to think about it. They might get an even better side of the deal.

Not that they have much time to think as they soon had to follow the pair of silver heads.

Walking through several corridors they arrived at…

"Is this…a railway station?" Artemis asked with a confused look. Just how deep is this underground network?

"It is. We are going to where Master currently is." 

Hearing this, Atalanta and Artemis looked at each other. Understanding that, yes. Their new Master is indeed quite obsessed with his creations. It's a good and bad thing. Good because they are not going to be used daily and bad because it will be harder to raise in the ranks. Well, the second one is mainly for Artemis as she is the one with ambitions…

Before long, the train arrived and the group boarded it. The trio felt quite out of place as they were surrounded by holograms and very futuristic decorations. They had a feeling that they were not even on Earth anymore.

"How does this whole system work? I mean the points, and how does one rise in ranks in this place?" The Moon Goddess asked. Getting straight to the point.

[Most points you get is from being useful to our Master. From taking care of him to cleaning The Base.] 

"Meaning that we get most of it by being his toys?" Atalanta asked with some annoyance.

[Do tell me how much more useful you can be? He doesn't need wealth, he makes it himself, he doesn't need one to get food because he creates it himself, he doesn't need fighters because he has an army, it only leaves you with your personality and your body. Because let's face it, if you were good you wouldn't be here right now.] 

Her words were like hot knives which shredded the lion girl's pride… as well as Artemis'. It was like they entered a new territory where their old powers and abilities are nothing much…

"...This… Are you telling me that I am useless apart from my body!?" Atalanta said with a pissed off tone.

[I am sure we can find some use for your hunting abilities when our Master decides to hunt. That's if you can pull him away from his inventions?

I am pretty sure he would take Artemis for that though, since she is Goddess of Hunt. But, you can be a good house cat.] Quinella said with a straight face. As if they were discussing actual job possibilities for her.

"Y-You… are not serious, are you?" 

[Very, if you make him happy I am sure he would even make you a realm just to hunt beasts you could only dream of…] 

"He...he can do that?" Now, Atalanta's curiosity was perked up.

"Have you ever heard of Superman?" Grayfia asked from the side.

"He is a very famous comic hero from the American states. I suggest showing them our Master's true capacity in battle and the simulator abilities." The silver-haired devil maid offered a solution to the silver-haired assistant.

[Truly! A perfect suggestion! No wonder you are the Head Maid!] Quinella happily clapped her hands, and quickly, a screen appeared in the middle. Since they were sitting facing each other, the area in the middle was empty, but now there was a TV like hologram. It was designed that way so that they could watch TV while they were travelling on the Maglev.

[Watch this so that you would know how powerful our Master truly is and what one could do in a simulation.] As she said that, they started to watch the video.

Marcus asking for a simulation. The white room turning into New York was already an impressive sight to see! Then of course the people and their reaction to him.

Then watching him blow up a building, causing chaos. Destroying more of the city scale before asking for an opponent…

Before long, they saw him getting punched through buildings and the liberty statue. Recovering nearly instantly which made Artemis utterly baffled.

Powering up to the point that the whole planet started to shake...

Then he started to engage Superman in combat in which he got dominated early on but then rapidly started to learn which made the trio of the girls gulp down nervously. Such an insane progress…

Eventually, the superhero was overtaken and thrown into the ocean. At that moment they saw Marcus use the Power of Destruction. Erasing the whole bay and a portion of the city.

Even then, however, the battle was not over as they went into space to continue the fight…

Though it wasn't long as the teen inventor pulled the hero into the moon which was blown up with a single blast…

Artemis and Atalanta gulped down with cold sweat pouring down from their forehead. This was no longer a battle between two simple powerful beings but some freaks of nature, not even the Gods could compare!

While Hippolyta only had starry eyes. She just saw her beloved show that he can fight properly when needed to! That just solidified her interest in him. Yes, he was indeed the perfect specimen for her!

[As you can see, the simulation's realism is at the peak and is as realistic as possible. All three of you can use them to hunt or participate in any battles of your desires. It is available at any time.]

"Truly? We can use it anytime?" Atalanta asked with wide eyes.

"Correct, this is one of the reasons why the pair of maids take weekends off. They enjoy the entertainment dome… in my opinion, too much. They should spend more time serving our Master." Grayfia said with a small frown on her perfect face. The Head Maid doesn't give a crap about days off…

[Indeed. Nonetheless, as I was saying. As long as our Master is happy and satisfied, he will most likely spoil you with technology and his inventions.

Serafall Leviathan did quite an outstanding job in this. She got a powerful Sacred Gear and assistance in her work as the Satan Leviathan.] Quinella said with a smirk. She can see that her persuasion was doing wonders to them. The clip helped quite a bit in this. She even lowered the speed of the train just so that they could talk properly.

"Serafall Leviathan has a Sacred Gear!?" 

"Indeed she has. Master was able to fulfil her dream of making her a Magic girl. In quite the literal sense." Grayfia explained with a neutral tone. She still finds it ridiculous, but it works, so she can't say anything.

For better or worse, Serafall can't equip her outfit at all times as Super-devil Class magic signatures can make weaker people pass out…

[Making her as strong as someone from the Top 10 strongest rating. So yes, play nice, be good girls and you might get stronger.] Quinella chipped in, mentioning this.

Making both Artemis and Atalanta look on with massive shock, such power is off the charts!

What especially attracted the Moon Goddess about this is the power boost! Her getting a power boost is quite a difficult chore. As a Goddess, she gets her power from beliefs. And as of now, her powers were barely above the base power she got from birth. The amount of people who believed in her was very few. She only gets some power from her Huntresses. However with a Sacred Gear which gives a similar boost to the one Serafall got? She will most likely be the most powerful Greek God!

That is too good to pass up!

While Atalanta was more interested in getting into the Simulator… She could hunt dinosaurs, ice age beasts, or even some alien creatures!

The possibilities are endless! Internally she had a massive tug battle with her pride. Is this all truly worth it!?

Only Hippolyta didn't care much… After all, her goal was and still is...to be his wife. Both of the huntresses can debate and converse as much as they want. But the redhead Warrior Queen had set a goal in mind. And nothing else matters!

While the pair were having internal conflict, Quinella could only smirk as she looked at the fellow silver-haired woman. Grayfia gave her a small smile too.

The Assistant was not gonna lie. She likes this devil maid. Her dedication to their Master is almost as high as hers. And well, there is no other being more dedicated than her.

Soon enough, the train arrived at the station. Quinella led the girls out of the carriage and onto the platform.

She then motioned for them to follow her.

And eventually the new girls saw something utterly amazing.

It was an enormous ship… or more precisely… an enormous Airship.

After getting over the awe of the size of this thing, and of course, the futuristic-looking design of this airship and its folded energy wings…

Their gaze went lower… and they saw something which was quite fear-inducing…

There was an army boarding the ship. There was a massive ramp lowered there which was being used by said army to board the ship.

Hippolyta was impressed by this… even if her future husband is a craftsman he still knows how to build his armies… a very impressive trait in her eyes. More points in her book.

"T-This is… is he preparing to go to war?" Artemis asked with disbelief. Here she was… trying to challenge this guy who has all this!?

[War? No. This is him going to confiscate a Sacred Gear.] Quinella explained with a snort. The Moon Goddess thinks that this was their Master's army? The silver-haired assistant didn't even try with this one! This is nothing more than a squad for a raid!

"There are several thousand of them! How much does he need to get this gear!?" The Goddess of Hunt questioned with even more disbelief.

[The Sephiroth Graal is owned currently by the Tepes faction of the Vampires. We will 'try' to 'persuade' them to give it to us. And if they don't then… well… you see those.] The silver-haired assistant pointed at the army boarding the airship as she said the second part of the sentence.

The lion girl and the Goddess slightly gulped down. This was big… very big. The current status of the world was about to change!

Now… they comprehend, at least partially, the scale of this man's abilities… and they realised it was a stupid thing to do… to try to mess with him.

After the awe at the sight, they walked towards where Marcus was at the moment.

 He was just standing there and looking at several holographic screens. Soon enough he noticed the approaching group.

"Ah. There you are. My apologies for leaving you like that. I had some things to do." 

As the teen inventor spoke, his voice sent tingles through Artemis, Atalanta and Hippolyta bodies.

[Don't worry, Master~~~ there is a reason why servants exist~~~ as your assistant it was my duty to introduce the new ladies into our faction.]

From an outsider's perspective, it looked as if Quinella glided to his side. Her long hair only helped to make her look like a fairy or a butterfly… though her looks are deceiving as her personality was nothing like a butterfly or a fairy…

"I suppose that's true…" He said while stroking the Silver-haired assistant's cheek. The woman nearly purred.

Only Grayfia knew that this woman was nothing more than a collection of polygons and this cute action of hers was nothing more than a program doing it on purpose…

"Well, how are you three holding on so far?" He asked the trio of new arrivals who were, more or less, subdued. Except for Hippolyta. 

The redhead was happy to be here. She was happy to be able to see her future husband so often now!

"You can say that…" Artemis said with a nervous tone. Should she just say that she is terrified of his capacities? Nope! She won't be telling that! He already has more than enough firepower to mess with her!

Nonetheless, he saw her nervousness and her subdued way of holding herself. To tease her more, he walked towards them.

More specifically, in front of Artemis.

His hand went up to her cheek. He gently stroked it. She started to blush from his actions. This was too embarrassing for her!

He leaned forward and started whispering to her. But, well, they are the supernaturals and most likely everyone was going to hear what he was whispering to her.

"Your lying is quite bad. But, it's quite cute watching you struggle to lie." Marcus said to her. And by this point, her ears turned red from embarrassment.

The teen inventor then pulled back slightly and wrapped his hands around her waist as he then pulled her into a kiss. This time, however, the Goddess didn't resist in any way. Both Atalanta and Hippolyta looked at this with disbelief. Well, in the redhead Queen's case it was jealousy as she wanted that kiss too.

Hopefully, she will get it soon as well.

His hands wandered around her back. The leather clothes she wears does quite good to show off her perfect body. But, he still wants her in the maid outfit his girls are wearing.

Eventually, he pulled back from the kiss and the Goddess looked a little bit mystified. She was staring at something aimlessly. 

"I do love you wearing leather, but the maid uniform will look even better on you." 

Hearing that, she snapped out, looking slightly annoyed but she got over it quick enough.

"As you wish. I will dress however you want." She said that sharply. There was some reluctance there. Nonetheless, this has impressed Marcus quite a bit.

He gave a quick peck on her cheek before pulling back. He then turned around and looked at Grayfia and Quinella. He wonders what did these two say to the Goddess and her Huntress for them to be this subdued.

The teen then looked at the Atalanta who was feeling quite embarrassed already.

The black-haired teen took a few steps towards her, but then, suddenly, the huntress bowed.

"I apologise for my reckless attack… Please, can you remove these ropes!?" She asked with an extremely embarrassed tone. 

One could say she was dying from the inside out. This was so embarrassing and shameful that she doesn't even know what to do anymore!

"Are you going to be a good kitty for me?" He asked with a curious and amused look. Making her even more embarrassed and ashamed.

"YES! I will be a good girl! Just remove them!" She said with a borderline begging tone. 

Several white and gold circles appeared around her, cutting the robes perfectly. 

Once the ropes were gone, she sighed in relief. 

"Good. Next time you're going to be naked...with the ropes for your bad behaviour." He said that sharply, making her instantly turn pale. The rapid change of her skin colour can be said to be quite bad for her health.

"...I understand! I won't be a bad girl! I promise!" She quickly said. To hell with her pride! Regular decency is more important than that!

"Good to hear that my girl can learn things quickly. Don't worry, you will be rewarded for good behaviour." Marcus left hand went on to her cheek and started stroking it.

Atalanta got instantly stiff. No one did this to her before… and it felt very strange.

Nonetheless, he continued stroking her cheeks as the lion girl had a hard time resisting this…

"See. Much better. Now that you are mine you won't be a stray cat anymore." 


Atalanta wanted to counter that. But, that's just a bad idea. She knows that if she is to say something...bad, she will most likely end up in those ropes again… and this time naked… It sounds too terrifying for her.

"And that means I can pamper you as much as I want." He said while lowering his hand and in his left palm some grey goo thing appeared, moments later, several white and gold-ish magic circles surrounded this goo…

Slowly, it took the shape of an apple and turned red… Seconds later Atalanta's nose picked up the smell of this… fruit?

"This is 100% edible. I used the very same transmutation magic which was used by the Biblical God to make his things." Marcus said as he saw the gaze of the lion girl on this apple.

He then handed it over to her. The huntress inspected the fruit a couple of times, from different angles as well.

Eventually, she decided to taste it because the smell was just that good.


The moment she took the bite, the taste exploded in her mouth. Her tail started rapidly wiggling. This was good...scratch that! It was divine!

Without wasting much time, she rapidly finished the whole thing, including the seeds… it was all gone in three bites…

"It was good, wasn't it?" He asked her. Atalanta slowly nodded in agreement.

"You know the best thing about this? I was the one who genetically altered it. Adding different apples tastes into it. Finding the perfect combination of sweetness, juiciness, and even colour.

Because I knew you like apples. After all, only the best things for my girl." 

Her eyes widened hearing that. That apple was genetically tailored just for her!?

"And you know what?" He leaned forward as if telling a secret.

"I can easily allow you to have Orchids of these, just for you." 

Her mouth slightly opened hearing that. Now... this...this...this… no one has ever offered her anything like this before!

She could make as many apple pies as she wanted! Or fruit salads!

The possibilities…

Grayfia and Quinella looked at this with satisfaction… leave it to their Master to find ways to worm into their hearts. As Serafall said multiple times before… their Master could easily be a Lucifer if he wanted to…

"You would? You would get me an Orchid of these apples?"

"It is child's play for me. It took me only two weeks to build this." He pointed at the massive Airship being boarded by his soldiers.

"How hard do you think it will be for me to raise an Orchid farm?"

"...Fair point… very well, as shameful as it is… your...reasoning makes total sense to me… as My Lady said… and as you've said before… I... am yours… " She said the last part with quite a bit of difficulty. Nonetheless, it was a massive achievement in Marcus' achievement book.

The Chaste Huntress was now his, officially…

Once again his hand went to her chin and pulled her slightly in. Atalanta knew what was coming next, so she just waited for the inevitable.

Soon enough, he claimed her lips. She tasted like apples of course. Still though, it was his first time kissing this beauty so he wrapped both of his hands around her waist and pulled her in.

The huntress had no skill in this, so Marcus led her through it.

Before long, their tongues started to wrestle and the lion girl started to feel heat rising in her body. She was slowly getting turned on by this. Especially when his hands were fondling her firm backside.

Still, they had to end because Atalanta didn't want to embarrass herself anymore as it is…

"Good first kiss. We are going to have some more practice later on." He said that as he released her from his hold.

Before he went over to Hippolyta, he handed over another apple that he'd just created. The lion girl felt embarrassed and even shameful for falling so easily once apples were involved in this…

Stupid legend about her! Even now apples are still used against her like this!

While Atalanta was feeling quite embarrassed being so easily manhandled by a man. Hippolyta, on the other hand, could not wait for Marcus to come over to her.

"Unlike those two. I am ready to serve you in any way you want." She said with a purring tone. The Queen of The Amazons was behaving nothing like her legend's counterpart.

"Oh? Good to hear. We are going to see how good you are with your duties."

She licked her lips hearing that. She was imagining what kind of duties he will ask of her… after all, he is at the age where the males want a girl to be taken, in many different places…

Before long, she was already in front of him; her eyes had hearts in them. 

A few moments later, Marcus was already kissing the beauty who had wrapped her hands around him. Unlike the previous two, she was giving it her all and trying her best. Mostly to show that she is better than those two!

The pair of huntresses felt slightly annoyed by this. They felt that this was aimed towards them. 

And unlike those two before, Hippolyta's hands were exploring her new Master's body just like he was doing the same to her.

Still, though, no matter how much she wanted it to continue. The hot make-out session had to end…

"Well? Was it to your liking? I am trying my very best!~~~" The redhead said with glassy eyes.

"Very. I am sure we will be able to try this more later."


Hearing that, she nodded with a very satisfying smile. Yep! it's confirmed! They are going to have some 'fun' later on.

"Now that we have the introductions out of the way." Artemis and Atalanta slightly rolled their eyes. Not a bad 'introduction'...

"We can return home. And Grayfia will give you your new uniforms." 

The silver-haired head maid nodded. Yeah, she will have a certain amount of satisfaction training a Greek Goddess to be a full-time maid. This is certainly an honour to her. How many devils can brag that they trained a Goddess to be a human's maid?

"So...um…this… whole mess with... Vampires…" Artemis started to talk about something else… Like the several hundred-metre long airships, the constant sounds of synchronised marching continuously serve to remind her that there was a massive warship getting prepared in this enormous underground hangar.

And After all, just south of the Vampires is her… birth pantheon, she wanted to go back home but she won't be going there any time soon if her Master has anything to say about it.

"Right. Check this out." Marcus got reminded about the ship.

"The Confiscator. The Daedalus-class Airship." With a hand wave, a holographic window appeared in front of them.

Showing the airship's schematics.

[Daedalus-Class Airship 'Confiscator']

[Classification: Mobile Pantheon]

"You named this after that one human from the Greek stories? Daedalus and Icarus?" Artemis asked with a curious look, she remembered the lunatic who made wings and flew to mainland Greece from an island.

"Indeed. I was thinking of a different trend for the names, but since you decided to come to my place I decided to continue with the Greeks and Roman names." Marcus said with a nod.

"You have more stuff named after things from my homeland?" The Silver-haired Goddess eagerly asked.

"The guns Jeanne showed you are called Castor and Pollux. The rifles I used in the first meeting were named Deimos and Phobos." He told her.

The beauty was slightly baffled and somewhat honoured but at the same time she was annoyed that nothing was named after things related to her!

"Who knows, if you are going to be a good girl I will name one of my Apsos-class space stations after you." He said with a smirk.

"What's that?" She was curious and one could say Marcus was feeding whatever he wanted to her by this point. He knows how to use her Godly pride...

With another hand wave, she saw it…

[Apsos-class 'Ars Almadel Salomonis']

[Classification: Orbital Station]

The newcomers saw the schematics for the gun-shaped space station… 

"Apsos stands for All-Purpose Space Observation Station. It's quite large, around a 370 metres long space station... However, since we are talking about something named after Artemis?

We can take it a step further. And do this…" 

With several hand waves, he rearranged the gun-shaped station and turned it into a bow.

"Slightly altering, adding extra functions, more hangars…"  He quickly altered it.

Right in front of them, he designed an entirely new station which looks like a silver bow.

"Now imagine this in the full moon? When people look at the moon and see a bow with a moon? Seeing your symbol of power every single night." 

By this point, the Moon Goddess had a dreamy look. She was already imagining the amount of awe and respect she would get.

While the rest? Atalanta and Hippolyta...they realised that he just did the same thing he did to Atalanta… feeding right from his hand…

And it's very effective.

"Of course… you would need to persuade me to do such things first…" He said with a shrug. Closing the window casually.


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