23 More Ideas (R-18)

"Hi" Regular Speech

'Hi' Thought

"(Hi)" Marcus's mechanically synthesised voice

[Hi] Quinella/Aurora talking


The feeling was… strange. It was like being on guard. My whole body felt like it had just experienced a shock and is now looking around constantly for this invisible threat which had just shocked me.

In other words, my body was ambushed and didn't have the chance to raise its defences. That's why this procedure was so painless. It was like a sweet power nap.

We are currently in a checkup room where Quinella, with an array of scanners, was checking me out and collecting data. This was the first-ever active genetic alteration unlike the alteration of man-made flesh which we use for our Biological forces.

Well, calling them man-made is quite stretched as Quinella has completely recreated the biological process to make flesh.

So, it's not man-made. More like, the surroundings to create the biological models are man-made. One could say that it's the first step where humans can, from a distance, create the atmosphere needed to create life.

Like Gods…

[You are fine. Thankfully, the process was a complete success. For a few days, you are not allowed to do any strenuous activity. Including playing with your devil girls.] Quinella said while turning around and looking at the two devil ladies who have been sleeping in my bed most of the time. Especially Latia, who has been sleeping next to me ever since I summoned her.

"Since my doctor says so…" I shrugged at her.

[I am indeed… I have finished every single known course related to doctors… I prefer to be your nurse though.] She said the last part more to herself but I heard it quite clearly 

[Right… back to the matter at hand, how are you feeling? All my reading told me is that your body is on guard. Which is what we expected.]

"Feeling much better. My vision is perfect. All those all-nighters I spend programming you messed it up slightly but now it's back to the peak."

[Wrong. Your vision now is 21/21 above the possible base for humans. I already ran a scan on your eyes. Your brain activity peaked it up by a little bit as well. Which is a pleasant surprise.] 


"This session should have only fixed the flaws I inherited from my family," I said with a surprised look. I wasn't expecting an overall upgrade.

[And it is fixing things. Put simply, the DNA fixing has brought you closer to the times when humans were much more in tune with nature and relied heavily on things they could find around them. Thus your senses are much sharper.]

"I see… in other words the current civilisations and all of its comforts have dulled natural human senses." 

[Correct, now that all the scans are done, you are free to do whatever you want. With reason.]

She said sharply as I rolled my eyes. I slowly got up from the bed. I feel much, much better. Like a bunch of stones have been removed from my back.

Stretching for a bit. I still, however, could feel my body being on guard and edge. In simple terms, I am jumpy… for no reason…

"This is great! You are on holiday in the truest sense!" Serafall said as she, alongside the rest, walked over.

"We could go on a date or something!" 


[Didn't you hear when I said no strenuous activities? His body is hypersensitive to its surroundings. If you touch him out of nowhere. He, by accident, could activate his Ring of Destruction and atomize you…]

Only after Quinella properly explained to Serafall, did the black-haired devil finally understand what the Artificial Intelligence meant.

I sweatdropped realising that, yeah that might be a possibility...

"...I am putting the Ring of Destruction to storage for now." 

I said as I walked over to the table and started putting down the rings on my fingers. For now, I am putting the most destructive one I have to the inventory.

[You have quite a bit of free time so maybe you could start working on the space ring.] Quinella suggested some small-time activities.

"Come on! It's summer! Take a break!" Serafall pouted at me. From the looks of it, she is scheming something. The girl doesn't know it but I do see through her quite easily especially when she can't act around me.

"I am… what Quinella is offering is only a few hours work," I said with an eye roll.

"I think we should do some movie watching sessions." I offered this instead, movies are good for inspiration.

[No movie diving!] The silver-haired assistant sharply said that as her hair, for a second, came to life.

"I know… I am talking about the classics. The old fashioned TV watching thing." I said with a shrug.

"Ohhh! I am all up for that! We will be able to snuggle this way!" Serafall giggled for a second. There was a lewd look on her face.

My assistant groaned and facepalmed but she eventually got over it and simply sighed.

"I am sure simple snuggling is not harmful to our Master." Latia said softly as she walked over to my side. She inspected me from several angles.

"Very fascinating. While the changes are minimal I can sense that you are much better. And your magic reserve went up slightly."

"Hmm...now that you mention it… I do feel that I have more magic." I said to her as I started inspecting myself. Without wasting any more time, I started channelling my passive augmentation. It has been running since I started practising magic.

The magic flow was much easier and I could feel a better overall boost to the strength. Magic augmentation to muscles is most likely the worst augmentation of them all. Touki is the go-to muscle augmentation, alongside dragon energy. Touki will come to me with the third genetic session, so I will be able to use two sources of energy. Not that I see any use for it. Still though, it's one of those things which you just want to have for one reason or another.

"Yes. You are quite close to the Ultimate class. It is quite absurd for a human to have so much magic at such a young age." Latia said quite proudly. She is only a High-Class devil herself. So, it's impressive to her it would seem.

"Yeah. Marcus doesn't even fight but his magic is always going up. As if he is always using it." Serafall pointed that out, now that she noticed my magic reserves.

"That's because I am always training it. Ever since I learned Solomon's magic." I clarified to them. As white and golden circles appeared around me, each of them had ten rings inside of it, as the symbol for the 'devil clan'.

"...Right...I forgot that you are Solomon's successor…" Serafall commented with wide eyes.

"...Seriously? you forgot that?" Latia asked with disbelief.

"It barely comes up in our conversations. I even forgot about the guy!" Serafall eye-rolled at the blonde rival of hers.

"And Ars Goetia? don't you always feel it?" Latia asked with even more disbelief.

"You speak as if it's impressive. Marcus recreated Ars Goetia within ten minutes in his old workshop. Altered it and bound Grayfia to himself." Serafall said with a proud tone.

"It is true," Grayfia said with a sigh. She is somewhat disappointed that I caught her so easily. She would have preferred to show off some of her capacity.

"I see… I should have known." Latia sighed. From the looks of it, she thought that Ars Goetia was great. In a sense it is great. The idea is great. But once you get the hang of it, it's not that difficult.

The difficulty is tying it all up together and making it work. The concept behind it and the chant. 

Solomon and Big G used the concept that Big G is at the top of the pyramid in his pantheon to bind the devils which are opposite to him, but are still part of his Pantheon. The key to that is what people around the world believe. And let's be honest, Big G's Pantheon is the most well known in the whole world. There are many known versions of his religion making it the biggest one in the world. Thus the binding power is off the charts.

"I am sure my other things distracted you from it. So, it doesn't matter." I said to her as my hand went onto the blonde's cheek. She was in front of me after all.

I gently stroked it. The devil girl in question put her hand on top of mine. Silently enjoying this, especially when Serafall is giving us that annoyed look.

"Yes. It did."


After the check-up. Marcus and the group of ladies went to the living room to enjoy the movie night they decided to have.

While Grayfia could not attend it for the simple reason that she has her work. And Venelana decided to return home.

The devil woman realised that she has a chance to make Marcus and Rias a thing after seeing Latia becoming his second girlfriend alongside Serafall. It was quite something else.

She was reminded that Marcus, after all, was a teen who wants a pretty girl around his age to be his girl.

Nonetheless, now she needs to think of something else. Thankfully Rias got a powerful Pawn in the form of the Red Dragon Emperor, so her daughter might just have a chance to win against Riser as it is…

There is still some time left so there might be a possibility of this working out without her needing to become her Master's toy…

While Venelana and Grayfia are out. Marcus turned on his massive TV and started going through a massive list of movies that he could watch.

"It kind of feels weird having to use a regular TV instead of the Entertainment Dome or the 3D Max settings." The teen inventor said to his girls as he was surrounded by the pair of devil beauties.

On his right was Latia and on his left was Serafall, both of them were snuggling into him. While also making sure there were not any sudden movements.

"It is to be expected as you are a creator and thinking to improve anything you see is what you do. For once just relax and don't think about anything." Latia said that softly as she gently squeezed his hand with her's. 

The beauty wants to show him that it's good to have a girl next to him. And that she can take care of him and help him relax. In the truest sense and not just a lust-fueled thing.

For this, Serafall decided to join Latia's camp as this was not the right moment to fight over his attention. Instead, making sure he understands that they can be good girlfriend material was the priority.

"Hmm… you're right… let's just watch something…" For second, Marcus thought about something, anything which came to his mind.

His alteration sessions… 

So, Genetics…

First movie with genetics that comes to mind?

Jurassic Park…

"Aurora… put on Jurassic Park. I want 8k experience."

[Certainly. I wasn't going to allow anything below 8k…] Her words only made him roll his eyes. He then properly leaned into the couch pulling his girls closer to himself. They ended up using his shoulders as pillows. Watching the movie that brought the world's attention to dinosaurs…

'Right… I should get my hands on these bad boys… the chicken genome should hold the codes of their ancestors…' After making a mental note on this, Marcus immersed himself in the movie.

"You know after watching this for the second time and knowing that you can make them like this. It's kind of scary and exciting." Serafall spoke after the credits started to roll.

"With all due respect… You are the Leviathan! you can't just give such terrifying ideas to our boyfriend!" Latia said from the side as she heard the black-haired devil woman's words.

"That's the point. I am a devil woman who is whispering ideas to her human contractor." Serafall had a fake evil-looking look as she said that.

"You just want one of those Ankylosaurus…" Marcus remarked with an eye roll. He noticed how she was excited to see the dinosaur, with a mace for a tail, swinging around.


"Maybe I am… they are good for swatting annoying people away." The current Leviathan shrugged, saying that.

"And for that, you need... a dinosaur?" Latia asked with disbelief.

"Not quite. Our boyfriend can make it happen so why not?" Serafall said with another shrug.

"He is already working with the whole genetic thing and Dinosaurs could be fun," Serafall added.

As the pair were talking amongst themselves Marcus was just thinking about some things.

The whole egg thing was quite fascinating. But very unpredictable. He prefers the much longer part of starting the DNA from scratch.

It's an even harder process. But, much safer… one basically just builds everything from the ground up. Then again only he can do such a thing because of Aurora and the supercomputer that he has.

One of the main reasons why everything he does advances so rapidly was because of his artificial intelligence doing all the calculations, and simulations. His genome alone went through centuries worth of simulations.

So what Serafall said is very much possible. Just using some old bones, he could create some dinos and raptors. The problem was… they were not going to be authentic. Which just rubs him the wrong way. 

That's why time travel is a lucrative alternative to getting the DNA of the dinosaurs, then upgrading the genome to fit with the world. And a wonderful and dangerous grunt force is born…

"Next, Back to the Future or Jurassic Park 2?" Marcus' question got the pair to stop the argument they had about dinosaurs coming back to life.

"Let's watch more dinosaurs! More ideas!" 

"Not like you are going to do anything with those ideas," Latia said with an eye roll.

"I am helping Marcus get more ideas! He's already got some!" Serafall retorted with a smug look.

"And how do you know that?" Latia asked with a very curious look.

"I've been around him since he was 12. He still has the same thoughtful look and I can easily see it." Serafall explained smugly.

Making the blond frown as she realised that the amount of time she has spent with the inventor is quite limited. To make her feel better his hand went onto her waist and stroked it gently. That had a positive effect as she soon calmed down and glanced at him with a grateful look.

Serafall, on other hand, frowned more before deciding that showing off was not the brightest idea she had.


After watching some more movies, the trio decided to call it a day. Marcus only kissed and snuggled with the pair of girls a little bit, before going to sleep.

Now this is where a slight problem occurred. And that is, waking up in the middle of the night for no reason. Thankfully no panic attacks.

Once morning was here, Marcus decided to do some light designing since he was mostly alone. His pair of devil girls were busy.

Latia was overwatching the building of the shops, and recruiting people. According to her, quite a bit of Astaroth clan members decided to move into this country instead of other devil controlled areas.

For the simple reason that they want to see what the human inventor is going to do.

Marcus was a little bit baffled at how they were not fearing being found out by the angels. Well, thinking over it for a bit, he found out that it's not important. None of the angels even appeared in this area over the past 4 years…

The angels most likely don't care about a small piece of land somewhere in Europe. The true border with the Norse should be around Denmark and Germany, so there was nothing that important over here.

Apart from managing the building construction, which reminded Marcus that people still needed to build the buildings themselves, Latia was hiring regular people for grunt labour. While the devils will be the management.

This too, reminded Marcus that, in the end, his lovely blonde girlfriend is still a devil. And she is not such a good person that she will allow just anyone to rise through the ranks. 

Since she was doing all that hard work, the teen inventor decided to spend several hours tinkering, making phones for sale.

Now, this was probably the hardest work of his life, to date. Making a phone which had a limited amount of battery life, a primitive processor, a HD screen, a slot for memory cards like the SD cards… it was one hell of a nerve wrecker…

In the end. His girls were impressed by it either way, which seriously made Marcus question their sanity.

After that episode, he decided to leave video games to Aurora. It was just too much for him.

Instead, he focused on doing some light casual designing. He started with some power armour for his S.P.B.A, not making it over the top and also not making it weak, Marcus went with a Mandalorian look for them.

The armour will have basic functions and basic Aurora support. The HUD support, air filtering, servo motor support for the limb joints, etcetera…

And just like that, another day has passed. In truth, Marcus wanted to forget about it. The casual designing day turned into a horror story with the whole primitive phone nonsense.  

The day after that, he started working on the weapon the S.P.B.A are going to use. For that, he pulled out the Deimos and Phobos design and downgraded it severely. 

Turning a Super Class slayer into a casual assault rifle. This was extremely easy work. So, for the rest of the day, he worked on something interesting in his eyes. 

He took the Deimos and Phobos design and reworked it into a Sniper rifle. Working the whole hexagon barrel into a much thinner and longer barrel. Adding a specifically prepared scope that is connected to the HUD of the helmet.

Extra recoil absorption, reworking the system to a sniper rifle specification. In the end, Marcus was quite excited and decided to add some variation to the S.P.B.A and created a ranger class. 

On top of that, he also decided to add to the Sniper the space manipulation he got from Caliburn.

Quinella commented that the sniper rifle's shot cannot be dodged by any regular means. As the moment one presses the trigger, the bullet leaves the barrel it then warps space and slams into the person instantly delivering the load.

Marcus' reaction to that was just a simple thumbs up. His idea, it would seem, has worked quite well.

After this, the teen inventor focused on something he likes more than weaponry and that is machinery.

The airship. Thankfully with Realitus technology, he could simply design it anywhere he wanted. While his big workshop was created for that, he could still design his stuff even in the living room or the leisure room.

And for this, he has indeed decided to design it in the living room. Close to the kitchen…

The main body will have three floors. The ship's operating floor, the living quarters and the catapult deck with the hangars. 

This was also actually the first time he designed an airship. As something like this was nothing more than a pipe dream before.

Now, this is where it got slightly complicated. What does he want to have in the hangars?

The first thing that came to mind is Gundams, but that's just silly because the mechs are around 30 to 50 metres tall and the ship itself is going to be around 250 metres in length.

So no, Gundams are too big. So instead, he decided to go for jet fighters which can transform into mechs. The inspiration for this was Starscream from Transformers. And just to shake people off more, he decided to put the Decepticon symbols on the Jet Fighters.

By the end of the work-week, the Jet Fighter designs were done and it was ready for testing and simulations. So Marcus took some time lazing around while Quinella did her things. His jumpy condition was nearly gone, just like his assistant had predicted.

That's why he decided to chill out in his leisure room. He might have created it. But he barely used this place. It's around 98% Le Fay's room. She spends most of her time here when she is not working.

Instead of reading manga or some car magazines, he decided to read up on the upcoming inventions on robotics, technology and the space innovations.

He couldn't stop smiling seeing all that. He remembers, in his past life, having a subscription on this thing and would constantly read it with quite an amount of zeal.

Now, however… it was like a meme-posting magazine… hard to take seriously from his point of view.

Sometime later, the doors slid open and Marcus' gaze went from the magazines up to the doors. It was one of his blonde maids.

Dressing them up quite sexily was one of his most genius moves. Since he was Solomon's 'will' inheritor, people expected him to do things to his staff. So Latia was, obviously, quite shocked to learn that he had not done certain things to his maids yet.

Honestly, he didn't have that much time. His hobby always takes priority. However, now? He can do certain things to them. Since he can now design his stuff regardless of where he is.

"Excuse me, Master. I have some dusting to do." The beauty quite professionally said as she walked in and started cleaning up the bookshelves. 

~~~~~~(R18 ahead! Skip to the next '~~~' if you wish to miss out on the action.)~~~~~~

(A/N: Whelp, next one is 6 chapters away, so enjoy this one!)

Now that was a silly excuse. Not that Marcus minded. He quickly found out why she was here…

The way she wiggled her ass at him while cleaning the room was quite an easily solvable riddle.

The girl found the perfect time to try and seduce her boss…

Marcus' body got over its condition and he will be taking his next session soon.

So, there was a couple-of-day gap where certain events could happen. 

A few minutes into it, the teen's hormones started to take over. Realising that it was quite pointless to resist. Not that there was a reason to resist! The girl is his in the first place! he can lewd her anytime he wants!

He dropped his magazine, which dissolved into nothing being hologram and all. The room easily read his intentions with the drop. Moments later he approached the blonde and wrapped his hands around her, pulling her into a hug from behind.

His hands went onto her considerably large burst. And squeezed them hard.

"Someone is quite a naughty maid." 

Jeanne softly moaned. Her breathing got slightly hot. She realised that her seduction worked. The sexy maid outfit did their job.

"You should punish such naughty maid~~~" She said as she grinds her ass on his hardening rod.

"Since you asked…" His hands pulled her maid uniform down, revealing her breasts to the world. The current maid uniform keeps her shoulders naked. Meaning that it was quite easy to access her body.

Both of his hands went onto her naked globes and started playing with them. The blonde's moaning increased in volume.

"I do wonder why such naughty behaviour?" Marcus asked as his hot breath tickled her ear.

"...silly… question~~~ there is only one available man for me~~~ so, why not seduce him~~~early~~~" She said as her ass rubbed him even more. 

Hearing a satisfying answer, one of his hands went down from her breast and towards her short skirt. Quickly slipping underneath it. His fingers rubbed her pussy lips through her panties.

The blonde maid slightly shivered feeling that. She turned her head to the side. Biting her lower lip.

Seeing her like that, Marcus decided to taste her properly. Starting with claiming her lips.

A soft muffled moan escaped from Jeanne's mouth as her eyes quickly turned glassy. The teen inventor didn't stop there as his tongue started exploring her mouth's interior.

The blonde maid of his tried to counter him with her tongue but she was swiftly outplayed by his more experienced actions.

Before long she couldn't take it anymore, being attacked on three fronts quickly made her experience a small orgasm.

"Ahhh~~~ mhhh~~~ that~~~ was~~~ not what I expected…" She said while taking deep breaths.

"Oh? What did you expect?" Marcus asked her as he turned her around and moved in to take off her panties. He slightly raised his eyebrows seeing a sexy black see-through lingerie. He didn't expect his maid to be this kinky… then again he was in DxD, so… 

"Hmmmhhh~~~ I was expected to serve you...but I don't mind this either~~~" She said that hotly, seeing his thing coming out to play.

And soon enough, Marcus lifted one of her legs and leaned the blonde girl against the wall. He positioned her to receive his rod.

There was quite a bit of expectation in her eyes. As surely enough, the teen inventor started to push his rod into her wet pussy.

"Ohhhh~~~ your~~~ thing is entering me~~~"  Jeanne moaned with a lewd look as she felt the intrusion.

Marcus groaned from feeling her tightness; he felt some resistance in her pussy. He pulled out almost entirely before pushing back in.

Sinking in deeply, he just claimed her maidenhood and fully submerged his rod into her wet cave.

The beauty wrapped her hands around his neck before starting to feel him move inside her. 

At first, she experienced some pain but the pleasure quickly took over.

Slowly, a smacking sound started to spread as Marcus pulled her other legs up and the blonde fully wrapped herself around him. By this point, she started to moan without restrain as her Master started pounding into her without holding back.

A loud smacking sound spread through the room as the blonde moved on her Master pole, she had a very satisfied look, she enjoyed his thing quite a bit. It was stupid of her to wait this long.

Before long, the beauty felt the approaching finale and she started whispering to her master to release inside

"Yes~~~yes~~~ I can feel it~~~ give it to me~~~" Jeanne moaned from the top of her lungs when she felt him twitch inside of her warm pussy.

She can feel the imminent release of his load, and she just can't wait for that.

With one more powerful thrust, the floodgates opened and a stream of seed rushed into the depths of the blonde maid's womb.

"Ohhh~~~ this is incredible~~~" Jeanne moaned with a glassy look. Now that she has experienced this… she doubts that she will be able to go back to pleasuring herself with masturbation…

A hot current washed over her as her body turned soft, the blonde maid tried to move in some way but her master had different ideas as he carried her over to the pillow area. 

Surely enough, Jeanne ended up laying on the pillows. One of her legs was on his shoulder while the other was made to turn to the side.

Without wasting anymore time Marcus re-started his hip movement.


Le Fay was quite frustrated at Jeanne, the reincarnation of Joan of Arc still had not arrived to help her! They had a deal that they would clean up the kitchen together! It's like the most used place of them all. So, they were going to do it together!

But, for some reason, the older blonde decided to ditch the work onto her!

So, the younger maid started to look for this work-dodging woman.

First, She checked the Entertainment Dome. It was empty, that place is an obvious choice as Jeanne spends most of her time there.

She then checked the living room, the gadget room, their rooms, and in the end, she decided to check a room that Jeanne regularly would not go to. The leisure room is just somewhere Le Fay can't imagine Jeanne spending her time.

However, maybe she was in the workshop. but then again, the fellow maid would never go there. For the simple reason that Quinella is scary and that floor is fully automated and cleans itself.

So, it just leaves the leisure room where their Master was. That moment her eyes widened. She started blushing like crazy. Nonetheless, Le Fay needed to find out if this was a possibility!

The younger blond sneaked around the corridor, slowly walking towards the room. Eventually ending up in front of it. She tried to hear something from this.

'Shit! The room is fitted with noise-cancelling technology!' 

The young witch slammed the back of her head into the wall. Ignoring the pain completely. Instead, she was annoyed that she can't find out what is going on inside the room!

In the end, she had to give up and walk back to the living room.

And started waiting and waiting. Quite a bit of time passed, and there was still no sign of her Master or Jeanne!

Around 5 hours later did Le Fay finally see Jeanne. By that point the younger witch was already bored out of her mind and was watching TV…

Not that she could ask anything of the older blonde, as she looked like she went through a wringer… her hair was a mess, and her maid uniform was ruined, she was gonna need a replacement. But, that is not a problem with the technology this place has.

Jeanne didn't even say anything to Le Fay as she walked back to her room. Just like that.

'Damn… Master has fucked her into a mess… or was it Jeanne who baited him to fuck her more until she can barely move?' For a second the witch thought to herself. Well, she won't be able to learn unless she asks personally which is quite embarrassing…

~~~~~~~~~Inventions/Tech/Sacred Gears~~~~~~~~~~~~

S.P.B.A Soldier Armour

An armour set based on the Star Wars Mandalorian armour, it has full environmental gear built inside. It can't, however, work in space or deep underwater.


By the current Earth's standards, it's a piece of high tech armour. But for Marcus' case, it's a mass production armour. Which the Assembly Line can produce under 5 Minutes.


Sacred Gear Alchemical metal, transmuted plastic, glass, diamond.

Key Technology and Magic:

Basic Diamond Core: A basic Diamond Core reactor that generates enough energy to support the soldier in battle.

Basic Aurora HUD support: The helmet of the armour has a basic Aurora head-up display which assists soldiers in pointing where to go, as well as keeping squads in touch with the military hierarchy.

Exoskeleton support system: The armour is equipped with Servo motors and movement assistance technology which allows the S.P.B.A to operate even in harsh environmental places.

Environmental support: The suit is sealed off from the outside world and has a built-in environmental support system that keeps the unit at optimal condition.

Energy Shield Caster: The armour gauntlets have a pair of energy shield generators which can deploy shields that can take punishments from High-Class beings. They were created with riot control in mind.


Ranger variation of armour is almost identical in everything except it's less thick and has a hologram caster for camouflage instead of the Energy Shield Caster. Inspired by The Predator.



Named after the Mandalorian weapon, it's an assault rifle that can shoot energy blasts at a rapid pace. Quite deadly even against powerful beings depending on its loadout.


By current Earth standards, it's a weapon from the distant future or a sci-fi movie. The design itself is similar to Phobos & Deimos. While it looks similar to the Rifle Sacred Gear, the insides of the weapon are what the Mark II Castor & Pollux had.


Sacred Gear Alchemical Metal

Key Technology and Magic

Basic M.T.M technique: Using a magic circle to capture motion and turn motion into energy and then energy into Magic, even a regular human can use this weapon as all they need to do is press the trigger.

Basic Barrier Rail technique:  By using barriers like rails, empowered by Acceleration circles, the blast builds up the force, the longer the rail is the stronger the blast will be at the end of the rail.

Revolver System: A simple revolver system positioned behind the Diamond Barrier System and above the M.T.M system. This system is responsible for what type of bullets the weapon will release.

Type of 'Bullets': Beam, Bolt, Scattershot, Cannon

Cartridge Loader: The GALLAR can be 'loaded' with a cartridge of specific magic. It's based on human guns and bullet cartridges.

All S.P.B.Soldiers have multiple sets of different cartridges that they can load: P.O.D, Electricity, anti-Dragon, Holy energy, Demonic energy, Anti-Divinity. Worst case anti-DNA bullets.


S.P.B.A Weapon AMBAN

Named after the Mandalorian phaser rifle. This piece of weaponry was created by Marcus who wanted to make something 'interesting'.


A sniper rifle that is created through magic and technology. The frame itself is created from Rifle Sacred Gear Deimos & Phobos.


Sacred Gear Alchemical Metal, diamonds, glass, plastic and rubber.

Key Technology and Magic

Motion to Magic (Sniper Rifle version): The most recent version of M.T.M has been installed into the Sniper rifle.

Mass Magic Barrier Rail System (Sniper Rifle Version): The AMBAN has been fitted with a reworked version of Deimos & Phobos' M.M.B.R.S. Instead of building up power, it works towards accelerating the blast as much as possible.

Aurora-Quinella Hyper Targeting system: The Sniper Rifle is linked directly to the Aurora Network. The shooter can get direct assistance from the Supercomputer

Triple Cartridges Loader: AMBAN can be loaded with three different ammo cartridges at once.

Space phaser: Based on the Holy Sword Caliburn's space power the AMBAN shots phase through space to deliver the payload.


Transformable Jet Fighter 'Starscream' 

Marcus' answer to the issue of not having an army of mech on Earth for the simple reason that they were too big was to switch to mech that can operate as Jet Fighters as well.

Thus Starscream was created.


A seven-metre long fighter jet, based on Starscream from Transformers. By Earth standards, it's something from the distant future which can circle the globe in less than an hour.


Sacred Gear Alchemical Metal, diamonds, glass, plastic and rubber.

Key Technology and Magic

Aurora-Quinella OS support: The Jet Fighter is equipped with the latest Operating system and is linked to the main network

Aurora Borealis HUD: The HUD system was reworked with Realitus Holograms which allows the pilot to see HUDs as if it's part of the world around them.

Diamond Triangle Core: Modified version of the Diamond Core Heart based for transformable Jet Fighters. It's used as a main power source for the Jet Fighters and is independent from the user's energy source.

Crystallised Energy Flight Support (or C.E.F.S): Magic energy crystallised in the form of wings. It gives an unprecedented ability to fly. The Jet Fighters have a heavily modified version of the energy wings. They are built inside the physical wings.

Transformable Frame: The Jet Fighters frame can transform into a humanoid form, thanks to heavily adaptable Alchemical Metal, the Jetfighter can easily transformmid-flightt.

Second generation G-Force Max Support: A System designed to mitigate the G-Force which Jet Fighters is exposed to when flying at high speeds.

Nova Thrusters: The Jet Fighter is equipped with powerful thrusters which uses pure magic as a power source.


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