29 Hippolyta Advances (R-18)

"Hi" Regular Speech

'Hi' Thought

"(Hi)" Marcus's mechanically synthesised voice

[Hi] Quinella/Aurora talking


As expected from her future husband, his place was impressive— just as the barracks and the airship hangar she saw.

Hippolyta walked through the corridors and took in the sights. Even though she went through Grayfia Lucifuge's tour of this place. She still wanted to see it all for herself. To know and adjust to every nook and cranny of this place.

As a future wife and lady of this place, she must know everything.

The technological stuff here has helped her a lot. She finally understood just how deep Quinella runs this place. When that blonde maid said everything… It meant quite literally Everything.

This silver-haired woman can do everything in this place as she is her future husband's creation. The man quite simply decided to create a perfect woman for himself.

Which shows the insane amount of capacity he has as a creator and inventor.

Nonetheless, Hippolyta decided to show him that he doesn't need to create a woman to be his wife.

While it will be a hard task, she is more than excited to meet up with this challenge. She waited for quite a long time to meet her dream husband, and she is not going to let this chance slip away.

Eventually, her exploration led her to the main living room. She immediately licked her lips. She saw Marcus, her future husband, lying lazily on the couch with one hand behind his head while the other was swiping through those holographic windows.

From the looks, one can use these holograms in any of the facilities which is an extremely convenient thing.

Nonetheless, she is not here to think about these holograms...she now has to 'seal' the deal with her future husband. 

Walking around, making sure she is not seen, her many years of experience as a huntress makes her quite silent on her feet. However, she doubts she can sneak around the man who can adapt to any situation on the fly.

Still though, she ended up next to the couch where he was just laying there. Getting on all four, she crouched right on top of him like a feline.

"Your sneaking is impressive but it's quite useless in my house. I can sense all movements here at all times." Marcus said to her while the hand which was behind his head was now on her waist.

"The new uniform you wear looks amazing." He commented on the sexy maid uniform she is currently wearing. The usual one; short skirt, high stockings, naked shoulders.

Quite sexualised, but that's the point. They are dressed like that just for him.

"Good to hear. Not that there is much choice. This is my current work uniform. We could get more variations for these maid uniforms in future, yes? I have heard that there are many different cultures around the world which have their own maid culture." She asked him while getting comfortable laying on top of him.

She is already trying to make herself useful; offering new ideas, the maid uniforms is just one of them.

"Hmm… I see your point. More diversity is always better." The teen nodded in agreement. That's not a bad idea.

He then closed the holographic windows as his other hand went right on her firm bum. More precisely, it sneaked underneath her short skirt and fondled her ass through the thin panties she was wearing.

"Maid uniforms aside, is there a reason why you are here?" He asked her while enjoying her incredible bum.

"There is. I am here to seal the deal." She said with a lewd smile.

Well, it was a lie. She was exploring the place and saw her future husband. The red-head decided to just move on to more important things.

Marcus slightly raised his eyebrow. This girl is thirsty…

And he didn't have any fun today… so…

The teen's other hand went lower from her waist to her bum. With both hands on her ass, he then moved himself up and lifted the red-head Queen up.

Hippolyta realised that they were going somewhere… Well, she doesn't care where they are going. All she cares about is that she is going with him, so it's fine with her.

"Aurora, if anyone is looking for me, tell them that I am...busy for the rest of the day."

[Sure thing. Remember that tomorrow we are moving out midday.] The A.I. reminded him about the 'visit' to the vampire nation they were about to do.

"It's midday tomorrow. You think I will be busy for that long?" He questioned with disbelief.

But, a single look from the red-head who coiled herself around him said otherwise.

[Don't worry I will set the alarm clock for you.]

The A.I said to Marcus who already started walking towards his bedroom.

(R-18 straight ahead! if you wish to skip, go to '~~~Around Same Time~~~')

The teen threw the redhead Queen onto his bed resulting in him getting a coy smile from her.

Hippolyta was already very much excited about what he was about to do to her. The red-head knows he has insane abilities from the video clip she saw.

"Well. What are you going to do to your maid~~~?" The Amazon Queen asked with a seductive purr.

"First… I am going to undress you piece by piece…" As he said that he got onto the bed himself. He grabbed her leg and took one of her high heels. Then moved to the next leg…

The beauty was slightly amused by that. But then again, there was a certain amount of satisfaction that he was undressing her like that...

Once the shoes were gone. Marcus skipped her stockings and instead went to her maid dress. Slowly he started to pull it down. Revealing her bountiful assets. They were not too big nor were they too small. Simply the perfect size. As expected from someone who is a Goddess. 

He then continued to pull the dress down and Hippolyta assisted him by slightly lifting her waist up. Surely enough, the dress was off and the only thing left were her nearly see-through sexy black panties and her stockings…

"Now to taste every inch of your body." He said while inspecting her from top to bottom.

She giggled hearing that. 

"Do whatever you want~~~" She said in a husky tone. This was already getting even better than she had imagined.

Hearing the all-clear, Marcus started to dive in. He started with a regular kiss. The beauty responded with the same amount of heat.

While their mouths were busy, the teen's hands didn't stay idle as he started fondling her assets.

The beauty herself didn't stay idle too. Her hands went to his clothes and started to remove them.

Before long he was completely naked. The Queen of Amazons eyes wandered around his body when Marcus pulled back for a moment.

"Yes…" She purred more when her hand stroked his abs…

"As expected from a craftsman… even your body is perfectly crafted," Hippolyta said with satisfaction.

The teen didn't say anything, he just smiled and dived in to continue with his exploration.

Soon enough, the redhead beauty started softly moaning as she felt him kissing her body. Inch by inch. Leaving a trail of kisses as he eventually arrived at her panties. Which were already soaked. Showing just how horny she was.

Without wasting much time, he removed them as he started assaulting her pussy with his lips.

That moment Hippolyta's eyes widened as her body started to get bombarded by the high amount of pleasure which only increased the longer his tongue was playing with her insides.

"Oh~~~Gods! What is thisssss~~~" Her body arched as she came hard. Just around a minute had passed since he started licking her pussy.

"Your moaning sounds quite seductive… are you sure you are the Queen of a women warrior tribe?" Marcus asked with a tease as he pulled up after tasting her to satisfaction. It was a successful test…

The beauty breathed heavily as she regained her bearings.

"Y-You… you got good at this after just a few moments…" She said with glassy eyes. She was turned into a mess after being eaten out for just a few moments…

"Indeed I learned your sweat spots in just a few licks… now let's get to the main course." As Marcus said that he flipped her over and made her take a position on all fours…

The beauty slightly moaned just from that. Her body was still quite sensitive… after all, she just came hard…

Soon enough Marcus spread her butt cheeks apart and aimed his hard rod at her syrupy pussy.

With a quick thrust, he fully submerged his rod into her tight cave.

"AHHHH~~~ w-wait for… mhhh~~~" He almost completely pulled out before slamming back in, he did notice that he just claimed her maidenhood too…

Which is quite satisfying. Still though, he didn't hold back because he was fucking THE Amazon Queen…

Both of his hands grabbed her ass and he started pounding her hard. He quickly found her sensitive spots and started aiming at them.

The beauty moaned from the top of her lungs. She was feeling pain and a lot of pleasure flowing throughout her whole body. The red-head could not understand what was going on anymore.

What kind of pleasure is this!?

Before long, she came again. This time it was so hard that she lost strength in her arms.

Yet, before she could collapse Marcus pulled her up into a standing position. One of his hands went to her breast while the other made her turn towards him.

Soon enough, they were kissing again while he was fondling her breasts and pounding her from the back.

By this point, Hippolyta lost it and her climax came one after another.


She moaned into his mouth while drool was coming out from her lips. Tears of pleasure were rolling down from her eyes. She had hearts in them with a glassy look.

With one bang from his hips, Marcus released his content into her freshly deflowered pussy.


Then he let her go. The beauty dropped headfirst into the bed. Her whole body twitched multiple times before starting to snooze off.

"This was great. Well, let's rest before continuing sweetheart." The teen said while getting comfortable in the bed.

With hand motion, he opened a holographic window. He went through the options for the room.

Selecting a Greek-style manse. With fresh summer wind blowing through the wide windows. The moment it changed, Marcus could hear the sound of the sea not far away, it was very much relaxing.

"Hmmm...pure satisfaction here." He said with a smile as he waited for Hippolyta to wake up.

~~~~~~Around Same Time~~~~~~


"My Lady? Something happened?" Atalanta asked as she noticed Artemis looking somewhere.

"While we are adjusting to this crazy place. Hippolyta already lost her maidenhood." The Goddess of the Hunt said with an annoyed sigh.

"...Already? She went to look for our...Master?" Atalanta nearly slipped there. She remembered that in this place even the walls are listening…

"It appears she did…" Artemis said with a small frown. This was… annoying to her. It would seem that in this place their old comradery is not worth much… or at least between Hippolyta and them.

"That was quick… she did not even settle in properly yet," Atalanta said with some annoyance. The Moon Goddess picked up on it.

"...I am more shocked that she did it so quickly… she was a maiden just like us…" The Moon Goddess said with some disbelief and even shock. They just finished the introduction part, and signed the 'contract'. Well, they were working for Marcus for life now… so it can be considered more of a slavery contract than a normal one…

Nonetheless, they did not expect Hippolyta, who is the most warrior-like of them all, to seduce a man… was she even trained in that art!?

Atalanta could only nod at her Goddess. How did the red-head even do it!?

The Chaste Huntress even started having treacherous thoughts about just going to him and sealing the deal. At this point, it's only a matter of time before she will end up in his bed as well.

Partially, she understood that what Hippolyta did was very smart. The Amazon Queen moved right in to do what 'maids' are supposed to do. Especially a maid who aims for the top position of being their new Master's wife.

Not that Atalanta cares to be his wife…well, maybe, kind of? The guy could easily make anything she wants… that's a very hard thing to pass by… she never thought about this kind of thing before…

"My Lady. What about us? How are we going to progress from here?"



As the Lion Girl asked. The Moon Goddess, for the first time in her life, could not give some sort of clear answer to her lieutenant—now fellow maid.

"I have no idea. This is a new area for me, just as much as it is for you, Atalanta." 

The huntress could only nod. It was truly happening… they are clueless…

"Umm… Excuse me… may I come in?" 

The new maids heard a knock on the door.

Atalanta went over and pressed a button as the doors opened. They have already reached the point in the technology department that doors knobs are outdated and they have buttons now.

Seconds later, the doors slide to the side. The pair noticed a nervous Le Fay Pendragon.

"Umm. Sorry to disturb you but I was introduced to tell you to collect the necessary equipment."

"Necessary equipment?" Artemis asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes. You see, you need to have your phones. You can use these phones for many, many things. As well as any other gadgets you want. Master allows all staff members to have all the necessary tools they need. Of course, none of them can improve overall strength." Le Fay pulled out her phone from a pocket she had in her uniform.

"You can track your points or any other things. Aurora even posts duties for us to do through this." 

"I see… this place truly is unique…" Atalanta said as she processed what the blond maid just said to her.

"It takes time to get used to it. Once you do, you realise just how amazing our Master is… I still can't believe how much this place grew… you two probably don't know, but Master started all of this from a room just below a garage.

People like Serafall Leviathan or Venelana Gremory were the earliest of them. The Gremory was even summoned in Master's home attic where he grew up. Now? We have facilities spread throughout the whole nation…

It's absurd, honestly…" Le Fay went on a ranting explanation. As she, just a few hours ago, realised how rapidly Marcus was expanding in all directions. Him easily capturing the Moon Goddess and her whole hunt just proves the point.

Both Atalanta and Artemis looked at each other. They realised that all of this was very recent…

"It wasn't a long time ago, was it?" The Goddess of Hunt asked curiously. She could even sense that this girl was not even touched by him yet. Meaning that their new Master doesn't just touch his maids easily too. Even if this one was also dressed in the maid's revealing uniform.

"Not at all." Le Fay motioned to come with her.

The pair of new maids nodded and started following her.

"Master just recently moved to this place. Less than half a year ago…" She had a thoughtful look for a moment.

"When he fought you both for the first time, that was when he was still living in his first base. He got Jeanne and me right after fighting you two."  

"I see… so, you served him for around half a year." 

Le Fay nodded at the Moon Goddess. While it was still awe-inspiring that she is serving with a Goddess now. It's still hard to wrap her head around the fact that they are of the same rank in this place!

"What can you tell us about him? What should we be wary of?" Atalanta asked from the other side of the blond maid.

"That would be telling, Atalanta. I can't reveal the things which you have to learn for yourself." The blonde maid said with a smile. A small reminder to the pair that this girl is a witch.

The huntress and the Goddess internally clicked their tongues.

"We are, after all, rivals here in some way." Le Fay said that, remembering how Jeanne just went and seduced their Master without any previous warning or anything like that.

After that, she knew that her fellow blonde was now regularly doing it with him…

And worst of all… she gets points for it… Aurora rewarded that blonde! It's somewhat embarrassing and annoying that she gets points for sleeping with him!

It sort of remind her of prostitution… Well, they are only sleeping with one man… so something similar to the sugar daddy thing that exists in the mundane side of the world?

Anyway, that whole thing earned Jeanne so much more points because she was helping their Master directly. No matter how lewd it sounds, it does help him not get completely consumed by his research and inventions.

So, Jeanne gets more points than Le Fay by bulks…

"I guess… it's true… nonetheless, wouldn't it be better if we have some sort of a treaty?" Artemis was using her around 5 thousand years of experience here.

"It would need to be extremely flexible. Because our Master can be very random. The whole Vampire invasion was so random and so fast that we...Jeanne and I, were quite shocked at how out of nowhere it came.  Even this house's appearance is quite out of the blue.

One moment, he was building more processing power for Aurora, the next moment, we moved to this place because... the building speed increases every couple of hours. And there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of robotic labour working on the railway and the space centre." 

Artemis and Atalanta were quite baffled hearing that… just how rapidly did this evolve!?

Just from hearing this… they realised it all happened in a matter of weeks...

"As you can see… you need to be very close to him to know what is going on because neither Serafall Leviathan or Latia Astaroth were as shocked by this as we were. Which assumes they knew about this."

"Because they spend time with him and listen to him," Atalanta said with a nod she understood this enough. To someone who has less of his attention, these things can as well be random. But to someone who spends a lot of time with him…

'Like Hippolyta… she is already with him… I have no doubt she will move up in this whole thing…' The Lion Girl can already imagine that the red-head will get something out of the whole fact that she openly surrendered and didn't need any persuasion…

Their new Master most likely quickly noticed how openly she showed her submission…

~~~~~~Next Morning~~~~~~

The sound of an alarm clock spread through the whole Greek styled room.

"Uhhh... Please quiet it down!" Hippolyta complained as she snuggled into Marcus' nape. She was sleeping on top of him and treating him like some sort of pillow.

"No can do, sweetheart. It's past midday and we have a field operation to attend to." The teen said while stroking her back, he was enjoying her soft skin.

"No… you did things to me the whole night… and now you want me to wake up this early…" She complained with a cute voice.

Not that it's going to work on him. The teen has been living with Serafall for far too long…

So without much thought, he got up from the bed with the red-head in his arms and went to get a shower…



After the shower was done. Marcus got the Queen up and awake. The girl, though, still sort of struggled with her clothes.

"You know… I am a minor Goddess and you did this to me. I don't know if I should be horrified or impressed." She said while trying to dress up. Her legs were a little bit shaky. 

She was amused and a little bit distressed. She never put the whole fucked-to-unconsciousness thing as a possibility. As her constitution is on a completely different level. She could fight for days without any break… so something like fucked to silliness didn't even come up in her thought process.

"You do realise that I am what is considered a 'perfect' human being? My adaptability was engineered to be at the very apex. Combined with my natural talent I can learn things at near instantaneous pace.

So learning your sweat spots was quite easy." He said with a smile as he watched the disbelief slowly appear on her face.

"You...what kind of freak of nature are you?" She asked with a face that tells him that he is cheating the hell out of this.

"Nature? Silly girl…" He patted her head.

"Nature is nearly completely understood by me. As you said before I am a crafter and builder."

"...*Sigh* I didn't mean it that way. You are far too serious. I meant it as a metaphor…" 

"I know. And your description doesn't fit. Because my adaptability is not crafted by nature but by me." He clenched his fist and a purple aura surrounded him for a moment.

"My body has been, as you said, craft and built to my specific tastes." 

As Marcus said that, the aura subsided.

"Now, on another note. Do you want to fight for me?" 

His question got her slightly off guard. Here he was, talking about something she didn't know. She was sort of baffled to learn that he, in truth, did alter his body in some way…

And then, out of nowhere, he asked about fighting for him…

And here she thought that she was going to kiss fighting goodbye, but now he is offering to fight!?

"...You want me to fight for you?" Hippolyta asked with some hope. She needs confirmation.

"Indeed. You can lead the whole field operation if you want." Marcus said with a shrug.

"You're...going to allow me to lead them!?" She asked with wide eyes. A lot of disbelief washed over her.

"Of course. You deserve a reward. Unlike the rest, you surrendered to me. No fighting, no resistance. No lies. You don't know this. But, here, in this house, everything is under my surveillance. Aurora records people's expressions, body language, and even vital readings through magic in the air.

And I can safely accept the fact that you are on my side. So, you, a Goddess of War, leading my S.P.B.A. is something which makes a lot of sense, no?"

Hippolyta was a little bit freaked out that there is this much surveillance here. But, the second part she heard made her more than elated.

"Then I accept…" She tried to stand up but… well...her legs were shaking too much and she would just embarrass herself more…

"...Well…let me massage your legs a bit…"

"...maybe not? You're going to do things to me!" The redhead was more than happy that her future husband liked her body this much, but she wants to fight now!

"Don't be silly, woman. I am in my serious mode now, not the other way around." He rolled his eyes and Hippolyta was surrounded by purple energy.

Before long she was laying on the bed on her stomach and Marcus was massaging her…

Not long after that, she needed to cover her satisfying moans… as she thought, this was a bad idea… but at the same time she liked this a lot…

A few minutes into this and she was a gooey mess. She climaxed a couple of times just from her legs which is quite embarrassing for her. And hopefully, no one is going to learn that the Queen of the Amazons came a couple of times from her legs alone…

"Well. It's done. Your leg muscles are in optimal condition." Marcus said with quite a satisfied tone. The Amazon Queen slowly got up from the bed. She was still slightly shaky from all that pleasure…

Thankfully, she can stand much better now. Nonetheless, her pride was reduced to rubble… she was manhandled like some little girl…

"Don't tell anyone…" She said with a red face. Trying to get over the embarrassment.

"Oh? Are you going to keep me silent in some way?" Marcus asked with an amused and curious look. Oh, how he liked doing this…

"Anything you want. I only wish that no one will ever know what you did to me just now. The method to bring me back to 'optimal' level." She used a word she picked up from her future husband.

"Hmm. I suppose it's easily arrangeable. Not that people will ask me about certain things." He agreed with a casual shrug.

"Good. I will make sure to reward you extra hard next time." She said with a lustful look. Just remembering last night was enough for her to get hot and bothered.


Thankfully, there were not that many people waiting for them outside the room and Hippolyta was reminded that they were underground. The room she was in before was just like a Greek-style manse. 

Bringing back some nostalgia… most importantly with just how insanely realistic it was…

When they left the room, Artemis and Atalanta looked at the red-head with weird emotions in their eyes. From annoyance to fascination.

Nonetheless, both of them kept quiet and didn't ask anything. Assuming they were waiting for the right moment to ask, most probably when she is not next to their new master.

"Right, I assume that you all know I am going to Transylvania to 'collect' some stuff. If you want to come with me, you can come. And if you are not interested, then you can stay here." Marcus said as he took a sip of his morning tea.

"...If I am to appear there, they will assume that the Greek Pantheon is attacking them," Artemis said, mentioning the obvious.

"Possible. That's if you are going to leave the bridge of the airship. That reminds me. Jeanne, do you want to have some live practice with your new Gear?" Marcus clarified to Artemis before looking at the maid. The blonde reincarnation of the Saint is becoming a better maid every day and she needs to be awarded in some way…

"Oh! You're going to allow me to fight?" The blonde asked with disbelief.

"Yeah. I think you deserve some action." He said with a casual shrug. Earning himself a bright smile from the girl.

Oh yes! She was itching to get some action after getting her twin pistols! How many other people around the world have two Sacred Gears? To her knowledge a very small percentage of the world's population has achieved that!

"Count me in! I assume it's against those bloodsuckers in Romania?" She agreed before asking where she would be fighting.

"Indeed. I will outfit you two for this though. Showing that you are part of my group, not some random people." 

"Two? Someone else is going with me?" Jeanne asked with wide eyes. Here she was thinking that she was the special one with this! But someone else is going to come with her!?

"Yes. Hippolyta is coming with you." Marcus clarified to the blonde maid.

For a second, Jeanne looked at the red-head. She was a little bit annoyed that this new girl was already getting things like that. But, she can guess that was because of how quickly Hippolyta surrendered to him in multiple different senses.

What took her months to get, this one got it in a single day… well she can assume it was because she went and seduced him right away. Unlike her who took months of gathering her courage to do.

"Now that this is out of the way…"

While Marcus was discussing things with Jeanne, with Le Fay chipping in from time to time, the pair of huntresses and the Goddess were looking at Hippolyta.

They can't believe the red-head was already getting something out of this! They can guess that he will also be giving them some sort of equipment to fight… maybe a Sacred Gear? Or similar weapons wielded by those soldiers…

"Lady Latia and Lady Serafall are working together to get the new girl's lodgings in the mundane side of the world. Lady Gremory is in the underworld dealing with some issues and Head Maid is back to her work." Le Fay gave an update on the current situation.

"Hmm, so they are busy. Well, it's fine." Marcus waved his hand. Well, he can enjoy the new company he has at the moment. Maybe he can find some time to cuddle with the lion girl he just got?

After finishing his breakfast, Marcus and his five maids went to the train station which took them to the barracks.

Once again the newcomers were baffled seeing just how crowded the place was. They already saw thousands boarding the Airship and yet...the barracks were full either way!? Where are the soldiers coming from!? By this point, people in this country would wonder where so many people disappeared too!

"How do you even have this many people serving you?" Artemis asked with disbelief. They were all males with the same size and body constitution… are they…

"They are Biological models… I thought I already said that before?" Marcus asked her. He thought she already understood that?

"...wait, so it's true? They are man-made through magic?" It finally hit her. So, he can make armies!? She thought that he could just make something simple like homunculus. But that branch of magic is not that advanced and as far as she remembers it is also lost to time…

"Through science. One out of three things needed to have a perfect life is mastered by me. The biological body is also almost completely understood by Aurora and me. And, as I said before, the three hairs I got back then and the other samples collected by myself and with Sitri's help allowed me to understand how to create a biological body to my exact specifications."

"I see…" 

Artemis' eyes twitched from disbelief. No supernatural pantheon was successful in creating humans before. Sure, some beings made 'better' versions. The best of them is the Biblical God. Which Artemis sees a lot of resembles in her new Master with him.

Creation of Lilith... the being which became the mother of all devils, she was 'human' before turning into whatever the thing she is now...then the angels… beings linked to the system…

Oh, and how could she forget his first creation, the first bat…

So, yeah… that God surely tried quite hard with his creations… so hard, in fact, that he split up his pantheon in three…

Now this, however… will it lead to the creation of some sort of new human race? 

Well, only time will tell…


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