27 Artemis, The Maid Goddess

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"(Hi)" Marcus's mechanically synthesised voice

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" 'Hi' " Marcus reading someone's mind

[Hi] Quinella/Aurora talking


The Moon Goddess was sitting on the boulder in a small clearing, in one of the forests, not far from a small town. She was surrounded by several packs of wolves, created from her divine power of the hunt, and several girls of her Hunt were around her place as well, taking turns to patrol.

She was waiting on some news from her other two squads led by her lieutenants; Atalanta and Hippolyta.

Artemis has already checked the whole town. And her gut feeling was telling her that the town was his town. The amount of magic radiating from the ground only serves to confirm it!

Now all that was left was to watch several public institutions; schools, markets, and shops to find him!

As she was enjoying the rays of the moon. They were much more intense around her general location for obvious reasons. Her gaze ended up looking at the trees where she saw a man in a white lab coat just stroll in.

"It's... YOU!" The silver-haired Goddess of Hunt furiously snapped. She jumped up on her feet, starting a chain reaction of movement.

Starting with her wolves who quickly got on their feet. The huntresses pulled out their bows and were ready to shoot.

"It has been quite a bit of time. You look as dashing as ever." He said with a confident smile.

Artemis snarled but quickly took a deep breath controlling her emotions.

"You have quite some gall to come here without any of your toys!" She said with narrowed eyes as she looked at him. She can't sense any magic or energy from him. This is nuts! What kind of things does he have stashed in his pockets!?

"Ah yes. I have heard from Atalanta and Hippolyta that you want to fight me in some sort of duel without any tricks or sacred gears. Only pure skill." He said with a casual tone.

"...You… what happened to them!?" The Goddess of the Hunt asked with wide eyes as she realised that this brat somehow got to her Hunt members…

'But I can still sense… ' Her eyes went big to astronomical level as she just now sensed ⅔ of her Hunt disappearing! Just like that!

"What… kind of sorcery is this!? What happened to them?" Now Artemis was seriously nervous, how did he do this!? How did he mess with her senses!?

"I hunted them down just like how they wanted. After all, isn't that the reason why you strolled into my land?"

"NONSENSE! We are here to hunt YOU down!" 

"Ridiculous. The only reason why you are even in this territory is because I allowed you."


"Just because you had the upper hand in our previous encounter doesn't mean you can do whatever you want!" She said with half baked confidence.


That moment Artemis' eyes went wide because he was suddenly standing in her personal space! Her senses didn't even pick him up!

Before she could do anything he wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her into a hug. But, that was not the end as he then claimed her lips!!!


The Goddess of the Hunt wanted to get the hell out of this situation but he just invaded the Goddess mouth. Exploring the insides like he owns them.

She tried to push him back even calling forth her divinity, which didn't respond to her at all!

Before long, his hands went down to her firm backside, squeezing it hard. Making her moan with embarrassment into his mouth.

Now she was struggling even harder. Trying to bite his tongue even. But, it was useless!

'Just how is he doing this!?' She thought furiously, her eyes narrowed from anger.

All her struggling was for nothing! As he continued to do whatever he wanted with her. His hands explored her back and her bum all the time. Which just infuriated her!

Nonetheless, he finally stopped with his kiss and pulled back. There was a string of saliva connecting them. Artemis cheeks were red like tomatoes; she couldn't believe someone had the gall to do this to her!

Still, he was holding her close and not letting her go. So, if she is to goad him more, he most likely will do more to her… which is bad…

While Artemis was in a sticky situation, her huntresses were in complete and utter disbelief of what they saw! They even forgot how to hold their bows properly. Even the Goddess' wolves were confused. The canines tried to process this. They know their Goddess doesn't have a mate… so what's going on here? Has she finally found someone?

"Well? Do you still question if I can do whatever I want?" He asked her while leaning forward and whispering into her ear.

"Y-You… let's make a deal then…let's fight, one on one, no tricks, no magic, no powers, no sacred gears. If you win then I am yours in any way you want. If I win, however, you will release my hunt and will let us go." She said that while fighting through her shame.

She was in such a deep mess that the only thing she could think of was getting out of this intact.

He pulled back and smiled at her. Both of his hands were still on her waist. The man was enjoying her body quite a bit.

Part of her was satisfied that she could goad him into this with her assets, no matter how shameful she finds it—to use her body and not her skills.

"Very well. Let's do this then. Normally I don't do such things but with you on the line. I will accept it." He then once again claimed her lips making her eyes go wide again. This time however it was a short kiss, as he then moved towards her ears and whispered.

"We will have a lot of fun together." After saying that he finally released her and Artemis quickly backpedalled away from him and ended up sitting on the boulder. Completely forgot that there was one here in the first place.

He then took a step to his side and he was gone… yet, there was another one of him in the same spot where she saw him enter into the clearing. Like there are two of them!?

"Can you feel this specific energy in that direction? I am waiting for you in the stadium. We will settle our 'duel' there." After saying that, this form of him simply burst into nothingness with purple energy.

Artemis looked at this for a bit, she then looked in the direction he pointed. She knows there is a football stadium there. A very simple one with only a single seating area. Close to it, there is a river and a man-made pond.

A perfect place to fight the way she wants.

Still, after him having his way with her like this. The Goddess of the Hunt doesn't have much confidence that she can win. Not at all.

But she is far too deep into this mess now. Her Hunt is nearly gone. If she is to run she will be the laughing stock of the supernatural world.

No, she has to settle this once and for all.

"My Lady… are you sure… His...his powers… I couldn't sense anything from him… and yet… he could do all those things…" One of the Huntresses said with worry. This was… crazy… Can someone like that even exist?

"There is no choice… we are over 150 kilometres in enemy territory. ⅔ of my Hunt has already been captured or worse. We either win or this is over." The Silver-haired Goddess said seriously.

"We understand, we are with you, My Lady." The girl said with a nod and the rest of them nodded as well.

Soon enough the group started walking towards the place where this is all going to get settled.


When Artemis arrived there she saw him standing there with two human girls. These girls were dressed as maids with quite revealing uniforms.

And she could sense their powers. They were around mid-class to high-class beings. Something not bad considering how young they looked.

"Well, you are here." He said that as he showed his hands there were four golden rings on his hands.

He then removed them and handed them over to one of the blonde girls next to him.

He then rolled up his sleeves showing that there was nothing there.

Now that she could look at him properly, she realised that something has changed… a lot about him. She might not have seen him for over half a year… still, it was far too much...he is far too perfect looking…

A certain feeling started to rise in her gut. Telling her that fighting him is a very bad idea. But she has no choice at this point.

"I am. As discussed before, no tricks, no powers, no sacred gears. One on one. We can only use our skills." She said as she took several steps forwards.

She can feel her powers are not sealed here. She scanned him many times. Artemis could not feel anything amiss from him. Well, it was more like she could not pick up anything from him at all.

"Yes. That means no magic, no divine powers either, yes?" He took a few steps forward while asking that.

"Yes. Only hand to hand."

"Good, for safety sake and legitimacy of this, do ask me if I have any tricks up my sleeve. I do know that humans can't lie to you." He asked her with a confident smirk which only made her more uneasy. 

"Very well. Do you plan to use any sacred gears, magic or tricks in this duel?" Artemis asked while her divinity was radiating from her.


The Goddess narrowed her eyes hearing that. Her powers were telling her that he was not lying…

Yet, he is way too confident! Does he have enough power to face her like this!?

"I see. Then let's begin." Artemis took her martial arts stance.

While the guy in front of her simply stood there. One of his hands was in a pocket while the other one was loose, hanging there.

Once more, the silver-haired Goddess narrowed her eyes and simply charged in trying to punch his face.

Only for her fist to be caught easily. He then pushed her back and waited for her to move again.

The Goddess of the Hunt tried again and every single try of hers were deflected and blocked with his single hand.

"Try again. I know you can do better than this." He said quite casually.

Soon enough Artemis started to utilise all of her limbs and her speed increased several times. She was now moving in speed beyond what any normal being could. 

Yet, Marcus still didn't move from his spot, he continued to only use his one hand to block all of her attempts.

Eventually, he moved and this time Artemis tried to comprehend his movement. All she saw was a fist coming into her face. 

It was coming and all she could do was watch it. That moment cold sweat erupted through her whole body. She could feel death approaching. It was the first time in her life that she felt the fear of death.

And all she could do is just wait for it… because she knew she was not going to be fast enough to block it!

Then the fist stopped right in front of her face, inches away! Her body naturally reacted to this and she started to backpedal several steps before she dropped on her ass as she missed a step.

Her breathing turned haggard as sweat started rolling down her forehead. She almost died. That fist nearly ended her!!!

"H-H-How are you this strong! How can a human be this strong! Not even in front of Primordials, I felt this powerless! 

Tell ME!!!" She asked with an utterly frantic look. Her world is turning completely upside down by this point! She was manhandled, taken advantage of, forcefully kissed, humiliated multiple times!

By a human! and she is a Goddess! Less than 2 thousand years ago the only thing they could do was beg for her blessing! Now one of them is treating her like she is a weak little being!

"Isn't it obvious? I build stuff, I build, build and BUILD until it can help me to become strong…"

That moment a purple aura surrounded him and Artemis finally felt his energy… it was a mix of Touki, Magic and something she never felt before…

It was a complete and perfect mix… And his power was something she never sensed before! It was so vast that she could not even comprehend the amount she was sensing.

How can someone be this strong!?

"Well? Do you wish for a hunting or a bow shooting competition before you become mine?" He asked simply.



She bit her lower lip hard hearing that. This was a trap all along!

Artemis bit her lower lip so hard it started bleeding Ichor… golden blood started flowing from her lip.

The Goddess slowly got herself together before getting back on her feet.

'Of course, this was a trap!!! This brat is smart! We played into his hands like some naive children! Even my sister has nothing on him when it comes to scheming and tactics!'

*Resigned Sigh*

"Very well. Since we had a deal. As a Goddess, I will keep my end of the deal." After saying that, she did a small and very awkward bow.

"Good. I didn't want to go with plan B." He said while taking a few steps and getting close to her.

The silver-haired beauty had an ominous feeling when he said plan B.

"Going to Olympus in person and demanding you from the council… of course I would ask them when they are destroyed and broken, most if not all stuff looted. Since I don't go home without souvenirs." 

Artemis had a chill going down her spine when she heard that.

"Le Fay. Rings." The teen inventor turned around and asked the blonde maid of his.

"C-Coming." The girl rushed to his side and gave the rings back to him.

One by one they were back on his fingers.

"Call a shuttle, we are going back."

"R-Right on it." She pulled out a futuristic-looking phone. The girl only did a few presses on the screen then she pocketed her device back.

"Artemis. This is Le Fay Pendragon and the one coming over is Jeanne. Both are maids under me. I suppose I should introduce myself. Since you are going to be my beautiful maid." He said with a smile. Which made Artemis slightly frown.

"My name is Marcus Goldman and I just turned 17 last month." 

The Goddess of Hunt sighed again hearing his age. Then again it doesn't matter. With the amount of power he has, it makes her feel even more pathetic when they compare ages and such. Thankfully she is a woman and a Goddess. It is common sense not to ask their age...

"I assume I can raise my position in this hierarchy? I would like to be your wife." She said, getting straight to the point.

Making Jeanne and Le Fay start having certain ideas when they heard that.

"Damn...Goddess Artemis just joined us and she already aims this high!" 

Artemis' eyes widened for a second as she heard a familiar voice she turned to the side and saw an approaching group of females.

It was quite a familiar group, well one of them she knows to a certain extent, the other she knows from pictures.

"Serafall Leviathan? Grayfia Lucifuge? And… Venelana Gremory!?" She didn't say the last name because she had no idea who this devil blonde woman is…

"Yes… and our Master didn't tell you his other title."

"Which is?"

"The second coming of Solomon. And I am his Sitri Pillar, Venelana is his Bael Pillar and the blonde girl is Latia Astaroth his Astaroth Pillar."

It all started to make sense to her; his ability to negate magic most likely comes from the research he got from that Solomon brat. But still, the time gap… and the Sacred Gears? Did he get some information from the Biblical God!?

Some things made some sense to her, others… not so much…

"I see… no wonder you can make all those Sacred Gears, the rings… still a lot doesn't make sense…" Artemis said with some confusion.

"Please, the old man only had theories about Sacred Gears and how to make them. He only was able to decipher the transmutation and the metal formula which were the basis for his rings. The Ars Goetia was their work together which gave him some glimpses of how the Heaven system works and the Sacred Gears internal structure. While he had theories I was the one who recreated and improved on them from his loose ideas." Marcus said with an eye roll as he crossed his arms.

The Goddess of Moon quickly realised that she should not credit much on the Biblical God and Solomon since it makes her new… Master annoyed. Thankfully she has a lot of experience in this regard to keep her mouth shut when it's needed. Especially when one comes from a family as wild as hers…

"And Artemis, if you want to be my wife. You need to fit like two gears fit together. Personality is most important to me, I realised that not long ago. The rest doesn't really matter that much." He explained to her making the silver-haired goddess have a thoughtful look, funnily enough, most women around him had that 

"Truly? So, my body doesn't matter to you?" She asked with raised eyebrows.

"That's you goading me to turn you into a sex slave. You want that?" Marcus asked her with his raised eyebrow.

The Goddess of Hunt instantly shut her mouth. No, she doesn't want to be one!

"For now, you will most likely just be my sexy little maid serving me anyway I want."

"You just said…that I am not going to be your sex slave!"

"You won't. Sex slave is quite simply you chained to the bed. That was my idea after you decided to enter my lands. I left you in peace last time after your huntresses and you tried to kill me.

That idea only solidified when I heard what you planned to do to me when you were going to win. So me treating you like 'sexy maid' is very generous because you will be working and you will be getting paid, unlike slaves." Marcus explained to her.

Now that the teen reminded them of what Artemis had planned for him, the girls got quite pissed. Especially Latia and Serafall, both of whom are quite head over heels for him. 

"Paid? That sounds like prostitution!" Artemis said with crossed arms.

All the devils snorted even the pair of blond maids.

"Your common sense is quite lacking. Prostitution is when one sleeps with many different people... Wait, you want that?" Marcus asked with an amused look one of his eyebrows was up. He wants to tease her more and see her reaction.

"WHAT? Are you insane!?" Artemis got red from embarrassment realising that this man was messing with her!

"Then how did you come up with prostitution? I thought in your culture, in ancient Greece, servants belonged to their Master completely." Marcus got a thoughtful look trying to recall some history.

"I get it! I wasn't expecting to get paid! It sounded too...weird." Artemis is not used to explaining herself. It just sounds far too weird.

"Lady Artemis, you forgot that our Master is first and foremost an Inventor and we don't get paid with money in the first place," Jeanne got everyone's attention. It was time for her to show off what she got a couple of days ago!

With hand motion two pistols appeared in her hands. Marcus looked at her curiously, seeing his creations.


A male and female voice said at the same time as the pair of guns transformed. In her right hand, she was holding a short shotgun while in her left hand she had a micro-SMG. Both weapons looked more like they were from sci-fi than the real world. As they had some futuristic neon-lights on it.

"We get points which we exchange to get Sacred gears, items, jewellery, electronics? Mmhh… Master, are they considered electronic?" Jeanne stopped with her explanation as she asked Marcus.

"Technically… the current word would be electronic even though they are not powered by electricity… human civilization hasn't come up with an appropriate term yet." He explained to her with a shrug.

"Right… so, electronics… cars, or even jet fighters! The point is that the list is constantly updating!" As she said that she recalled her pistols. 

"I see… a very unique way of awarding...your harem?" Artemis said after getting over the realisation that, yes, he could make sacred gears… but how quickly can he make those?

"Anyway. The shuttle is here. Order your hunt come with us, there is enough space for everyone inside of it."

"I was wondering why not teleportation?" Artemis asked as she observed the approaching plane-like thing… as expected it was futuristic looking with a wing having a combination of energy wings and the classic physical ones…

"Because teleportation is heavily restricted here, the space lock around the place is heavily magnified. I don't want anyone from the dimension gap to just stroll in. There are some exceptions like in my house. My pillars can bring in some fellow devil guests. But, Divine beings like you? You would most likely be yanked back outside the country borders… the recoil measurement would be how deep you'd tried to teleport into. For example where we are now, if you'd tried teleport here. You would be yanked either into Latvia or Belarus. Around 150 kilometres of drag would be added to you. Which will most likely kill you instantly with the distance pull." He explained to the now very pale looking silver-haired Goddess.

"People got very attached to the whole teleport-anywhere-I-want thing. So, the moment I grasped things about space I added it to my Barrier system." Marcus added a few more bits.

"Umm… Master, why did you never say that teleportation is dangerous here…" Serafall said with a pale face too. The rest of the devils nodded at her words. They didn't know either.

"Hmm? Strange I guess I forgot to mention that. It's not like you are bringing some random non-devils with you." He said with a shrug.

"True...still, you need to clarify when you decide to beef up your security," Serafall said while massaging her temples. Sometimes Marcus just terrifies the hell out of her. The problem with him is that he can come up with things on the fly and make them happen!

One would say nothing too bad, but with him? scale means nothing. The space centre is proof of that. The massive place is building airships and spaceships! And soon enough they will have docks for ships! 

"Sure thing. Just ask Aurora or Quinella and she will notify you all if something has been beefed up." He said with a shrug. 

Artemis observed the interactions between him and his pillars. This was not the situation she thought she would end up in. She never included Beings of Sin around him. 

The existence of devils makes her position not as high as she would want.

Being surrounded by beings of sin who most likely fulfil his desires anyway he wants to, makes him less interested in her. Now that she was in this whatever hierarchy it is. Rising in ranks will be quite difficult when her greatest weapon is her body.

For a second she thought about how she could climb up in this hierarchy. She is not like her Aunt Hestia who can cook food. Or Athena who could make him engage in intellectual discussion with her.

And of course… Aphrodite… who could most likely perform as well as most of these beings of sin…

As she was thinking about this, the craft landed in front of them. Artemis called her hunt members who looked like they lost every light in their eyes. They could not believe that their Goddess was reduced to this…

What was going to happen to them now? The silver-haired Goddess needs to talk with her Master… she can't allow them to turn to playthings...


There is a certain amount of satisfaction. When you use your own two hands to do some small amount of physical work and be awarded with one of the Virgin Goddesses of the Greek Pantheon.

That's because of how I am feeling at this moment. Seeing Artemis herself do a small bow and call me Master. Make me feel a certain amount of male pride rising.

Out of three Virgin Goddesses of the Greek Pantheon, Artemis was always the one who I wanted to do things to her for her blatant feminism.

I have no idea which legends of hers are true. Most likely going to find out in future but, when I met her for the first time she had that certain superior look to her. Screaming supremacy of the female race.

Now, I would have left her alone after getting those three samples of hair. Which helped me in becoming this strong. But, one should not underestimate the ego of Moon Goddess as it was the size of the moon she is getting her power from… or not. Haven't tested that one yet…

And so, here she was with me soon to become maid for the rest of her godly life.

As we were approaching the runway I was leaning into the comfortable chair. The shuttle was quite a nice piece of innovation.

Well, it's just taking a commercial plane idea and retrofitting it with my technology. Nova thrusters. Diamond triangle core. was thinking of instantly specific M.T.M. on the wings so that it could transform it into power. But that is just me not wanting to put a diamond core into all this.

Apart from those, I put a variation of Starscream Jet Fighter wings into them. The whole plane frame was altered a little bit to fit with the whole style I use. 

Of course, the cockpit was based on the one the regular plane uses… but the difference was that a lot of those levers and buttons were taken out because it's not necessary when you have hard light holograms and advanced A.I. installed. 

All in all, this thing would take over the commercial plane market even though I designed this over one of my snack breaks... 


Artemis with her hunt looked at the massive area underground. She could see rows of these futuristic Jet Fighters and another type of flying craft, hundreds if not thousands of armoured soldiers training, practising shooting and hand to hand combat. Performing tactical combat.

This was insane because they were all in high-class being level.

"You know the best part of this?" Marcus leaned and whispered into her ear.

"That their creation could only happen because of that hair strand I got from you. Remember when I said 'great things'?" 

The silver-haired Goddess eyes bulged out hearing this. What kind of… things has he created in this place!? How did a strand of hair turn into this!?

She was in such shock that she didn't notice him walk away. Only after a burst of light did she snap out. Her gaze went where this burst of light happened. She saw a woman with silverish purple hair appear next to him. She was the embodiment of a female, looking similar to a Goddess…

"That is Quinella-Aurora. She is Master's ultimate creation. Everything and anything in this place is run by her. She is an Artificial Intelligence. When you said you want to be his wife… well...you have to beat his creation first. Because soon enough she will become a proper living being." Le Fay said to Artemis as the blonde was looking at artificial intelligence.

"Creation? His creating ability is at the level of creating beings?" Artemis tried to wrap her head around this...humans making other beings!? That's the level of Gods! Even her family can't create proper humans!

"Not quite. In simple terms, Master has created conscious magic… which is spread throughout the whole of his creations from sacred gears to door switches… everything runs through this."

Hearing that, Artemis tried to understand what this meant. How can being like that exist?

"Apologies… I do not understand…. How is that possible in the first place?"

Hearing the Moon Goddess apologise… well it slightly freaked Le Fay out.

"Well...imagine a magic circle so complex it became self-aware?" The blonde witch tried to explain as simply as possible.

The silver-haired Goddess finally understood what the blonde maid meant. If Marcus can truly do that… well, it's amazingly horrifying as such a level of talent that she has not seen in her life.

Nonetheless, she quickly caught up with him. Her eyes ended up on this new woman. Her hair was unique; it was platinum glass-like in its colour. It reflects the surroundings allowing the hair to gain a colouring of its surroundings that's why the clothes she is wearing affects mostly her hair colour.

This woman gave Artemis a look. A look which screamed superior. Pissing the Goddess off quite a bit.

[Follow us Artemis. We are going to collect your remaining Hunt and our Master will decide their fate. It was quite sad that the whole hunt for you only lasted a few hours. I was having fun coming up with ways to get you all captured.]

Artemis' eyes widened, so she was the one who sent these soldiers after her Hunt?

[Yes. It was me. By my master's request. I hunted down those little girls of yours.] The woman said with a smug tone. The silver-haired Goddess quickly realised that she wasn't going to like this woman one bit.

"Now, now Quinella. You can't bully my staff." Marcus' words stopped whatever argument was about to happen.

[Of course Master. I apologise.] The woman easily flipped with her character and now was a cute little pet…

'This is going to be difficult…' The silver-haired Goddess, now maid, thought with a frown.


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