DxD Devil Sister Testament: Hybrid [NEW VERSION IS OUT] Book

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DxD Devil Sister Testament: Hybrid [NEW VERSION IS OUT]


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A young criminal with a dark past is Reborn in the Devils Sister Testament world fused with Highschool DxD. Will he become a Hero or a Demon?. He is reborn with a rare Hybrid bloodline and now has two sexy Demon Sisters! Also he will have a Lust System.He will become a Harem God. [Tons of other Harem and Ecchi anime worlds will be in this fic like Rosario + Vampire and Monster Musume. Expect lots of R-18 content since the MC has a Lust System] Zest is best girl and so is Glasses Milf Chistao. MC is reborn as Basara twin brother but he looks more badass with longer brown hair and red eyes. [Extra Tags]: Slice of Life, OP MC, Ruthless MC, Anti-Hero MC, Hero MC, Huge Harem, Ecchi, Bloodline, Multiverse, Hardcore R-18, Sex, Action, Harem Sect System, Harem God, Monster Girls, Mythical Girls


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