1 Devouring the Goddess (R18)

A teenage boy was standing in a room that was covered in white. From the walls to the floor everything was pure white.

"So I died huh"

The boy said to the the woman who was the only other person inside the room.

The women bowed her head and said in a apologetic yet sweet voice.

"Yes you've died and again I'm truly sorry as it was completely my fault."

The boy thought her voice sounded amazing and could be comparable to the singings of an angel. Not that he has ever heard Angel's sing before but he had felt like it was the only thing that was comparable to the wonderful sounds that he had heard.

The boy looked at what seemed to be the most beautiful women he had ever seen. She had long light blonde hair that extended down to her waist. Her eyes were golden yellow and her pale shiny skin made her look as if she was a goddess. Her breasts were large but looked completely natural. Her legs were alluring as she didn't wear stockings to cover them.

"You don't have to apologize but I do have some questions. More importantly who are you and what his going to happen to me now that I'm dead."

The women breathed a sigh of relief then smiled at the boy.

"Since I was the cause of your untimely death then I'll take responsibility and reincarnate you to wherever world you want along with some benefits so that you can survive incase you choose a more dangerous world to live in"

The boy looked at the women and returned her smile with a grateful one.

"Thank you, although I would like to ask how many benefits will I be able to get."

The women put her finger to her chin and hummed in amusement.

"Hhhmmmmm. Your can receive a total amount of three no... Four wishes. You can ask for any thing as long as it is within my power I will try my best to bestow it to you."

The goddess thought after she had told the boy the great news.

'I hope this is enough for him to forgive me. Aaaaahh I cant believe I made such a mistake. Me the Most Powerful Goddess. Sighhh chear up me in the future i won't allow myself to make such mistakes again'

While the Goddess was lost in her inner thoughts the boy to was in his on world thinking of the countless possibilities that he can take.

"Okay I understand what is going to happen to me and I'm truly thankful you gave me this opportunity. Before I choose my world and wishes I would like to know who exactly are you." The boy said in the most grateful voice he could muster.

The Goddess eyes went wide in realization.

'My goodness how could I have forgotten to tell him who I am. Well I guess it's to be expected as I'm quite forgetful. Okay mental note to self fix my forgetfulness. Your a goddess your not allowed to forget even the smallest details.' She inwardly scolded to herself

"My apologies for not remembering to tell you who I am. I'm known as the Goddess of Creation . One of the most powerful Goddesses and arguably the strongest." She stated excitedly with a hint of of pride in her voice .

The boy was not surprised at the women's identity because he had at least expected that much. If someone says their gonna give you a completely new life along with wishing for watever you want then they would at least have to be as powerful as a god or diety.

"I see... Nice to meet you Goddesses my name is Alan. I too apologize for the late introduction. And don't worry I believe that your the indeed the most powerful Goddess of all." Alan said bootlicking the Goddess. He had heard the pride in her voice when she mentioned being one of the strongest. He wondered if by complimenting her he could receive more benefits.

'If I can squeeze this Goddess of more wishes by bootlicking then so be it' he thought.

The Goddess looked at Alan in disbelief.

"Really!!" she beamed

"Yyou really think I'm the most powerful?." The Goddess asked in an almost shaking voice. It seemed as if she was almost scared of his reply.

Alan smiled.

'So she's insecure huh. How interesting i never thought that Gods or Goddess could act the same way humans do. Whatever since i know her weakness i might as well exploit it'

"Yes not only do I believe you are the most powerful but you are also the most beautiful Goddess I have ever seen." Alan similed at the Goddess as he said exactly what she wanted to hear.

The Goddess face beamed with joy.

'Finally after all those years of coming in second... Someone finally sees me as number one.'

In her mind she didn't think that she was the only goddess the boy had ever seen.

She didn't think that there was no way the boy could know if she was the most powerful Goddess are not.


She didn't think about any of these things because she didn't care.

"Ummm Goddess?"

Hearing Alan's voice the Goddess snapped out of her simi dazed state.

"Yyess?! Oh sorry I was a little lost."

The Goddess tried to look at Alan. However

no matter how hard she tried she couldn't make eye contact with him. Inwardly she panicked because everytime her eyes would get a glimpse of his face she felt anxious.

'What is this? How come everytime I try to look at him my stomach feels as if there is a millions butterfly's running around.'

The Goddess felt her face becoming hot. She tried vigorous to suppress the new emotions Alan seemed to arise in her but no matter how she tried she just couldn't calm down.

"So where were we? Ah yes you can choose the world you want to live in now Alan." The Goddess quickly said trying her best to not let Alan catch on to what was happening to her.

Alan looked at the Goddess who was blushing furiously while fidgeting left to right.

"Okay then I would like to be reincarnated in Highschool Dxd the same age as Issei."

"My first wish is to have [Absolute Consilment] That is... I can seal the power of any and ever being no matter how overly powered they are. I want this with no limitations meaning I will be able to use this even at my weakest without any drawback." He stated informationly.

Alan looked at the Goddess waiting for conformation.

Hearing what Alan said the Goddess thought that the first wish was excisive and completly broken. However she remembered what she had done to him and ultimately agreed.

"That is a good wish because with it if you accidentally encounter a strong appoionemt upon reincarnating then you won't die and have a chance to escape."

The Goddess nodding now thinking that such a wish is indeed great for the beginning of reincarnation.

"Could you give me the powers of the first wish now so that I could practice on how to use before going into the new world?" Alan asked.

The Goddess of Creation thought a bit before responding back.

"I think that's a great idea! Come and I'll directly give you the ability."

Alan walked over to the Goddess. Looking at her closer Alan couldn't help but sigh inwardly.

'She is really beautiful and naive I can't help but want devour her'

The Goddess raised her hand and placed her finger on Alan's forehead. He immediately felt different. Imense power flowed into him. He felt like it was endless no matter how much he felt there was more.

After a while the Goddess's power stopped flowing through Alan.

Alan opened his eyes and felt refreshed. He knew he had the ability [Absolute Consilment]. He even knew how to use it as if it has been with him his whole life.

Alan looked at the Goddess greedily. His eyes lingered on her large breasts that showed a portion of her cleavage.

He grinned.

Alan walked towards the Goddess and placed his hand directly onto her chest.

The Goddess was startled at the sudden movement of Alan. Feeling his hand placed on her chest she blushed heavily.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!" She screamed.

Alan grinned at the Goddess. And said two words.

"[Absolute Concealment]!!" He yelled

The Goddess paled. She felt her powers slowly dwindle. She looked at Alan's face only to see him grinning weirdly at her.

The Goddess felt a sence of crisis. She struggled trying to get away from Alan but to her bewilderment she couldn't move.

Alan countuiened to seal the Goddess power. Her futile struggles going completely unnoticed.

A few minutes later and Alan was done. The Goddess fell to the ground sobbing. However Alan did not care.

'It worked it really worked. You dumb Goddess to actual give me the power to seal anyone. I guess I have no chose but to repay you hehehe.' Alan thought inwardly letting his gaze fall over the Goddess's perfect body.

The Goddess was on the ground crying loudly.

'My powers! My Divinity! I can't feel it. There is nothing. No give it back. You can't take it from me.'

The Goddess looked at Alan with teary eyes.

"Why Why did you seal me?." She asked in a half sob half cry

Alan didn't reply instead he pounced on the Goddess. His body directly ontop of her stomach.

"Aaappp" The Goddess squeaked

Alan wasted no time as he moved his face in front of the Goddess and pushed his lips directly on hers. He tasted her sweet pink lips licking them as he tried to enter her mouth.

The Goddess persued her lips tightly completly closing them as she felt her lips getting wet from Alan's silivai.

"Noooo stop. Why are you doing this to me?"

Seeing as the Goddess had no intention of opening her lips Alan became irritated.


He slapped the Goddess across her face then grasped her hair and held it so that she faced him completely.

The Goddess was shocked. She looked at Alan's cold dark eyes in disbelief. She unncouncously

put her hand to her right cheek that was left red because of Alan's slap.

'It stings'

The Goddess was bewildered. When was the last time she felt any pain.

"You may be a Goddess but right now you are nothing more than a vulnerable girl. If you want your powers back then be obedient." Alan said in a cold wicked voice.

His voice sent chills through the Goddess spine. Never in her life had she been as scared as she was now. Yes she was scared. She knew that if she continued to resist she would likely regret it.

"Do you understand." Alan's voice came again on the Goddess ears. She viciously shook her head yes to tell him she wouldn't resist.


Alan again pressed his lips onto the Goddess. At first she struggled then remembering Alan's words she slowly opened her mouth.

Alan seized the opportunity and forced his tounge inside of the Goddess. He was met with the sweetest sensation he had ever felt. She tasted sweeter than anything he had ever ate. Alan sucked on the Goddess tounge licking all around her inner walls.


The Goddess closed her eyes shut as she felt Alan's tounge intertwined with hers. Even though she didn't want it she couldn't help but become aroused by Alan's continuous attacks.

Her nipples heardened and she felt her private area become a little sticky.

Alan released the Goddess from the kiss and placed his hands in her large breasts. He squeezed them both at the same time causing the Goddess to moan lightly.

Alan counted to kneed her breasts as the Goddess moans god louder.

Her slide his hands under her clothes that contained her breasts only to be meet with pure skin.

'So she isn't wearing a bra'

Alan pulled her clothes up revealing two beautiful melons. He couldn't resist himself and seized her left breast directly sucking her pink nipples. His right hand landed on her other lonely breast gripping it lightly before pulling her erect nipple.


The Goddess moaned as she felt the most pleasure she had in her entire life. She had never had many interactions with the other Gods let alone a mortal man. She didn't know why she felt so much pleasure from the man who was taking advantage of her. She watched as Alan greedly sucked her breasts knowing what would happen next. Yet in the back of her mind something was telling her to give up hope. To lose herself in this endless pleasure.

'Yess Yessssmore. It feels so gooood.'

Alan looked at the Goddess who was lost in lust. Her face was flushed and her body was covered in sweet. She was giving off a womanly scent that was driving Alan insane.

'Fuck I can't wait any longer.'

Alan put his hand near the Goddess crotch. He felt her pussy through her wet panties that were covered in her own juices.

He pulled her panties down to reaveling a small pink whole that was making allt of wet juices.

Alan removed his pants releasing his hidden erect cock.

He placed the tip of his cock near her entrance then began to tease her.


The Goddess didn't say a word nor did she show any resistance. She only looked at Alan intently waited to see what he would do next.

Alan didn't wait any longer. He pushed his cock inside the Goddess in one foul swoop. Breaking all bearers in the way.

"Aaaaaa it hurts. it hurtsss"

Alan began to move his hips pounding the Goddess as hard as he could.




"Stoopp!! Aahhhhh. Your hurting me."

The Goddess pleaded but Alan seemed not to care. He siphoned her harder. His cock sliding in and out of her pussy. He squeezed her nipples as hard as he could. Alan felt amazing the pleasure he was feeling was unimaginable.

'Fuck. I'm raping a Goddess. It feels so good'

Alan looked at the Goddess who had tears running down her face. He felt proud as he was probably the only one to see her in such a state.

Alan moved forward as he pounded the Goddess. He licked the tears running down her face instantly falling in love with taste. He continued to lick all of the Goddess face as he forced his cock in and out of her wet pussy. He moved his hands back to her breasts. Gripping and squeezing them as he pleased.

The sounds of Alan having his way with the Goddess filled the little white room.




The Goddess felt wierd. Her pussy was hot and her breasts felt as if they were going to burst. She felt something build up inside her threatening to burst at any moment. She was scared she didn't know what was going on with her body. She felt Alan's cock come out of her pyssy only to quickly slide back in. Everytime his cock would reenter her she felt as if she had died.





"Nooo. I feel wierd. Somethings Cumminngg." The Goddess howled.

Alan knew that the Goddess was close. He began to hump her harder and quicker. Pushing his cock deeply inside her hot silky pussy before pulling out and pushing it back in.

'Fuck I can't hold it any longer I'm going to cum'

Alan leaned on the Goddess. He held her tightly as he now was on the verge of releasing his semen.

The Goddess couldn't hold it any longer. She felt as if she would explode. She gripped Alan's back as she closed her legs around him allowing him to go deeper inside of her.

"Aaaa Ittssss Cummmiinnnnngg!!!!!" She screamed

"I'm Going to cum inside you. Get pregnant you slutty Goddess." He growled.

Alan's cock exploded releases large amounts of cum inside the Goddess. He painted her insides white as he filled her somber with his semen.

The Goddess realesed the pressure that built up inside her. Her pussy retracted as louds amount of cum sprayed all over Alan's cock and stomache. When she was done with her orgasms she felt relief. Not caring about anything else she drifted to sleep.

Alan looked at the Goddess and couldn't help but smirk. He had realesed all his semen inside her potentially getting her her pregnant. He didn't care though. He had achieved his goal and he felt tired.

Alan layed ontop of the Goddess. Using her soft breasts as a supplementary pillow.

He soon feel asleep with his cock still inside her.

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