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!!!!New Arthur Alert!!!! !!!!New Arthur Alert!!!!! Chapter 1 Word Count: 3022 Question: Are Chapters supposed to be this long? Are they supposed to be longer ir shorter please let me know!! Alan Oblivion meets the Goddess responsible for his death. He is giving a once in a lifetime opportunity to reincarnate in whatever world he chooses. Will he get rid of the shadows hunting his past and become the next big hero? Alan: "Nahhh I will do what I want" Arthur's Note: Read the tags if you don't like or are uncomfortable with things like harem, rape, evil mc then I guess you came to the wrong place. It's okay just slowly walk out and pretend you never saw this. Btw new arthur here with my second attempt at a fanfiction sooo yeah its probably gonna be straight trash. Like garbage dumpster trash so you've been warned. And if you haven't noticed its the world of dxd. I personally have a strong hatred for issei? (That's how you spell his name right? lol) But yeah I hate him for no particular reason so don't ask. If you like him or whatever then please do NOT read this. You've been warned. I cant say this enough. Im literal someone that reads fanfictions not rught them so this will be really bad. Expect plotholes incorrect spelling information. Think about the worst thing you've ever read then multiply that by 5X. If you like it or hate it drop a review good or bad I don't really care. Unless it's something about the tags. Then I'll say really? Remember new arthur don't expect gold expect cheese. (Not the good kind) *Also im doing the whole thing on my phone.* Without further ado?( Hope I spelled that right) Enjoy!! Wait!!! I also have never written a smut or lemon (Watever you call it) In my life so again its gonna be one hell of a bumpy ride. I apologize to those expecting something better or more but it is what it is. I'll just use this as a practice for the future(Hopefully) Ohhhh yeah and I don't own DxD or any of the characters that originally appeared. I only own my Oc Alan and any others I might add. (Not many though cuz I want Alan to interact with dxd cast not someone who was never apart of the show yo begin with) I guess i shoukd also reveal that my knowledge of the DxD world os dog water so fint expect anything accurate. To put it Simply there WILL BE ALIT OF MISTAKES. Okay now enjoy. Seriously.


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