1 Reincarnation Truly Exist

My name is Rex An 17 Years Old Otaku An Lonely Guy Who has a Trap and Maid Fetish

"Sigh Theres Nothing to Do with My Life Anymore" I just Want to Have Fun Go Outside and Play But I have a Social Anxiety Im Afraid Of People Judging me I also have Inferiority Complex My Cousins Have a High Grades And Is Always at Honors While Im just a Normal One

Life Is not the Same Anymore Back In the Days I can Finish 24 Episodes In 1 Day But Now I cant Even Finish a 12 Episodes Anime, The Mangas are Now Boring

Fucking Hell Reverend Insanity Got Banned Meanwhile In The Novels Its Always The Same The Japanese Ones are Isekai, Get Reincarnated In Isekai, Become Op, Naive Mc, And Finally an Fucking Harem With A Beta mc

The Koreans Are Kinda Like The Same too But They Have Different Writing Styles While Its Always Dungeons

And Finally Xiaxia You are Courting Death!, Bow Kneel and Kowtow Juniour, Mc Always A Strong Figure geting Reincarnated, Broken Engagement, And Jade Beauty Sigh

And Then Fanfics Always Harem,Sometimes There are Too Much Crossovers, Op Mc with a System, Always Sexualizing The System, The Interesting Ones are Either Forgotten,Dropped or Hiatus , You cant Forget Mcs Who Doesnt Have Balls To Comfront His Harem and Cant stop Being a Scum (*Ehem* Haru) , And Ofcourse You cant Forget ROB and You will Wish for Something Dumb like Sharingan

"ill Just go to Sleep" I went To My Bed and Just Sleep but Why do I feel Like Im Awake I opened My Eyed and Saw a Old Man

"Greetings My Child I am What You Call a ROB" ROB Smiled at Me While i looked at Him Weirdly 'This is Just a Dream Right?' While I was Trying to Convince Myself That This is Just a Dream

"This is Not a Dream" ROB Face Changed Into a Serious Looking Type ' Arent Robs Suppose To Be Nice '

"That Depends On The ROB Now To Cut The Bullshit Im gonns Reincarnate You In The Dxd World With 3 Gifts " Classic Bullshit Get Op Build a Harem Boom Boring Life Again

"Whats The Gift That I will Receive?" Im Curious About What Power Will I receive Will it Be Useless or Useful

"The First Is You will Be a Nine-Tailed Fox" Phew Looks Like This will be Interesting

"The Second Will Be Multiverse Travel Since Once You are The Strongest Existance In The DxD you Can Visit other Verses too" Perfect

"And The Last Is a System" Hhmm a System Huh This Will Be Good I hope it wont be too Op

"Also Extra Is Your Appearance Will Look Like Park ilpyo Bye"



I woke Up and I saw an Woman and a Kid Looking at Me Worriedly

"Are You Ok Aizen?" Huh Who is She Do I know Her "Who are You?" After Saying Those Words They Were Shocked An Cried

The Woman Hugged Me Burrying Me to Her Boobs 'I cant Breath' I pushed Her Away Trying to get Oxygen 'OXYGEN SURELY TASTES GOOD' The Little Girl Cried

"Nii-san Cant You Remember Me It Me Kunou" While My head Stopped Working 'I AM KUNOUS BROTHER!'