6 Chapter 6- Nether Moon Lunar Phase

"It is quite understandable for you to not get it, Angel of dominion. After all, this is also my first time looking at it. This phenomenon last happened more than six thousand years ago, and even I, who inherited the blood of one of the Seven Seraphims have vague memories of it."

Richard who was referred to as the Angel of Dominion right now had a flabbergasted look on his face. He was so shocked that he couldn't help voice it out loud.

"Even you lord Lawrance are unaware about it?"

The man called Lawrance finally pulled his eyes away from the moons and pondered for a bit. But soon after they started looking at it again.

"It is not that I'm unaware about it, it's just that I have very vague memories of it. Hmmm, the last time this phenomenon occurred it was termed 'Heavenly Star Lunar Phase'."

"Heavenly Star Lunar Phase?" Richard parroted unsure about the words he just heard.

Lawrance was naturally aware of Richard's train of thoughts, so he explained further.

"This lunar phase where the two moons surrounding the one in the middle are in their waning crescent stage, and the one in the middle slightly above the others in its full moon stage is called the 'Heavenly Star Lunar Phase'."

"As far as I can recall it is a sign that represents a star will be born that will outshine all the other stars around it. Anyways all it means is that big changes are about to take place" Lawrance squinted his eyes and said.

Renard could only nod his head as he was left bewildered by the sudden topic. He knew more than not to ignore those words as they came from the man who currently stood at the pinnacle of this world.


Somewhere in the Demon continent, a grand canyon spread as far as the eye could see. The ground was slightly red, it was as if the ground had seen centuries-long bloodshed and had soaked all of into it.

Tall rocky mountains situated in one corner of the canyon rose as high as ten thousand meters. In one of the slanted rock mountains that dwarfed all the others around it, a man could be seen standing on top of it.

The man had white hair with some amber-colored strands mix with it. Like that of a lion's mane, it flowed from his shoulders ending just before his waist. Two jagged horns protruded from each side of his head, he had a sharp pair of thick eyebrows and an overgrown goatee.

Bright amber eyes like two suns with vertical pupils set cozily within their sockets, his wide smile reveals 2 sharp canines.

His oval head sits atop a hulking tall body. Amber black tattoos run down his neck and reach his hands and chest from each side. He was wearing an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt, short pants, and a pair of flip flops.

The man was radiating an aura that was clearly overbearing to the extreme. His very presence made the space unstable and If one looked carefully, one could see that the air around the man seemed distorted as if afraid of touching the man even the slightest. Currently, the man was gazing at the night sky.

"Oi... oi... oi... it appeared once again huh!..so what might it be this time the 'Heavenly Star Lunar Phase' or the 'Nether Moon Lunar Phase'?"

"Hahahaha the last time it was the 'Heavenly Star Lunar Phase' and that lass was born. Truly humanity got damn lucky that time. Heh, the times are starting to change and I can't wait to ride the waves...HAHAHAHA."

His loud laughter could be heard from miles away.

At this moment the space behind the man split apart and a circular warp gate appeared. A female voice could be heard coming from within it.

"Lord Baal"

"Sigh, so you found me huh."

"Lord Baal you still have lots of work pending that needs your approval."

"Mannn cut it out will ya!..how many times have I said that I'm not suited for it. Besides you do it much better than I do."

"Flattery will not get you anywhere and isn't it just because you don't want to work rather than not suited for it. Therefore you should hurry up and finish the work before it piles up."

"Haaah..." Baal dejectedly sighed.

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