1 Prologue

Snow lightly fell on the ground as two kids huddled closer for warmth. The moonlight shone down on the two allowing for their face to be seen in the night. They were both young boys, one younger than the other. They were brothers, both were abandoned, one when they were seven and the other at birth. The older brother's name was Adam, the younger's was John.

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Wandering the slums one day when Adam was seven, he stumbled upon a basket with a baby inside. That baby was John. John was unnaturally quiet and didn't cry at all. Adam was drawn in by the baby's calm eyes and quiet temper. From that day forward, Adam was walking around in the slums with a basket.

As time passed, the basket was discarded and Adam walked around with a little baby by his side holding his hand. Throughout the years, they've gone through many difficult situations and pulled through together. They were inseparable.

Adam made sure to always look after John even forgoing meals at times so John could eat a full meal. Tonight was no different, the now teenager Adam allowed his six-year-old brother to eat to his fill. Life was difficult but they were content with each other.

They huddled in a corner together as they went to sleep for the day. As their eyes closed, they saw a glimpse of something flicker. They opened their eyes as a figure cloaked in black appeared in front of them.

"Wh-" before Adam could ask who the figure was, he was grabbed by the throat. The figure threw him to the ground and knocked him out.

John's eyes widened, "BROT-" The figure hit John on the neck and knocked him out. The figure picked both of them up and vanished.


John opened his eyes slightly, he was floating in a sort of tank or chamber submerged in a certain liquid. He had a mask on his face that was connected to a tube leading somewhere. His vision was blurry and he couldn't hear much.

John could barely make out another tank of liquid with another person submerged in it right in front of him along with a figure talking to himself, "... experiment…success…" He couldn't hear what the figure was saying, he turned to the tank in front of him. The person submerged in it was Adam.

His eyes widened as he struggled, attempting to free himself from his tank. His movement caused the figure to look towards his direction. The man smiled and pressed a button. John's consciousness began to slowly slip away, 'bro...ther…'


John opened his eyes, "Where am I… Who am I?" He found himself seated on a throne. His face showed confusion as he looked around. In front of him was a giant floating blue crystal. Before he could question anything any further, he heard a beeping sound.


[ PROGRESS … 10% ... 20% ...40% … 80% … 100% ]



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