Duke General, Get Me Pregnant Please!Duke General, Get Me Pregnant Please!

Duke General, Get Me Pregnant Please!

by Marielle14

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“Are you tired of living your boring life? Do you want to start anew? A life more fulfilling and fun?” “Yes, I’m bored as fck. I just wish I’d drop dead right now and rid of this boring shtty life.” And she did. Xie Hualing, a normal office lady, was a feisty woman who spits curses like drinking water. She felt like her life was dull and just plain boring. But one day, something out of the ordinary happened on her way home from work. And this made her whole life changed into something she had never imagined. The next moment she opened her eyes, Hualing came face to face with a handsome man with blood-red eyes looking at her with full of curiosity. ‘Who the fck are you? Get your face away from me, you handsome jerk.’ This was what she wanted to say but what came out of her mouth was all “Uwa. Oohh~ kya.” “!!!” Was that…my voice just now? Hualing froze and realized that she was in a baby’s body, more specifically, in Elliana Rae Montebourg’s body, the 7th princess of the Gratiae Empire. ‘Sh*t. Just Sh*t. What happened to me?’ And then she met the muscled-headed general of the Knight Order and also a duke in the kingdom, Duke Darious de Capella. “Duke, get me pregnant. I’ll pay you.” She said. “…” Duke Darious In a fantasy world where royal families can be replaced by a family with stronger magical capacity, what will Elliana, aka Hualing, do in this situation where she was in the middle of this power struggle? And will she be able to successfully seduce the dense Duke Darious and get her pregnant? ================ DISCLAIMER: Cover image is from Pinterest. If the owner wishes for me to take it down, please let me know.

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