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"conversation" 'thoughts' ~Dudley talking to himself.~ [scene change] (A/n)


"Wake up, Diddykins. It's time to eat." A woman's motherly voice is heard from downstairs. "I'm coming." A 6-year-old "healthy" boy named Dudley replies while he hurries to get up at the mention of food. He shoves off the blanket at one corner of the bed haphazardly and comes back right after going to the bathroom to relieve himself. He rushes downstairs as he drools while thinking about the food that his mother has cooked.

At a certain step, he suddenly stops to jump up and down to bang the staircase. "Wake up, Pottaaahhhh..." He bellows but he suddenly slips and falls down the staircase. He clutches his head hoping to stop the pain while screaming continuously. Soon, the screaming stops to show that he has fainted, no longer being able to bear the excruciating pain.


In the darkness of the void, a small tree sapling glows vibrantly. It floats alone in the endless void as its center. But all of a sudden, a different tree pops up out of nowhere. It is massive and looks endless but it shows the signs of wilting. Roots of the tree inches towards the sapling as if it is the only thing it needs currently. Soon, they reach the small sapling and begin coiling around it.

As that happens, the glow of the sapling weakens and it appears to be losing its lifeforce. On the other hand, the intruder looks healthier and starts letting out a beautiful glow.

Just as the sapling and the intruder seem to glow as bright as the other, a flash of white light fills the void. When the light subsides, the small tree sapling is seen to be glowing even more vibrant than ever before with no sign of the massive tree. However, the roots growing out of its small body are numerous and are as far-reaching as the eye can see. It seems that the small sapling has absorbed and fused with the intruder. But what's odder is that two different vibes are coming out from the sapling. One was childish, immature, and infantile whereas the other was experienced, mature, and aged.

(A/n: Others won't be able to read his new memories. Why? Comment your guesses.)


In the kitchen/dining room, Petunia Dursley was setting the plates when she heard the scream of her son. Terrified and worried about her son, she rushes towards the stairs only to find him laid out on the floor. "DIDDYKINS!!!" She cries as she reaches towards her unconscious son. Right at that moment, she sees a scrawny boy from the corner of her eyes. Her mind connecting the dots jumps to a conclusion and she lunges towards Harry. "You did this, didn't you?" She screams right at his face as she holds his arms strongly, shaking him wildly.

"No, I...I was just getting out of bed. He fell on his own." Harry refuses the blame in a scared tone. "Why would he fall on his own? Diddykins has never fallen down the stairs." She screeches.

Vernon Dursley, who had been stuffing himself with food in the living room, finally arrives. He immediately grabs Harry by his hand and shoves him into his "room". He locks the door as he says in a furious tone, "I'll make sure you get no food today. You'll be going hungry and just wait till I get home. You'll get the beating of your life."

"But I didn't do anything," Harry responds in his defense.

"Don't lie. You're a freak just like your mother. It is because of you that poor Diddykins fell down the stairs. You're bad luck. We should never have accepted to raise you." Petunia shout-screams at Harry. Harry keeps on banging the door, trying to get them to let him out. However, the couple ignores him completely as they carry Dudley and rush to the car.

At the hospital, it is found that Dudley will be fine as he had no injuries except for the mild concussion. Doctors said that he should be waking up any time soon.


Talking about Dudley, he seems to be floating in a fetal position right in front of the bright tree sapling. He convulses from time to time as he twists and turns. Suddenly he opens his eyes as tears rain down uncontrollably. His face shows guilt, shame, regret, anger, frustration, and many similar emotions. He slowly floats down as he stands on his feet. He is unable to control himself as he covers his face with his hand and cries loudly.

He cries for an indeterminate time after which, he stops crying and wipes his tears. He seems to have matured beyond years within that indeterminate yet the short period of time. However, a glimpse of childlike inexperience could still be seen buried within that maturity. He looks around as he finds himself standing above an ever-expansive floor made of roots. He looks down at the floor and remembers what happened.

~I didn't know that I was such a bad person. I always thought I was right but how wrong I was. I am just six years old but I have already done so many bad things. If not for these new memories, I don't even know how many more bad things I would have kept on doing. Thank you, God, or whoever else did this, and thank you to the person to whom these memories belonged. I will always be grateful to you. I will definitely change for the better. I never knew how I was treating others but now I know. From now on, these memories that I gained will help me become a better person.

These memories hint that the original owner belonged to a different world. But no matter which world you were from, you are also a part of me from now on. It seems my mentality has also grown. I can no longer act like the insufferable kid that I was. I will show the world the new me, the better me, the changed me. I will also change my mother and father to be better. I will also treat Harry like my own brother.~

As he says that, the little tree sapling seems to have grown into a young mature tree. And he suddenly opens his eyes to see a white ceiling.


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