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Duchess By Chance


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¡STORY ON HIATUS! ¡STORY ON HIATUS! **This is the first story I'm uploading here and it's actually funny because I actually wrote this because of a dare a friend gave me to write a one-shot off a prompt and I guess it evolved into this¯\_(ツ)_/¯** *** For those curious, here's the prompt : "You have no desire to wed-now or ever-but your mother has other plans. Tired of her constant matchmaking and not-so-veiled "chance meetings" with eligible ton ladies, you decide to go against her wishes and embarrass her in the process. During one of your mother's huge soirees, you propose to a quiet mousy serving girl in front of everyone your mother deems important. You have no intention of actually going through with it, but hope the shock of the fake engagement will end your mother's ridiculous attempts. You never planned on actually falling in love with the lass." It's from this website : https://www.servicescape.com/writing-prompt-generator *** I do not own the image used for the cover art. ********* TL;DR Duke Philip has no intention of marrying. But when he drunkenly proposes to a servant at one of his mother's exclusive balls, he later expects that would be enough to get his mother off his back and stop her from further attempts to get him married. What he doesn't anticipate though, is falling in love with said servant. Will he continue to live in denial of his feelings or will he finally give in to this Duchess by Chance? ********** Do tell what you think about the story and please give me suggestions in the comments. I would love to hear what you all have to say! -AA.


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