Duality or destiny? Book

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Duality or destiny?


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I'm really sorry to say that I had to remove my work for some reason and I already published it again. So if you want to read it, please search the sane name and you'll find it☺️ I did many mistakes in my story and now I'm trying to revise it and reduced the mistakes as much as possible. Love you guys...stay healthy and happy and keep supporting me❤️❤️ ****************************************Kim Dae Ju, a famous idol whom is in the highest peak of his career, suddenly have an accident that greatly changed his life. After he opened his eyes, he realized that he has to lead a very normal life... in a strangers body! Shocked and scared of the sudden mystery of his body swapping with a person he never met nor saw before; the great determination of unraveling the mystery fueled him to stay in his unwanted host. Will he able to retrieve his life back? Or will he be trapped forever because of the love he feels for host's beautiful wife. Though he knew that they were not destined to be together. Suddenly he discovered a fully new things about the body. It was actually a dead body. What will he do for get his body back? What will happen to the girl whom he loved? And what will happen to the body? ************************************


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