Dual Rebirth (BL) Book

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Dual Rebirth (BL)


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Life Extinction Pearl, one of the Seven Heavenly Law Treasure that contained the most potent poison in the universe. A treasure that transcends all common sense, it can poison anything and everything in the world. Even fire, water, wind, earth, or the other elements will be poisoned by its power Sven, a powerful God in the God's World was chased by the Dragon God Emperor because of the Pearl. Just when he though that he would die he discovered a half of another Supreme Treasure inside the Life Extinction Pearl Heavenly Wishing Bell! Legends said that those who can wield its power can make any of their wish to come true. Even though it was only half, it made him trascend time and space to have a new chance at life again! The other half of the Heavenly Wishing Bell landed on Kence's hand from earth as their family heirloom. His aunt betrayed him and took away all of his possessions When he thought there was already no hope the half bell on his hand sucked him and he experienced a rebirth in another world Profound Blood Continent Here, everything whether it be status, fame or position all depended on one's power. The two that each has half of the Heavenly Wishing Bell met on this continent Two different people from two different world, just how will things turn out for them? ------- This is a Cultivation and Bl novel I hope you will read and support me thank you!! Some terminologies about the world would still be change as the story progress. I'm still working on it but got too excited and made this Novel early. Hope you won't mind it as although the terms will change but it would be something you will be able to easily understand


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