3 Prologue 3/3

The moment that the awarding ended, Lian left the scene.

"Where are you now, Li?" The boy on the phone asked him.

"I'm running?" He answered so unsure.

Though, he's telling no lie. He's currently running towards the nearest bus station. He needs to be in the airport before 20 minutes.

If not, he won't be able to ride his plane.

"What do you mean 'running' Li? You should be checking in now!" The guy on the line hysterically reacted.

"Chill. I just won another swimming tournament. Should you be proud at least?" Lian managed to smirk even though he's rushing and dead exhausted.

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"I'll praise you when you get home here, but I won't if you missed your flight because of that competition, okay?" the guy gave him an ultimatum.

Lian just smirked and responded. "Okay, okay. Calm down. You should prepare your welcome cheer for me. I'm coming home."

"Tsk. Don't play tricks, I'll fetch you in the airport."

The line ended and a bus had stopped in front of him. He immediately rode it and waited to go to the airport.


"Passengers of Flight 1122, this is the last call. The plane is about to depart," a voice of a flight attendant heard in the airport.

Just in time, Lian had arrived. He immediately walked towards a male attendant to assist him to his flight.

Yes, a male. He doesn't want any female nearing him in public places, especially if those female species are those whom he hadn't met before.

"Can you guide me to my plane? I think i'm lost," he pretended to be lost—a reason that can justify his situation not being in his plane yet.

"May I ask your flight number, sir?" The male attendant politely responded.

"It's the flight that you heard," Lian answered nonchalantly.

"I'm so sorry, I quite didn't hear it, sir. Can't you just say your flight number please?"

"It's 1122."

"Oh, sir. You need to hurry, it's about to go!" The attendant said.

The attendant requested for his passport and ticket. Lian automatically gave it and at last, he's on the plane.

He can't believe that after so long. He's back in his country. He missed the air of his place and he'll stay for good.

Or that's what he thinks? He needs to study so he doesn't have a choice but to stay.

He'll stay to study High School and maybe even college if he's not bored yet.

After all, he never stayed long anywhere.

His papers and documents are now ready for enrollment. He can't wait to start learning from his home country. Wondering, what changed after all these years that he was not home.

He decided to pull his phone from his pocket and an earphone to listen to music. He wants to sleep, but he can't because people are noisy.

Lian never liked noisy surroundings. He's an introvert, but never an outcast. He just doesn't want to socialize.

With rock slaying his eardrums, he slept.