2 Prologue 2/3

"The most awaited part of the program…" the host signalled to somewhere and drum rolls began to be heard.

"...Awarding!" He cheered as the crowd did the same.

They're so excited to see the awardees come to stage and get their medals, while Lian is still on the stage, doing nothing.

He's actually starting to get annoyed but he doesn't want to ruin the momentum for other swimmers who earned an award.

The only thing that he doesn't understand is, why is he still on the stage? What is his purpose in there? A display? What?

Those thoughts of him make him feel shy, well even though it doesn't show on his face. He always looked bored so any emotion that he's feeling inside stays inside.

His stone cold expression is like a barrier who keeps his real feelings inside.

"Freestyle swimming in open water at 1500 meters," the host started with the category before calling the winner's name. "Bronze medalist, Yang Li-mei!"

'Oh? Chinese too?' Lian thought inside his secluded brain. 'And a woman, huh."

It's almost bizarre to see women in the awardee's lineup so he was really shocked to hear a female's name in the lists of the awardees.

It's just that there are hundreds and thousands of swimmers in this event but still the girl has been picked. Chosen to part of the highest three. Fastest three among them all.

What an amazing Lady.

The woman who was summoned by the host went to the stage to receive her medal. The medal that the Host slowly put in her.

The female was looking so happy and every move of the medal on her neck made her smile.

"How old are you again, Ms. Yang?" The male host inquired.

The girl seemed to be nice and so she answered. "I'm nineteen," she smiled sheepishly. Looking so shy and kept her head low, not looking or meeting anyone's eye contact.

"Woah. Are you certain?" The gentleman can't help to be amused by what he just heard. "You look a lot like fourteen to me, honestly!" He exclaimed then laughed.

Honestly, Li-mei doesn't look like a nineteen year old young lady, but believe it or not, she is.

"You know what, I always get offended when the guards need my ID whenever I'm entering a mall," she replied with the same humor as his.

Lian on the other side, was still bored. He doesn't care about anything. He just wants this event to finish now so that he can eat. He still has a flight to catch.

"That's hard for you then," the host replied and their conversation continued.

It was a torture for Lian to listen to their useless chatter, but he has no choice. He needs his trophy and gold medals.

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What does patience do, right?

"Now we call on our silver medalist!" The program went on and on.

Lian didn't pay attention and now. He's feeling cold for a while now. Remember, he's wearing only his trunks.

"And for our most awaited awardee, our today's champion. Wu Lian!"

At last, he heard his name.

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