1 Prologue 1/3

"Let's welcome our 4th World Aquatics Champion, Lian Wu!"

The crowd cheered. Admiring and adoring the young man walking up to the stage of the biggest gymnasium in Maldives.

So unreal that a seventeen year old is a champion. Internationally and not just any kind of petty leagues. Beating hundreds of swimmers, older and younger than him.

Professionals and amateurs mixed.

Wearing nothing but his black rubber trunks, he stepped on the stage—on foot. Showing of his well-built body.

"What can you say about this? How are you feeling? Are you tired?" The host asked him.

Interrogating him in front of the judges and in front of professional coaches from different places and sides of the earth.

This is the first time that the aquatics championship was held in wherever country Lian was in. He didn't waste any chances and joined as now, he walked to the stage.

Waiting to be rewarded with a gold medal and trophy that shouts victory.

"I…" his eyes that's usually just down on the floor went up to look at the host. "I won."

As if on cue, the crowd rejoiced.

"Woah," the male host can't help but to react. Amused by what he just heard from a minor. A young man who won an unforgettable record. A seventeen year old who wrote his name in history.

History of swimming, making the water—may it be pool or sea, his domain.

"How about the judges? What are your reactions on his fantastic performance and speed in swimming?" He threw the people's attention to the judges.

Dayanara Portman, the maldives' fastest swimmer—in women, talked.

"The way he flapped his arms and legs are consistent or rather leveling up. It never showed any decrease of power. I must say, he's a tough guy," she smirked while pointing to Lian.

The young man just shook his head as if the person who talked to him just now was just his close friend.

He looked arrogant to other people, but the girls giggled like a chick. Chick-magnet, huh?

"How about you Mr. Addison?" The host now turned to another judge, Addison Grae.

The 2nd World Aquatics Champion and a coach to the national team for Maldives.

"Like what Ms. Portman said, this guy is amazing. He's got so much talent in him. He swims as if he never breathed. I barely observed him coming out of the water often. He acted as if the water was his home," the judge smiled.

'Tss...it is,' Lian thought.

"Thank you, sir. How about you, Ms. Keira?" He asked, looking at the beautiful Ms. Universe of Maldives.

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Keira Jade Martinez.

"He's hot, that's all I can say," she smiled wickedly. Looking as if planning something wicked.

"Oooh, something's fishy," the host commended while having this weird kind of look in his eyes. He just laughed and the audience did the same.

"Nothing's fishy, Mister. Can we move on to another step now?" Lian's cold voice interrupted the host's rejoice.

What a killjoy.

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