1 Ch 1 - Disagreement between Three Fundamental Views

"Let's break up!"

"Break up?", Chen Xing couldn't believe how it was already the 23rd century, and he still had to face this bloody plot, "Why are you joking, we have been together for 5 years now!"

"Our three views are not really in harmony. For 5 years, I have been working hard since I came out of college. I study hard, and I am making progress hoping to live a better life. I also hoped that my significant other can also grow along with me. I wished for us to grow up together, but no, in the past five years, you have always stayed in same place. I have told you this more than once, but you have let me down again and again. Five years later, I am not who I was back then. There's no common ground left between us!"

"But haven't we both been doing well in the past five years? You learn and I support you, and I am really proud of you when you progress and grow. Aren't we a perfect pair? Why do we need to seperate from each other!"

"No, our three fundamental views don't agree with each other. It's really annoying!"

"What is the difference between our three views? Let's not bring them between us. I promise, in the future, I will do what you say, you can't just break up when you want to!"

"Ruya, are you okay?", Suddenly a handsome man suddenly appeared in front of Chen Xing.

"It's you!", Chen Xing pointed towards the man blaming him for the reason behind the break up.

"It's me! Chen Xing, long time no see!" The gentleman spoke, "Ruya has chosen me since she is not the same type of person as you. Only I can bring Ruya happiness."

"Is this true?", Chen Xing realized that he was not even angry.

"Yes, I said that our three views are not in harmony, I hope you can find a suitable partner, goodbye!"


With the differing three views, lying alone on the iron bed of his rental house, Chen Xing wanted to curse loudly, but couldn't say anything. Five years of hard work in exchange for such a bloody plot, anyone would feel the same. But he found that he didn't even seem to be angry. It was like watching a movie, and he knew there will be an end to it. Perhaps he had already anticipated that the breakup tonight was just a cutscene.

'Should I buy a few cases of beer at this time, and then lie down on an empty street for the whole night?', Chen Xing mused to himself.

Without any other thoughts, Chen Xing picked his phone and went out from his rental house. He found a vending supermarket and moved a large box of beer to a corner of the park and started drinking bottle by bottle.

"This beer is really bad, no wonder so many people call it horse urine," Chen Xing thought.

As soon as he drank a bottle, he felt that he wouldn't be able to drink it all. He remembered that he had a breakup meal with his girlfriend at night only and he was still full.

"Fuck! I can't even drown my sorrows with some bottles of wine.", he couldn't help but explode. He found that he had nothing to do now. He didn't even have the courage to go back to the vacant room alone; when he thought about calling a friend, he realized that there were no such friends to even call. Where else could he go? At this moment he felt that he was superfluous.

'No one cares about me, I can't go on like this.', He decided to walk and make a full round around the city.

Fluorescent lights were shining in the city at night, but social progress cannot solve the emptiness in people's hearts. Walking on the bustling street, Chen Xing felt like he was looking at a strange world.

"Hello, sir. 'True Gu' invites you to witness the new world together." With a sweet voice, a leaflet was handed to Chen Xing.

Chen Xing was looking at the ground and did not see the face of the girl who was handling the leaflet.

'Such a nice voice should be a beautiful woman.', Chen Xing thought to himself. Turning his eyes to the girl who handed out the flyers, the ending turned out to be disappointing, a fat girl.

"I'm not free," Chen Xing replied as if very accustomed to such situations, and began to leave.

"Oh... wait a minute, wait a minute! Sir, do you know about this game? This is the latest virtual online game released by the biggest game maker. The sense of reality in it is around 90%!"

Chen Xing, who was just about to ignore her and take a step forward to walk away, was suddenly held by her with the intention of not letting go if he didn't listen to her. Chen Xing was helpless, "Say!"

"Sir, this virtual online game is really great, you don't know, I used to hate playing online games the most. But after playing this online game, I fell in love with it, and I spontaneously came out to promote it. Look, sir, this game is not only real, but the plot inside..." The fat girl's words were endless, and Chen Xing couldn't help but put his hands on his mouth to stop from yawning. After more than ten minutes of continuous bombardment, she still had not enough.

"Stop," Chen Xing had to interrupt her. Even after knowing that he was not in the mood to listen to this, the fat girl had no intention of letting him go, "I'm not in the mood to play games now, okay! Just tell me your name so that I can find you again when I want to try this game!"

"Are you asking what my name is?" The fat girl didn't react for a while.


"Oh, my name is Tan Ruya." The fat girl replied.

"Uh, you said your name is Tan Ruya?"

"Yes indeed!"

Chen Xing felt that someone was playing a joke with him, "Are you planning to be my girlfriend?"

"G-Girl-girlfriend, sir, are you kidding me?!"

"If you are really called Tan Ruya, then I am not kidding!"

"But we still don't know each other. Why don't you come to play this game. You chase me in the game and I will be your girlfriend, okay?" Fat girl's eyes were shining in a cunning manner.

"Okay fine!", So under the instigation of the fat girl, Chen Xing spent all his savings and set up a game helmet. It felt very good at the time.

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