1 The Seductress.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Haven sauntered along with the payment that led towards her unfortunate target of the night. She shoved her hand inside her shirt and fished out a folded photo. Her upper lip curled into a menacing smirk. The handsome-looking South American man posing in the photo with golden locks gave an easy-going vibe with a wide grin that forced dimples on his either cheeks. His innocent-looking smile was enough to blind you to the actual wolf hiding behind that sheep and today she was going to give him the painful end deserving of the atrocities men like him committed.

Haven never had any vendetta against her targets. You pay her handsomely and the deed will be done silently but that didn't mean she will carry out a hit on innocent person-Her unfortunate targets were selected exclusively by her. The crueler the target is the wider grin she has and her target, Roberto Turner, gave her the widest cold grin.

Shoving the photo back into her bra, she sashayed towards the long waiting line in front of Warehouse-10. This was the most boisterous and ritzy nightclub soughed by A-list celebrities and rich brats of the city. Partygoers were so blinded by its fame and the promise of a seductive night that if they knew about the owners of this place, this would be the last place on earth they would want to step on.

Haven stood in the lane and could feel the leering gazes undressing her as the guys checked her out. She didn't need to seduce a VIP with her killer smile as she was confident that with the tight-fitting black leather skirt accompanied by the fishnet and a chest hugging sparkling black top that showed a generous amount of her cleavage plus the seductive red shade of her lips was enough to please the bouncers and get into the nightclub. But the line was so long that former didn't seem like a bad idea.

Haven glanced around when her sparkling eyes caught the sight of a couple of guys hoping for a black sports car. The one with the messy auburn hair dressed in black slacks and dress shirt had his aviators on the mid of his nose as he scanned the almost naked girls for a hot piece of ass. His gaze moved towards haven and she turned around busying herself with her mobile.

She didn't need to signal him. The dog can smell the meat.

It hasn't been even ten seconds when she felt a light tap on her shoulder. She smiled with triumph as she turned around. The same guy was checking her out like a piece of some fancy-ass jewelry. His gaze was heavy on her cleavage with a scary lust.

"..Yes," haven drawled.

"Hey, gorgeous. You got really pretty green eyes," she expected a more cheesy pickup line.

"Oh...Thanks," haven flashed him a blinding smile as she tucked a strand of her dark hair behind her ear exposing her flawless neck purposely. His gaze following her every move.

"Would you mind joining me tonight?" it was good he got to the point without wasting any time. She didn't have spare time for flirting.

"Sure. That would be my pleasure."

Without a word, his hand curled around her waist as he guided her towards the VIP entrance away from the scowling bitches in the waiting line.

The bouncer nodded at him respectfully and she wondered who he was. But she quickly shoves the thought aside as she concentrated on her mission. The guy gave her ass cheek a tight squeeze and she giggled at him, playing the perfect easy-going bitch.

The loud music blared in her ears as her eyes scanned the dancing crowd for any sign of Roberto. The other guy, who came with him, was already leaning against the bar with his head shoved into a moaning blonde's neck.

"What do you wanna drink?" it was now that she noted his North American accent.

'Probably from the states' she noted.

The way the bartender also gave him a curt nod, his identity was suspicious making her spine straight in his hold. She was already on her guard but was now wary of the man. Although she was in a disguise, she couldn't take any chances of getting exposed. She needed to get away from him.

"Hmm...Will go with the strongest vodka." She replied.

He gave her the raise of a brow probably surprised by her choice of drink. But then his lip curled into a knowing smirk.

"My usual drink and a small glass of…tequila for the lady."

she had take a strong vodka. but she didn't tell him that.

Haven scanned the room again but there was no sign of Roberto. Marco, her mission partner, was damn sure that he will be here tonight.

"Here," the auburn man hands her the drinks which she gulps down in one go without glancing at him. He didn't say anything but Haven could feel his spiked interest in her as he shifted close to her.

"Rough day?" he leaned into her personal space and whispered "I can make you feel good tonight,"

Haven turned towards him. His lips hovering over hers. Although he was quite handsome, she was not the least bit interested in his offer. Just when his lips were going to land on hers she placed a hand on his chest and gave a light push. The man frowned. His patience running out.

"I'm gonna go to the restroom. Your scent is so strong that I want to throw up." She lied.

His face flushes red with sudden anger and embarrassment and before he could confront her for the insult she shoves a fifty-dollar bill for the tequila shot in the pocket of his black slacks and slippes away into the dancing crowd.

Pushing the sweaty bodies of the drunken morons away she made her way towards the restroom avoiding all the security cams as much as possible. Slipping into a toilet and locking the door she turned on her Bluetooth that connected to Marco.

"Hey baby," mark drawled in his usual cheeky voice.

"Are you sure Roberto Turner is in warehouse-10? I can't even find his shadow here,"

"He's there,"

"You sure?"

"Damn sure," he was certain.

"Okay, then see you tomorrow,"

"Be careful." He warned.

"You don't need to worry."

Turning off the Bluetooth, haven made her way out. Leaning against a wall with her arms warped around her like a drunken bitch, haven's hawk-like gaze scanned every face, and her gaze collided with a pair of dark eyes swarming with hunger.

She could feel her heart beating wildly as the adrenaline pumping with excitement flushed into her veins. She brazenly holds on to his gaze for a while and gave him a small smile before turning away.

All dogs are the same and this will come for the meat too.

From her peripheral vision, she could see his tall form approaching her and she couldn't help but snicker at her prey as he willingly stepped into her trap.

"Who is so rude to leave such pretty women alone?" his voice was deep and restrained with a hint of Spanish accent.

Haven glanced at him masking the perfect bravado of a lost woman with huge wide eyes and parted lips.

"Uh-uh I came alone," she replied nervously with her eyes darting anywhere than him. His lips curled dangerously. The bastard loved to ravish innocent shy girls. The more she looked at him the more wrong it felt to accuse him of such a thing with his angel-like face but Haven knew better. Masking the devil with a smiling saint was ill men like were born with.

"Oh?" he leaned beside her and searched her with curious eyes. "What your name, little beauty?"

"Raven Kostava," it was indeed her name. She never hid her name from her hits.

"...Kostava," his body tensed beside her as he furrowed his brows. The name ringed a bell but there was no way this woman was one of those. There were only sons and no daughters so he relaxed again.

"You don't seem like American tho."

"Is that so? Well, yes. Am not,"

"Then where?" her last name already gave him the hint but he needed to keep the conversation anyway.

She glanced at him as if hesitating "…am from Moscow..." she half lied. She was Russian from origin but native from America. But he didn't need to know that.

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