1 Meeting God and being granted Wishes

I was walking while deciding what to get my mother for mother's day when l saw a truck about to hit a boy who appeared to be 11 years old and wasn't paying attention to the truck about to hit him.I could see he was distracted so when l saw the truck getting closer so l quickly,jumped on to the street pushing the child out of the road to the ground and when l saw the truck approaching l didn't die with anger but with happiness that l had saved that kid,that's how l died.

I woke up in an endless void,l walked for hours, shouted for days but it felt like l was alone and no one could hear me, days turned to months turned to years until one day someone said "let there be light"l looked around and l saw a man sitting on a throne he looked kinda old

God: Peter l am not old, l am god and yes before you start to freak out l read your mind.

(Author speaking: mcs name is Peter)

Peter: "Wow god, l am shocked ummm,can l ask a question".

God: "You want to ask why l saved you it's an easy question to answer it's because you saved me, remember that boy who almost got hit by a truck that was me, l was in the mortal plane visiting".

Peter: "wow l do not know what to say".

God: "say nothing because l am going to offer you six wishes for saving my life,me the most powerful being in existence!"

Peter:"thank you God"

God: "what is your first wish".

Peter:"For my power too be second to yours "

God:"good l will allow it but l am putting a restriction, you will never be as strong as me but you will be as strong as any other being in existence and don't worry just like how l went to earth with my power if you go too any universe with your power the universe won't break and as a bonus too not shock any one with your aura l will set it to average where your born but of course you can later on change it.What is your next wish".

Peter: "To have a powerful system that gives me any power or skills,my third wish is too have unlimited system points".

God:"You will surely amuse me next wish.

Peter: My fourth wish is too have some sort of dimension where plants,trees mythical creatures, legendary creatures, and normal animals and creatures live in harmony and don't require food and also in that space there are endless amounts of different types of mineral,substances and elements that grow and everything there obeys me,and l can bring anything from my dimensional space back to real life and only me and someone l want can enter and exit the dimension".

Peter:"my 5th wish is for no one to control my fate or know my future".

God: "Done of course only l will be able too see your future hahahahahaha".

Peter: "My last wish is it ok if l keep it for before my weapons are forged".

God:"ok,sure why not".

God:"I will also allow you to be able too travel across universes.Iets begin shall we l will be sending you to the MCU universe with some comic characters enjoy, you will be called.... Levitt.

Peter: "Nice name, thank you"

God: "goodbye" as he snapped his fingers my eyes went blank..

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