1 How It All Began

Monkey D. Luffy and his brother Monkey D. Ryu has finished fighting the self-proclaimed pirate king.

They defeated the self-proclaimed pirate King and his crew of thousands.

they were now headed towards Raftel to look for One Piece.

When they reached Raftel they headed towards the center of the island

When they reached the center they saw something that shocked them to the core.

They saw pirate king Gol D. Roger sitting on the ground drinking sake

Of course, the one shoked was Ryu, not Luffy. He just dismissed it as a mystery.

Roger "hahaha (laughing) it seems someone finally made it. I've been waiting for so long."

Ryu "Gol D. Roger (shaking) how are you alive?

Roger " I'm not alive I'm just a fragment of my will. Every pirate king leaves a part of their will to guide the future generations

Luffy touching his chin and nodding profoundly "so its a mystery will?"

Ryu "yes a mystery will Luffy.So you mean that you are not the first pirate king?"

Roger "Ha!Ha!Ha! let me tell you some information about the multiverse."

Ryu interrupted Roger and asked What do you mean by multiverse?"

Roger "there are twenty realms that are a carbon copy of one piece world.each of these world has a different pirate king. then there is the zero piece.this is the world that the irate kings from the 20 realms fight for supremacy to become the pirate emperor. and the pirate emperor rules over all the twenty worlds.

If you wanna save this world you have to become the pirate emperor.

By the time he finished saying this Roger had a sad look in his eyes "I was not strong enough so I gave up my remaining lifespan to keep this realm safe.

After that, I surrendered to the marines so a new pirate king can take my place.

Ryu" I see I never thought there was such a complex reason behind what you did"

luffy on the side suddenly asked, "WHO IS A PIRATE EMPEROR?"

Ryu "Luffy he is someone who is much free than the pirate king.




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