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Aigh, another delete. Sorry xd Updates: Frequent during holidays (like summer), but less frequent during school. I try to do 3-4 a week if possible. However, near and during finals and midterms, I will not be able to update. Before that, I will try to lengthen chapters as much as possible or do a mass release. Romance: It is very slow and not very apparent, especially in volume 1 and 2. But the romance will become very sweet and light, vanilla-ish. Characters: Most of the characters are not flat, especially side and main characters. If it’s someone who appears just one time, they will probably be flat. MC is quite special as she undergoes a lot of change because she is a dynamic character. There will be some difficult parts to read, but it is all to further develop their characters in the right direction. Chapters: Might end at 200-400 chapters. Maybe less, maybe more. Power Stones/Reviews: Make some for motivation ;-;. Will update faster~! Word Count: Minimum of 500, Maximum of none. I try to do 600-1000 though. Thanks for reading.


Yeah well, you're missing out if you haven't checked out this novel, I mean; it's just too good. Want something different from CEO novel? Something nice and touching? Something realistic with a sweet charm to it? Something worth your time? Something different? Then what are you waiting for? Join us and let's enjoy this story together. Highly recommended uwu. I love it and I'm sure you guys are gonna do too. Nice work author, hoping to get more update uwu. I wanna see our fei get confident ❤❤❤


Ah! Finally some romance that doesn't involve bloody cliches and dramas like multi-angle relationships and all those frigging CEO/President rich-family stuff∠( ᐛ 」∠)_Very refreshing. Personally never a pure-romance reader, but I love this work. Again I will do my old habit of deducting what author is like through the text: A person who is at least familiar with the language enough to write like a native and also very into East-Asian culture--because despite the writing style is very American, the way the story begins is just giving me such a strong deja-vu of those Mainland/Taiwanese/Japanese youth romance tv series/anime...except for the one-guy-looking-gay part maybe (laugh), that is more commonly seen in typical western romances. Though the book is overall very good, the biggest shining point in here is the character building--everyone with a name is vividly portraited, especially the MC. I somewhat grew up very similarly to her (though now it's my turn to be the "mysterious cold beauty" in this European college∠( ᐛ 」∠)_Karma's a bxtch) so I can totally feel and sympathize with her emotions, that's the proof enough of the realisticism in the character design. The only reason I'm not giving all-5 is that for a Chinese girl who pretty much saw all types of high-school romance every day back in my time, the story itself wasn't really THAT original--but still because the plots are well-paced and every other aspects are good, it's enjoyable to read nonetheless, even for a non-romance lover like me. P.S. I don't know if the author knows but there's a really famous celebrity in China who goes by the name Lu Han so I keep placing him in the story and can't help laughing (I'm not a fan of his, though). And Unravel XDDD I'm guessing you are a Tokyo Ghoul fan, yes? I've watched some of it and I know the song back and forward because it's so famous. But personally I still prefer Glassy Sky and yes I learnt this song∠( ᐛ 」∠)_


Fun story to read. Very enjoyable. The story has a good hook that continues to drag me back into reading and wanting more. I recommend this novel.


I loveeee your story and am just super glad that I was able to read it. It’s legit like two o clock at night right now, and i think binge reading your story took like an hour lol. Tbh I think the whole childhood arc brought me in more than the romance part did? Not going to lie, I read because of the rather dark aspects because it really stood out among all the other stories. I genuinely felt bad for the characters and tensed up whenever they did. I added this sorry to my library and will definitely read the updates!!! (Sorry if the review was super incoherent I need sleep ;-;)


Hey there! I'm looking forward when you finally get the chance to update this story again. Personally, I like to read High Fantasy with adventures and danger lurking around every corner... You've made me appreciate a Modern tale and it's own wonders. I am a bit disheartened with neverending tropes on CEO romances and other well-known tropes. I can try to read and even enjoy them like popcorn. But this book? This story has something beyond that, it has character development, it has struggles, it has a character that has gone through a lot. I'm rooting for her and for you Author :)


Sorry for the late review pingu! Okay so people looking for an off the beat, realistic romance, give this a shot! The FL is so relatable. I love how she is written and I wanna read more about her. The writing is great, the story is developing amazingly and the characters are so endearing. Forget the usual CEO tropes. Check this one out!


Author deserves to get 6 starts out of 5. Her work is well edited, you won't meet any grammar errors, and well written. The story is different and out of this world basically. There is nothing I dislike about this book. It's just too perfect and must receive way more reads❤️🔥😘


This story is great and catching, with the Female MCs life and struggles. Found this by coincidence while author recommended reading my story. GREAT WRITING STYLE, grammar lapses almost none and word construction is good. Some shortcomings but the overall quality is excellent! Cool that author has already planned a couple of chaps. Looking forward to this. Keeping this to my library. :)


Reveal spoiler


Well it's seems, the author has been using her life experiences in this novel, feels little realistic, good novel, keep updating, entertain us readers, and last thank you for updating 30+chaptets in romance oriented novels with a slow pace which is quite difficult to achieve, only your update stability is messed up


Well read it, don't need to say spoiler to ruin your excitement, any way it's a good novel, well it goes at slow pacing, don't be bothered it.


A very good novel. The writing quality excellent, the story line is very interesting and the world building is great. The best part is the characters, love the characters. Keep up the good work.


Too lazy to type everything since u accidetally deleted, but I remember the rating so here ya go, ┐(´ー`)┌┐(´д`)┌┐(´ー`)┌┐(´д`)┌┐(´ー`)┌┐(´д`)┌┐(´ー`)┌┐(´д`)┌┐(´ー`)┌┐(´д`)┌┐(´ー`)┌┐(´д`)┌┐(´ー`)┌