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What is Dropped(HWAK)

Dropped(HWAK) is a popular web novel written by the author Ripcorez, covering REINCARNATION, HAREM, ACTION, CULTIVATION, MALE PROTAGONIST, OP MC, BETRAYAL, OVERPOWERED, UNDERESTIMATED PROTAGONIST, TIME-SKIP, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 18.6K readers with an average rating of 4.8/5 and 12 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 0 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


This novel is in an indefinite hiatus. (Until I finish my first as I can't keep up with two novels at once)

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I love the cover so much! Savage dude xD The writing quality is exceptional. The book is a great read. Donut stop writing, or else I'll feed you with donuts everyday :>


The author is an experienced writer so there's nothing much to say except if you like these types of stories, he will be able to write a good plot that will keep your attention. The character and background are pretty classical, but it's early on so there is a lot of room for development. Well written so far :)


Here because the cover is hot xD kidding. I read the first chapter and it's actually good. Please give this novel a try! U won't regret it xD


So far I read the first couple chapters and I am interested in seeing where it continues. I loved the second chapter that I read. It was cool to see what he did during his time. I say keep up the good work!


Writing Quality: I have nothing to say since my 'grammer' is not really good. Though in my opinion it's not really fluid to read it. Sometime, I need to stop to understand the meaning. Stability of Updates: Not really care. Author has their own update, as long as it's stable, it's fine by me. Story Development: It's only six chapters so far, so I meh. It's only a childhood, so unless it's something important, no one is bothered enough to go into full details. Character Design: A bit unstable. A +100-years cruel and peerless old man still act like a child (embarrassed and such). Although Author has dealt with it by him wanting to act like his age, it's still not to the point of embarrassed (In my opinion, Surprise and the like is okay, but embarrassed. At least, make him calmer even though he want to act like a child). There are still a few others, but I will stop at this. World Background: I won't say much with only 6 chapters. However, it's not really good to be honest. First of all, after the introduction of the new place, I still have no clue where he live. You don't need into detail immediately, but leaving one clue or another can give us a rough picture.


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Hey people! Author here and Im here to thank you for thinking about checking out my novel! This is my second time writing something like this so I still lack the proper experience i some areas but I do feel that my story writing has gotten better. If you see any mistake or have any questions, just comment on any chapter, Ill be more than happy to answer. Thank you all!


Good novel, has a few spelling mistakes here and there, the premise is a bit cliche, but with time I feel it could become its own thing and be truly unique. On the whole good novel and keep at it author.


It is a nice novel with a unique plot..... I personally like this novel and will recommend it to others... Thanks, author for sharing ur novel... Please writ more chapters......


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I really enjoyed the premise so far! Please continue with the story! I can't wait to see what will happen next in this story! I will keep an eye out for updates XD


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