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Dreams to Reality


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Her smile lit up the world, but the look on her face as she went through so many things broke my heart. I was locked up in a cage. I had to do whatever they wanted in order to see her again. I looked at the whip marks from yesterday. I closed my eyes wanting the pain to go away. When I opened my eyes I was in my room. I wish I could see her, but I brought her nothing but pain. Her small body in my arms as I ran out of the flames, the tears on her face as she watched her mother die, and the way she looked at me as she fell into nothing. I could have protected her from all that, but she wasn’t even real, so how could I? ________________________________________ Joshua has had splitting headaches since he was nine. Cold sweats and awful headaches that wouldn’t go away unless he went to his house up in the hills. Once they were gone for a long time after falling into the water but they came back hurting more than ever. “You can never forget!” the voice screamed over and over again leaving Joshua in tears. He knew he did something wrong, but what? He then finally met her, but the misunderstanding between them would need time to be cleared up. Surprisingly, that want the only issue rising.


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