1 The beginning of a nightmare

Spirit came home from all long day of school she just wanted to go to bed and sleep. When Spirit woke up she was standing alone in the middle of a forest and she didn't understand how she got there. She didn't recognise the place, and doesn't know what happened. She looks around and sees a long path and a big, dark forest surrounding it. At the end of the path she sees a house, the house seems to be abandoned. She slowly walked over to the spooky house. Suddenly a branch grabs her like it was alive. The branch scrapped her and blood started running down her arm she grabs her arm in pain. She started running in fear, she could feel her heartbeat faster, she was shaking in fear.

She stopped running after passing a lake, the water was as black as the night. The dark water reflected the moon that was the same color as the blood that stained her arm. She starts feeling a little uneasy, it felt like the moon had been stained with her blood and the thought alone made her shiver in fear. She continued walking towards the house slowly but surely. When she was standing at the door it started raining she knew that rain wasn't something to be afraid of, but when she was about to go back lightning struck and sat a tree on fire, the flames were huge and the rain didn't stop the flames from burning. Spirit ran into the house in fear without thinking of the fact that she didn't know where she was and how she got there.

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the doors suddenly closes behind her, she ran to the door and tried to open it but it was locked. She thinks to herself: how can the door be locked there's no one here except me or is there someone else here? She looks at the wall and sees a painting hanging on the wall, when she looked at the painting it looked back at her. She started having a hard time breathing, she wanted to run but she was frozen in fear.

She started thinking that the house she walked into and everything else was just a nightmare. She started walking slowly and she almost felt like crying, she took a few steps and looked around. When she walked into something that looked like a living room she saw a few kids toys from around the time her mom and dad were kids. There was a rocking horse and a few wooden blocks, She said to herself "that's weird, what are these doing here?"

She starts walking over to something that looks like an old dining room, there was a huge dining table in the middle of the room. The table was surrounded by chairs. But above the table was a big chandelier hanging from the ceiling. She was just about to go to the next room but when she took her first step, the chandelier fell down right behind her. She panics and starts running to the next room as fast as she could.

The next room was really weird there were chains hanging from the ceiling and skeletons lying on the floor, her heartbeat is raising and her hands were shaking. She backs out of the room and starts running up the stairs, when she was standing up on the second floor she took the time to catch her breath. When she looked up she sees something, before she even knew the thing was gone. She kept thinking about the toys and all the spooky things that had happened. She starts walking around until she starts hearing someone crying, she starts following the sound. Unsure if she was actually alone in the house. She started hearing the crying louder and louder. When she got to the room where the crying came from she didn't here anyone crying anymore and the toys that were in the living room was gone..