1 Chapter 1 Finallazy

A young boy laid on the bed in bewilderment. His gaze at the, red light flashing.

He was in a hospital.

Feeling a sudden surge of pain he shouted but quickly, his hand block his mouth the pain as fast as it came did the same end left

In his brain new pieces of memory had appeared, not his but from a boy with same name as him Linkin delsan

Linkin spent an hour organizing the fragmented memories in his head. After this was done, he finally knew of his current situation.

He didn't transmigrate to the past nor another world... he transmigrated to the future.

4 thousand years in the future.

Humans race had developed high tec spaceship capable of traveling at the speed of light and Gaint space cities travel to other galaxies to colonies, their footprints are spread across the Milky Way Galaxy. There were even exploration outside the Milky Way Galaxy that taken place. At the same time, they found countless sapient race. They colonies the weaker races and formed alliances with other human like races and had interstellar wars with other violence races in the milky way galaxies.

It was different from the times when Linken was on Earth. It was still diplomacy but with more focus on violence and exploration like the Age of Discovery.

During the battles with different races, humans noticed that other than technology, the stronger civilizations tended to be stronger physically too. Human bodies were like glass to these physical civilizations.

If the great scientists and explorer Albert haven't discorver the remain of giant robot machine, with the function to be pilot by human, the human race would have dissapear from the history book

After periods of reseach, humans finally understood the potentials that living beings had. Universal energy chi that spread across the universe scentist aways new of it and was name in the modern earth as black matter. It was invisible to the naked eye and unable to be felt. However, it could be sensed with someone's body and spirit.

Channeling chi, empowering oneself and the evolution of the body had become the most crucial project to the Human Federation and was written in the curriculum.

Thus, martial arts became prevalent. Talented young people all hoped to become cultivator of Chi.

Future Linkin past life was like this.

He had died due to the outburst of chi with over training leading to his vains to burst and died at that moment the modern Linkin who had been shot, soul fuse with the future Linkin healing most of the damage

He was the son of a Ceo and one of few 1 in 1000 who could cultivate chi but with his lack of talent and his genius younger sister plus the lack of a sexual partner, he was good looking but girl nowadays only want the talented folks so he train like crazy person thus the current situation.

With the passage of time he had already fuse with all the memory fragment

Thus there no longer a need to stay in the hospital, he call out


A illusive middle age japanese man appear, wearing the typical doctor uniform.

This was not a biological creature but AI, artifical intelligent. The reseacher and creator of AI was a Japanese man, 3 thousand year ago he Improved the technology and made the AI a sapient being minus the some bad quality.

The man than transfer his conscious in a super computer and become the face of all AI, their a few exception.

"I fell better, can I go home doc.?"

"one minute kid,"Doc said

A Lazer ray than scan my body and a screen appeared infront of me showing all of my inside and chi passage.

It seem my chi has improved, I didn't notice it before because of the shock of being transmigrated

I'm now step 5 in the vain tempa ring stage, I was step 3 yesterday.I guess with the bust of my vain and the sudden healing afterward made me jump 2 step which would have taken me 2 months

"It seem, your suffer a chi in balance and gotten a blackout, nothing else is wrong with you physically."

He wrote a report and and send it to my email

"This is your leave of absent from school and a report on the condition of your body."

"What about payment for the hospital.?" Linkin ask

"your parent have paid in advance, so your free to go."

He them dissapear.

Walking out of the hospital, Linkin see a whole new world, even if he have the memory, experiencing it first hand is way beter.

The were floating skyscraper, flying car and even some people using airgeered a kind of shoes that give you ability to glide in the sky but it expensive for the lower class.Linkin have one aswell but rarely use it, he rarely do anything but train.

Linkin he didn't offend any young master and get on their kill list; he wasn't dumb. Plus, in that day and age, security in cities was much better than any times on Earth so was the rule, if you kill a fellow human than you will hanged even if your the son of president of the federation, the equal right movement was firm if this day and age.

Why would some tycoon bet their own life on a talentless kid, most people have a IQ of 300 normaly so no one is actually stupid only emotionally unstable

He also didn't have any deep family feud and nor a desire for revenge.

All in all, he was a not typical rich kid who is arrogant, but very ordinary is some regard

Ha... I'm must live a more joyous life..

"Cough"Not everyone could become a powerful martial artist; maybe my sister. Although he had high hope in his past life, he didn't have the talent, hardwok mean nothing in cultivation unless you have talent

Reality is alway dissaponting.

Linken was happy with his new identity. He was handsome, had rich family and in a age of advacance technology no need to speed his day fighting injustice in a world with a iron rule. This type of life wasn't bad, was it?

That life had already passed. Living another life was good enough.

As for being a cultivator if a day came he and get the opportunity;why not I leave that all to fate.

The planet he was on was not earth but one of the early galaxies human have colonies, earth was a bus drive next door.The planet was name planet X and was in the most inner region of the federation. It was very safe. Even if he couldn't become a powerful cultivator he could become a pilot or a adventure with his family wealth

This was very good. linken was very happy with his new life

He took a cab, AI driven one, no one really work nowadays the easy task are done by AI. most poeple join the army or manufacture industries and 20% mostly do online work

Arriving home to his holywood mansions, the gate scan him

"Welcome Linken delsan"

The Gate than open, behind was a huge mansion, 4 floor building, that was only what the eye could see.

After opening the main door.

"I'm home."

No one insight, sis is in school and my parent is working Ceo are busy even with future technology .

After walking to his huge room, fatigue struck him as Linken couldn't help yawning.

This sudden transmigration stunned him quite a lot. After digesting the memories, his mind was tired.

Just like that, Linken closed his eyes as his consciousness drifted of and slept

(Welcome to Dream Dangeoun)

A rigid voice said in a field of endless grass.

"we're am I." Linken said