Drawn 2 U Book

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Drawn 2 U


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It all started from a mistake A mistaken kiss A mistaken identity Clare Knox is a wedding dress designer, finds love in making dream marriage come true for others but the thought of being married is a phobia to her. ................................................ Clare hates the thought of nuptial knot: her fear streams from her parent's marriage which she deemed a failure; her mum being unhappy till she died from cancer; from that experience, she has built a wall to never get married. 3 years after her mother's death, Kai a photographer with a past with Klair Knox, works into her life because of a mistaken kiss and identity, and he wants to fulfill the promise he made to Klair (a nuptial knot vow from 12 years ago) What happens when, both finds out this spouted from a mistaken identity, will Clare change who never wanted to get married, want to tie a nuptial knot with Kai or will she affirm her stand on not getting married. Will he finally fulfill the promise he made, but to which Klair (Clare) knox; Join me as the story unfolds in this tale of mistaken identity, budding romance, love, betrayal, suspense, secret .............. Cover design by canvas


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