1 The journey (1)

"Alicia you really should go home now

, its past 11pm already."

Alicia was a renowned historian and one of the most brilliant minds of her generation, she grew up in a small town known as Rosary town where she grew up with her foster parents mr and Mrs van Austin who found her at 6 year old alone in the middle of the night with zero memory of who she was or how she got to the town.

The two couples graciously took her in and let her stay for a few nights in hope that the young girls parents would come look for their little girl, however days went by and then months with no sign of her parents or anyone coming for the little girl, due to this the couples decided to adopt the young Alicia and has since raised her as their own since they already weren't able to have children, alicia had a very normal childhood she was an academic guru,and went on to study history at Harvard university where she met her best friend Fiona and of course kyle.

The blonde haired green eyed girl smiled and let out a mild yawn as she fixed her gaze on kyle who looked at her with a visible frown yet obviously concerned for his workaholic colleague, seeing his serious look which contrasted his beautiful babyish look Alicia let out a slight chuckle

"Huh?." Kyle asked perplexed

"Relax Kyle i'm just going over the map to make sure all goes according to plan this coming week's." Alicia smiled her face visibly exhausted.

Kyle let out a mild sigh "You look like shit Alicia you should get some rest, we have gone through the map about a hundred times already, come let me give you a ride home."

"A hundred times?,"she asked with a smile "That's a bit of an exaggeration don't you think?." She added with a smirk

Kyle however stayed silent for a while after Alicia's remark and a few seconds later he headed towards the exit door with a frown settled on his beautiful face.

"Wait don't leave without me." Alicia shouted at the exiting figure and quickly rushed over to where he was, After a bit more jesting mostly from Alicia they both exited the building and headed home with Kyle driving Alicia home.


Alicia woke up to the piercing rays of sunlight which streamed through the opened Windows of her 2 bedroom apartment.

"Fuck." Alicia cursed irritated at the blinding rays of sunlight, still feeling extremely tired due to yesterday tiresome work, Alicia got up dizzily and shakenly from bed and went towards the Windows to draw the curtains, she then slumped on the bed to continue her beauty sleep when she got a call from one of her colleagues her best friend Fiona.

Fiona like her was an historian and unlike her Fiona came from a wealthy family, in fact her family popularly known as the 'holland's' are regarded as the richest family in the country. Fiona was born with a silver spoon and being the only child of her parents she was to be the next sole inheritor of the Holland business empire. Fiona was a beautiful lady with long fiery red hair which was at waist length, Dark blue eyes and a luscious body that would make any man and woman drool over her in short she was a goddess who had many suitors most of them however were driven rather by the fact that she was to be the next C.E.O of the Holland's corporation.

"Hello Fiona." Alicia answered lazily nonetheless with a smile on her petite pale yet alluring face

"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!? Fiona shouted at Alicia after a few seconds of silence

"What is it Fiona?," She replied with a slight flinch "Our flight leaves by 12pm doesn't it." Alicia answered nonchalantly

"And what do you think the time is now huh?." Fiona asked angrily

"Jeez calm down Fiona its only 10:30..."Alicia in shock trailed of at the realisation that she had just an hour and half to get to the airport.

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