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[WARNING MATURE CONTENTS] The devil,Lucifer, Dark one, Hades, Alicia Frederick Van Austin uncovers that behind these personification of evil which has appeared and evolved overtime, there is infact an original source she regards to as "The founder". Driven by an intense passion to solve these enigmas she embarks on a journey to Tarsus where she believes to find "The founder". However could this enigma she regards to as The founder be a man? a beast? Or is it in fact the personification of evil she believes it to be? Excerpt "I'll let you go" he said "however before I do all you have to do is kill that traitor" He added with a smile as he pointed at the bloodied jade, Alicia staggered backwards backwards from dravadon hearing those words come out so casually from his mouth, my God he truly was the devil was what she taught at that moment "I have told you already I'm not" he said with a smirk making Alicia breathless for a moments "Y..you can read minds?" She said stuttering with wide eyes evidently in shock "only dark thoughts" He said tracing his long elongated fingers on Alicia's cheeks making the already frightened girl even more frightened that she immediately fell on the floor as she her legs felt limped due to fear "Kill her Alicia, plunge that beautiful dagger into her heart, release her from her suffering and I'll let you go that I promise" He said as he stared down at Alicia with a mischievous smirk "Please just let me go, I beg you" Alicia said now sobbing uncontrollably avoiding a direct eye contact from dravadon "so it's a no?" "I cannot do something like that, please let me go"Alicia said meekly and in the blink of an eye dravadon appeared behind the bloodied jade and ripped out both her arms "Arrgh" The bloodied jade cried out in agony "Please dravadon please spare me" she cried out loud, dravadon however seemed to enjoy her agony as there was a mischievous smile on his face, he pushed her over the floor before ripping both her legs and finally her head