2 Story 2: The Battle of Hogwarts

"Harry Potter, is dead!" Voldemort sneers. The laughter erupting from his throat sickens me.

"Join us or die." He steps forward saying the words like a threat. Join him or die? I'd die a hundred times over.

"Draco." Rings an older voice. I look to see Draco's father motioning for him to come.

"Draco! Come." His father hisses.

"Draco." His mother whispers. She holds out her hand. He refuses their glares. Then he quietly steps down from his place and walks halfway. Voldemort smiles.

"Good choice. Good choice." He says

I had always disliked Draco but I hated him now. Now as Ron and I sit here looking at Harry's dead body. As Ginny stares ahead wondering how it happened. I hate him as I I think of all the times I'd told myself not to judge. But suddenly Draco's wand is against Voldemort's head. A gasp rips through the crowd of his followers.

"Have you lost your mind child?" Draco's father snarls.

"I never wanted to be a part of this." Draco chokes glaring at his father "I hated you every time you hit me, told me I was weak, said I wasn't good enough. I killed a man, simply because I was afraid." He turns to Voldemort again. "Afraid of you." He jerks his wand back sending a stun spell. Voldemort freezes for only a second before using his wand to drag Draco forward. I gasp. He wasn't evil. He had been good this whole time. Suddenly Harry's body falls on the ground. He stands coughing. The huge man that was holding him grabs him up and walks over the Voldemort beside Draco.

"Please my lord." Draco's fathers says. I expect him to beg for his sons life but instead he begs to end it.

"Please my lord, destroy him. He is not my son." He hisses. Draco looks destroyed, broken. I knew his father was cruel to him, I did not know he was this awful, willing to beg Voldemort to kill him in front of him. Draco looks up.

"Can we make a deal?" He asks. Voldemort laughs.

"What might that deal be?" He sneers with an evil smile.

"You can take my life, do whatever you want to me, but will you spare Harry's?" Draco asks. Harry looks bewildered standing beside him. Draco looks over, Harry shakes his head sharply.

"Don't Draco." He says. "Don't do this."

"What's in it for me? Why would I release him?"

"I know how much you like torture." Draco whispers.

Had Voldemort done things to him? Voldemort would give up Harry Potter to torture Draco? No wonder Draco did what he said.

Voldemort looks Draco dead in the eyes. "Would you really be willing to give your life for this insignificant boy." Voldemort asks.

"Yes." Draco says, glaring forward.

"Very well." Voldemort laughs.

"No Draco! Don't! Stop!" Harry yells. But it's not use. Draco throws his wand aside, dropping to his knees.

Voldemort smiles. "I will agree to your terms, but I have one of my own. Beg me to take your life boy." He hisses smiling. The large man is holding Harry back, his hand over Harry's mouth. Harry is jerking around, trying to get free. Draco looks scared now, but remains calm.

"Please kill me." Draco whispers.

"Speak up boy. Do you want this Potter boy to die?" He asks.

"End my life! Please." Draco says louder in a shaky voice.

"That won't cut it." He laughs turning to Harry.

"Kill me! I beg you! Please end my life!" Draco yells.

Voldemort smiles wide.

"Very well." A rippling bolt shoots from Voldemort's wand, stabbing into Draco's stomach. A ringing floods my ears. I might vomit. He killed him just like that. Draco gasps falling back. His head hits the pavement and his eyes close. The last stand. He gave his life for Harry. And I thought he was evil and inhumane.

"No!" Come several yells from the teachers, and students.

Voldemort waves his hand and Harry is dropped. He chokes.

"You killed him." He whispers. "You made him beg to die." Voldemort cackles.

"Yes. I did. And I enjoyed it." Harry glows red, walking over to Draco's father.

"You wanted him to die! You bastard!" Harry's wand is up and at the ready, his face fuming. A hundred glowing wands bounce back. Draco's father laughs.

"That child was useless. I had no need for him." Harry snarls jerking forward. Voldemort's laugh cuts him off. Harry and the rest of us turn to see what has him laughing.

"Hermione." Ron whispers. "What kind of person asks someone to kill their child." He whispers. His face has lost all of its color, tears stream down his face. But we both stop when we see Draco's body moving. He coughs up blood, a pool of the bright red liquid surrounds him. The blood is gushing from a gash in his stomach. His head seems to have taken a rather bad blow too.

"Well it seems Mr. Malfoy hasn't died. Which means the deal is off." Draco can't speak, blood is pouring from him fast, he coughs more blood going to his side. His lips move, but all that comes out is a croaking sound. He tries again.

"Then finish me." He gasps clutching his stomach. His eyes are filled with agony. Voldemort smiles as he walks over to Draco.

He flips him onto his back, letting his foot press on his chest. Draco chokes gasping. He screams in pain. Harry is running to him shooting electric light a bolt larger than I've ever seen erupts from his wand. The bright white light is blinding. Voldemort deflects it, sending a deep black bolt into Harry's. Harry presses forward using the light to press him back. Slowly the light becomes too bright. I can vaguely see Voldemort slowly turning to nothingness, as his followers retreat. The huge bolt fades and I open my eyes more. Harry sprints to Draco, slipping his hand under his head and pressing two fingers to his neck to check his pulse. Draco's bloody hand grabs Harry's wrist.

"This makes up for how I treated you right? I know I'm going to die, and I need to know if you'll forgive me." He gasps. Harry laughs pain filling his voice.

"Ok one your not dying, and two there isn't anything to make up for, I mean we all saw who raised you. I don't think you had a choice." He and Ron slowly lift Draco up trying to take him to the medical wing. Professor Snape assists them with the doors and helps them carry Draco with his wand. I follow, as do Fred and George but Snape keeps the rest of them back.

"Come on! Why does Hermione get to go!" Ginny whines.

"Why should you get to go?" Asks Snape.

"I'm Harry's boyfriend!" She yells.

"That young lady, is not true. I know you too have broken up, and while I don't know why, I do know it's true. And two it's Draco that's hurt not Mr. Potter."

Ginny growls and stomps off. I quickly hustle to catch back up to them. They lay Draco down on a hospital bed. Nurses rush everywhere. The gash in his stomach isn't letting up. I rush to help running to professor McGonagall. She looks terrified.

"Yes yes, ok what can you do dear. Could you find some sterile cleaner and stitching supplies?" She asks quickly. I nod running to find the material. I hurry back with the supplies. Everything is rushed. They tear open Draco's shirt, cutting it off of his body. Harry grabs the cleaner. Professor McGonagall grabs is arm, taking the cleaner from his hand.

"You'll need to hold him down while I do this." She says. Fred and George pin his legs, while Harry presses his chest down. His arms are numb, the loss of blood making them useless.

"Wait." Draco gasps choking blood. "Wait what are you doing."

Professor McGonagall pours some of the cleaner into a cup.

"I'm so sorry dear. I promise it will help." She whispers pouring it over his stomach. His screams fill the room as the cleaner sears the skin, pulling poison from his stomach.

"How is there poison!" I yell.

"Voldemort is very smart. He used a spell that sprouts poison into the skin when shot. If we just wrapped him up without doing this he'd die in minutes!" McGonagall yells over the screams. She pours more. He is writhing in pain on the medical table. Thick green ooze floods from his skin. Cup after cup she pours, the ooze becoming less and less. The green stops coming from his torso and McGonagall quickly tosses the cup aside.

"He'll need a blood transfusion. Who has O negative blood?" She yells.

"I do." Harry breaths, still holding Draco's wrenching body.

"Ok dear we'll need to do that now." She says.

"Hermione. Bandages." She says. I rush forward helping her to wrap his torso, and then his head. Draco can't scream anymore, the pain has overcome him. He only groans in pain. It's good he makes noise though, his body is so stiff and pale, if he was quiet we'd probably think him to be dead." The thought haunts me and I hastily finish bandaging him.

"Darling do you know how to find a vein?" The professor asks hastily.

"I've done it once or twice." I whisper. None of them had done it, they used magic to fix their veins. Not needles.

She quickly gives me the materials. I pull up Harry's sleeve, using a piece of fabric to cut the circulation on his arm. I find the vein, letting the needle stick into his arm. Bright red fluid quickly fills the back. When it reaches the top it will begin to fill the tube and go into Draco's arm. I quickly do the same to Draco hooking the needle into his forearm and waiting for Harry's blood to reach him. The blood quickly begins to drip into his forearm. I hook the blood bag on the IV pole sitting by the medical table. Harry is sitting on the ground leaning against Draco's medical bed. It seems the worst is over. We role Draco into the patient room. Harry follows close behind the table, still attached to Draco. Draco is out cold. He must have passed out form either loss of blood, or pain. We switch Draco from the table to a soft mattress with silky blankets. Harry sits on the edge of the bed. The rest of them leave to clean up everything and get school back and running. Harry gives me a warm smile and a nod.

"I'll stay here." He says. "I'll be fine."

I nod and leave the hospital wing heading back to class.


When I wake up my head hurts and my stomach burns horribly. I try to sit up but the pain in my head causes me to lay back. I observe the room around me. I see empty hospital beds, shelves with bandages and medicine, and other empty IV poles. Next to my bed is an IV pole with bright red liquid in it. I look out the window to see that it's pitch black outside, nighttime. I must have only passed out a few hours ago. I try again to sit up, or move my legs out at least, but this time it's not just the pain that brings me back down. I look to my shoulder to see that Harry is nestled into the crook of my arm, resting his head on my chest and snoring softly. I can't control the bright smile that floods my face. He looks fragile in my arms. I lift my arm and see a tube with tape over it in my arm. Blood. I must have had a blood transfusion. Who gave it to me? I ponder this until I see a bright bandage on Harry's forearm. I pull the bandage off to reveal a needle mark, and a tiny blood stain on the cloth. Harry gave me his blood. I smile wider letting my hand ruffle through his hair, it's soft and tangled, and the rich color makes me want more than anything to kiss him. Just once. He'd never know that in this moment, I just fell in love with him. I slowly let my lips gently lower down to his, touching them together. His lips are soft and cold. I quickly pull the blankets up over his shoulders,wrapping my arms around him and falling asleep.


When I wake exhaustion smacks me in the face. I don't know how on earth I'm still tired, until I glance out the window. It's still dark outside. I groan rolling over and find myself face to face with Draco Malfoy. His eyes are shut, he's sleeping peacefully. I gasp, my cheeks flood with red and my heartbeat kicks into double gear. I take my breathing back over, breathing in and out. In and out. Again and again until I'm calm again. The memories from this afternoon flood my mind. I must have only been asleep for a few hours. Had Draco been out the whole time? His breath washes over my face, warm and almost sweet smelling. I feel his arms wrapped tight around me, and I wonder if he had been holding me like this for a while. His blonde lashes flutter open, and he meets my gaze.

"Oh." I gasp.

His smile is warm and happy. "Good morning." He says.

I point behind me without pulling my eyes from his.

"Oh. Well them I suppose good evening." His says.

"Um." I can't breathe. His face is so handsome, and so close. He breaths a laugh and his breath washes over me again. Without thinking I reach up to the bandages on his head, letting my fingers explore his face. I wait for the harsh "no" to come from him. For him to tell me he doesn't like me at all that way. But it doesn't. Instead he smiles and pulls my hand to his lips. I choke. He leans over me, his head inches from mine. I stare at his lips.

"Is this ok? Potter." He whispers. His mouth is so close. My head jerks up and down. He smiles and leans down. Gently pressing his lips to mine. My hands reach up and I feel his chest. He doesn't have a shirt on! I gasp closing my eyes and letting my fingers feel the smooth lines of his collar bone. He kisses me harder pressing me against the bed. His hands are at my shirt, gently undoing the buttons, I kiss him back warmly, helping him undo the buttons. Once my shirt is off he quickly moves to my neck, kissing down my jawline, to my collarbone, then to my ribs and stomach. My breath comes out broken and ragged.

"Draco." I groan. He raises his head up. My hand jerks over my mouth. Quite laughter fills his voice.

"Did Harry Potter just groan my name?" He says leaning in to kiss me again. I can only nod as his lips continue up and down my chest.

"I didn't even know I liked you." I whisper.

He nods. "I know. I felt the same." He whispers kissing me hard.

"Ugh Draco." I moan. He doesn't stop this time instead he kisses me harder smiling. My hands tighten in his hair as he kisses me.

"I think I love you potter." He says with a laugh as he lays back on the bed catching his breath. I lay with him letting my head rest on his chest.

"I think I love you too." I whisper. Happiness fills me and I can't wait for the future to come. I snuggle into him and slowly fall asleep in his arms.

*end of fan fiction*

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