1 Story 1: Broken and Healed

I sit in the corner of my room crying quietly. The bed beside me rocks and I jump. He wakes up, I can feel myself panicking. I quickly roll over on the floor facing the wall away from him. I smell his smoky breath inches from my face.

"Wanna go again? I mean I guess it's not your choice anyway." He grabs the back of my head jerking me back. Laughing he grabs handcuffs and chains me to the metal bed frame. There really isn't anything else in this stupid cell. He looks up and down at my cut, bruised, beaten chest. A smile brims upon his face.

"You could get a few more whip marks, maybe some bruises. We'll have fun." He crawls over me an evil smile on his lips.


I hear screaming echoing from all different places. Male and female both.We had penetrated the sex ring, but I had no clue where Harry was. Anger and fear surge my brain.

"Draco this way, look!" Ron points to a sign labeled: "gays" disgusting.

"Maybe he'd be down here?" He asks. I nod harshly.We silently move down the hall. There are five in our unit and there are seven units moving through the building at the moment. The police were on their way, sirens silenced. We walk down the poorly lit hall, stepping carefully over drains. I can only think of one reason they'd need drains in the hallways, and it unsettles me horribly. I grip my wand tightly, my robe feels heavy and awful on my back. We walk down and I hear laughing. Who the hell was laughing in this place!? How could someone be so evil. I hear voices echoing, crying coming from a near door.

"Oh shut it you stupid kid. You know I could fuck you to death and Derrick wouldn't care. I may as well, your useless." A fresh scream pierces the walls.

"GET OFF! YOUR GOING TO KILL ME!" Shrieks a voice I know. Without a second thought I slam through the door, pointing my wand in. The rest of my unit stays back waiting for me. He was my boyfriend after all. Harry lies chained to a bed, thick gashes all over his body, and blood everywhere. A middle aged man lays over him With a smile on his lips. I shoot the man down and use my wand to lift him off and chuck him back through the entry.

"BLOODY HELL!" Ron screams as the mans body smashes into the wall. I wish he hit harder. I run to Harry.

"Good lord Harry." I whisper using my wand to break the chains. The second they are off he lunges into my arms sobbing. I grab my cloak wrapping it around his beaten, naked body.

"Draco. Draco. I thought-thought you gave-gave up. Will you-you-you forgive me-me?" He gasps. What the hell was he apologizing for?!

"What on earth do you have to be sorry about?" I mutter pulling him closer. He buries his head in my chest. I don't think he can answer. He must be in shock. What did that man do to him?

"Draco." He whispers. "I just should've tried-tried. I should've tried harder-to get back-back t-to you." I choke pulling him so tight to my chest I have to loosen my grip to make sure he can breath.

"Don't ever, every apologize for that. They kidnapped you and tortured you Harry! There are dozens of them! You couldn't have escaped. It's ok. It's ok harry." He doesn't move, he just sits in my arms huddled in my robe. After about a minute of silence he tilts his head up.

"Draco." He says.

"Yes?" I ask. But he doesn't look at me, doesn't answer. I was right. He's gone into shock.

"Draco. Draco. Don't leave please. Please don't leave Draco." He whispers again and again.

"Never. I'll never leave. I'm right here and I'm staying right here. It's ok harry." I rock him back and forth in my arms.

After a few minutes I pull him up, carrying him out the door. Ron and Hermione run to him. They hug him while he's still in my arms. Hermione seems to be pouting.

"Can't you let him down to hug us?" She asks.

"No. As far as I'm concerned he's never leaving my arms again." I hiss. I didn't mean to actually be rude. I only meant to say no and add humor, but the anger pulsing through my veins did otherwise. Harry only whispers my name and grasps my cloak. The unit looks confused.

"I think he's in shock." I whisper.

They nod. The police had entered as well. We needed to leave the building so they could begin the extraction of the victims and predators in this place.

We walk out the back exit where an ambulance awaits us. I load Harry in climbing in after him.

The nurse puts her hand up.

"Sorry sir but this victim may need specific help so you cannot come along. Only family aloud." She says.

"Yes I'm his husband." I lie. I slip my hand into my pocket and slip my ring finger into the promise ring I gave Harry. I had taken it off his hand for this. I hold up my hand. She frowns but nods.

"Please be seated."

The doors are closed and the ambulance speeds away. Harry stirs and tries to sit up. I gently push his chest down.

"Stay down sweetheart." I whisper gently combing his hair back with my fingers.

"Draco?" He gasps. "Stay."

"Yes love its ok. Im staying right here I promise." I say with a reassuring smile. He nods. His eyes being the close.

"Stay. Please stay." He whispers as he goes out.


I look into the hospital window, expecting to see Harry asleep. He is surrounded by cards, stuffed animals, and notes. His hospital bed's frame has balloons and get well signs taped to it. I see Draco sitting in a chair beside his bed. He looks terrified. I open the door gently, making sure it doesn't slam behind me. I draw a chair up beside Draco and look at Harry. His bare chest is wrapped in bandages and his face is heavily bruised.

"How is he?" I ask. He doesn't look at me when he responds.

"Two broken ribs, a lot of whip marks, gashes, bruises. That's nothing compared to the mental damage though." He whispers.

"The man?" He asks. His face grows dark.

"Imprisoned until his trial like the rest of them. But Draco..." I start. He looks up.

"They want him to testify." I whisper. He grows pale.

"Talk about it?" He whispers.

I nod. "We could get this guy in for life."

"I will not force him." He whispers looking back to Harry.

"Ok. But I think you should at least try to convince him." I say standing to put the chair back.

"He's afraid Draco, but he won't be with you by his side."

I gently open the door and head down to the dining hall. I knew Draco would do anything for Harry. They had always been in love.

*End of Fan fiction*

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