1 Prologue

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Themes: Mind Control, Time Travel, Master/Slave


It was all very experimental, of course. There was every possibility that it wouldn't work, and he'd known that from the very beginning. But as he looks down at his hands, his pale, salmon-colored, not-blue hands… Dr. Drakken lets out a whoop of joy. Though, right now he supposed he was still Drew Lipsky. Looking around his attic bedroom in his mother's house, the mad scientist can still scarcely believe his eyes.

But it'd worked. Unless this was a fever dream or hallucination or something like that, it'd worked. Pulling back one of his sleeves, Drakken reaches down and pinches some more of his pale white flesh, hard enough that it hurts. So probably not dreaming them. Grinning like a loon, the scientist hops up off of his bed and looks around his room. He grabs at things, touching and feeling them, trying to authenticate that this… this is reality.

It certainly feels like reality. It feels like he did it, the impossible. He'd managed to send his mind back to his body in the past. He'd traveled back in time and deposited himself into his old body with all of his memories of the future intact. Letting out an altogether breathless bout of laughter, Drakken hops downstairs and into the bathroom, staring at himself in the mirror.

Gone is his blue skin, gone for good. He certainly never intended to let what had happened to him that dreadful Tuesday ever happen again, no sir. In fact, there were a lot of things that 'Drew' never intended to let happen, now that his work had been a success and he'd ended up in the past. Mm… no, he couldn't do it. Oh, he'd go back to being Drew Lipsky on the outside, in public. But inwardly… he would always be Dr. Drakken.

Drakken was his name and had been his name for far too long for him to go back now. It was his very identity, who he saw himself as. He didn't intend to change that. However, he'd learned a lot over his life. He no longer held the same hatred for his old name that he once did. Drew Theodore P. Lipsky would not be consigned to the hells of damnation this go around. Both identities would have their uses, of that Drakken was sure.

"Drew? Did I hear you shouting? What's going on up there?"

Blinking as his mother's voice comes from the bottom floor of the house, trailing up the stairs to the second, Drakken grins and hops out of the bathroom, heading across the hall to his mother's room.

"Nothing, mother! I'm taking some money out of the safe though!"

"Alright dearie, as long as you put it back!"

He knew what day this was from a glance at the calendar up in his attic bedroom. Today was the day Drakken was born, one way or the other. Today was the day he would have taken everything from his mother's safe in order to start his life of crime and villainy, making his very first Death Ray off of the components that her money bought him.

In the original timeline, he'd never paid her back, and yet she'd never so much as blamed him for it, never even asked after the money. As Drakken spins the dial and puts in the combination that opens the safe, revealing the stacks of dough that sit within thanks to his mother's paranoia regarding banks, he can't help but smile wistfully.

His mother will always be the most important woman in his life, Drakken decides. And he's not going to hurt her for his own gains this time around. Only taking what he needs in the form of a few thousand dollars, Drakken grabs his coat and heads out the front door, tossing a goodbye over his shoulder as he does.

He had a few bets to place.


She still wasn't entirely sure about this, but in the end, Shego considered it the best of a list of bad options. Her brothers had irritated her to the point of departure, and honestly, she needed the money. Even if Hego was convinced that Shego was evil or something and that was why she'd left Team Go, the fact of the matter was, Shego was just fed up with all of her siblings.

It'd been bad enough growing up as the only girl in the family. Being the only girl on a superhero team made up of her older and younger brothers and having to spend the rest of her life fighting villainy with them… nah, fuck that. Let Hego label her as 'evil'. Shego didn't give a shit anymore, she really didn't even think there was such thing as concrete good and evil. The world as it was existed more in varying shades of gray, and was made up of selfish people, all trying to get their own in the end. Her brothers would have to grow up some day and acknowledge that. And acknowledge their own faults as well.

But regardless, after her bad breakup with Team Go, Shego needed a new job. And working for a scientist as his bodyguard had seemed too good to pass up when she'd seen the dollar amount being offered on the flyer. Of course, unbeknownst to her, that flyer had been the only one of its kind… and it hadn't been any coincidence that it flew right into her face when it did.

Now, here Shego sat, waiting in a comfortable lounge area for the man of the hour to arrive. And there he was now, a total nerd if Shego had ever seen one, wearing a button up shirt and carrying a briefcase in one hand as he used the other to push up his glasses. Rising from her seat, Shego very carefully does not cross her arms over her chest defensively.

"Dr. Drakken I presume?"

Grinning from ear to ear, he nods as he sits across from her.

"You presume right, my dear. It's a pleasure to meet you, Shego! Let's get started, shall we?"

She's more than a little taken aback by his personality. He's not even slightly flustered by her looks? She's both green-skinned AND drop dead gorgeous and she knows it too. Meanwhile, he's got no right to be so bombastic and confidence, and yet there it is all the same. Slightly floored, Shego nods and sits down as well.

"Uh… sure. I guess I have to ask, do you really have as much money as the flyer promised?"

Drakken nods amicably as if he expected the question.

"Of course, payment. Indeed, I do, Ms. Go… that, and more. But before we go any further…"

Popping open his briefcase, Drakken reaches inside and pulls out what looks like a technological bracelet, gleaming and silver.

"I'll have to ask that you wear this for the rest of the interview. I'll be asking you some questions, and this will tell me if you lie to me at any point."

He holds up a hand to forestall her obvious objections.

"I will not ask you anything too personal, and if I do overstep my bounds you are free to not answer anything, Ms. Go. But I must insist on this precaution at least, I've been burned before."

Curiosity peaked, and truth be told, wondering exactly what that meant, Shego shrugs and reaches out to take the bracelet from Drakken. As she slips it on, she reflects that she'd be willing to do a lot more than wear a lie detector for a job paying this much. Of course, the bracelet isn't just a lie detector… and before Shego knows what's happening, her world is changing forever.


As Drakken slides his fingers through Shego's lush black hair, guiding the enthusiastic femme fatale up and down his cock, he groans in appreciation of her technique.

"That's right, Ms. Go. Keep sucking. You'll do ANYTHING for this job, won't you? You'll do anything to become my full-time sex pet…"

Shego redoubles her efforts, and Drakken grins. Part of him had considered letting her in on the secret. But there was a reason that he'd come back to the past alone, now wasn't there? Given how he'd transported himself into his old body, there really was no reason that he couldn't have done the same to another person at the same time.

There just hadn't been another person to transport. Shego had left him, abandoned him really, and by the time Drakken was ready to put his time travel plan into action, he was all alone. And that was just fine. He'd stay all alone, even now in the past… but that didn't mean he wasn't going to acquire ever asset he could get his hands on. And there was no denying that Shego was quite the asset.

Reaching down with his free hand as the other continues to grip tightly at Shego's lush locks and guide the green-skinned woman up and down his cock, Drakken grabs the bracelet on Shego's limp wrist and pulls it off. Beneath the bracelet, the smallest drop of blood wells up from the prick that she'd been given. The nanites were in Shego's system now… and they would remain there, making her all his for the rest of her life.

The technology was based on the neuro-compliance chips invented by Dr. Cyrus Bortel, of course. God, Drakken had been so close to victory back then. He'd had Kim Possible and Shego both under his control… only to be foiled by his nemesis' younger twin brothers of all things. That had to be one of his most humiliating losses, to be so close to victory, only to have it snatched from his grasp not by a teenager like usual, but by two preteen boys.

That had definitely been the event that had cemented his hatred for the entire Possible Family, not just Kim. But even still, it was in the past… or more accurately, a future that never was. Now, Drakken had a chance to do it all over again. He had a chance to do it right… it wasn't an opportunity he'd been putting to waste. Some sure bets had seen him turning the money he'd taken from her mother into a small fortune, which he'd then used to patent some of his less-lethal devices.

From there, over the last few months he'd built quite the nest egg, as well as a small company around himself, his genius… and his future memories. It was all too easy to grow his wealth given what he knew of the future. Drakken had planned for this, after all. Just as he'd planned for THIS as well. Looking down at Shego as she slavishly works away at pleasuring his cock with her lips, Drakken grins and decides he's ready for Stage Two.

"Your mouth isn't bad, Ms. Go… but let's move onto your cunt. After all, if you're going to be my loving, loyal sex pet for the rest of your life, you need to have a good cunt."

Shego pops off of his cock and gives him a smoldering smile and a needy look as she just nods in agreement. Standing up, she turns and bends over the coffee table behind her, reaching back and easily opening up a slit in the crotch of her jumpsuit. Drakken rises from the couch as well, grabbing hold of Shego's hips with both hands and sinking his length into her depths without a second of hesitation. As he expected, Shego is quite tight and warm and wet… though he's surprised when he takes her virginity from her, tearing right through her hymen.

Shego cries out, even as Drakken pauses for a moment, blinking. But then, he supposes it makes sense. She's still so young here… even if she's an adult woman with a rocking body as it is. Regardless, Drakken starts to thrust away, spearing into Shego's cunt from behind as he fucks the first of his many planned love slaves.

Because yes, Drakken intended to use his mind control nanites on more than just Ms. Go. She was the first, but far from the last. After building his company, after procuring millions of dollars, Drakken had revolutionized the neuro-compliance chips that Dr. Bortel hadn't even gotten a chance to invent yet. He'd taken them beyond their initial flawed design. Why make a microchip after all… when you could go smaller instead?

The nanites currently flowing through Shego's bloodstream as he pounded into the green-skinned femme fatale from behind, making her his bitch in more ways than one, weren't about to be taken down by a handheld silicon phase disruptor, no sir. In fact, Drakken had every intention of making sure they weren't ever disabled by anything… at all.

He wasn't going to make the mistakes he had in the past with this sort of thing. This technology… he was going to perfect it. He was going to continue working on it for the rest of his life, to make sure that no matter what happened, his new future was as comfy, cozy, and safe as possible. Of course, in the meantime, Drakken had every intention of getting revenge on everyone whoever wronged him… as well as possibly conquering the world.

But he wouldn't go about it all haphazardly as he'd done in the past, or in the future that never would be. Now, Drakken knew who his enemies were. He knew who he had to defeat… and with a slavishly loyal harem of the proper sort of women at his side, he would win every battle, take on every comer, and rise to the top in no time at all.

With a triumphant roar, Drakken slams home into Shego's cunt one final time and fills the green-skinned woman with his seed. She takes it with an ecstatic lewd cry, the mind-controlled beauty climaxing around his cock as she shudders in orgasmic bliss. Letting her fall forward onto the coffee table, Drakken smiles down at the face down, ass up femme fatale.

"You're hired, Ms. Go. We're going to have a lot of fun together, you and I."

And many more besides, he doesn't add. Shego was his first in this new timeline… but far from his last.


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